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Rated MA, all owned by Marvel and continued from:











More Mayhem here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-mayhem-library-1459473/#8

AND, this ties in just after this http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-mayhem-punisher-4-1471665/ but before chapter 5…thanks @banestrokelobogrundybatarrow


“Well that was a waste of time!” groaned Dallas as she and Molly headed back to the car after standing around the court for the entire day. Judge Chalmers had gone about his day, which neither proved nor disproved he was or wasn’t Scourge.

“Tell me about it” replied Molly as she got in the car “I’ve got other cases over in the OCU I could do instead of this amateur hour!”

“We all got other cases Molly!” said Dallas as she got in “I’ve got Frank Castle, I’ve got a possible mutant rapist, there’s an outstanding warrant for nearly every single bad guy in a costume and several for super heroes as well.”

“Sooner they work out how to serve a warrant on a judge without alerting him, the sooner we can eliminate him from the list”

Dallas looked at Molly “Say that again?”


“Sooner t…”

“No the bit about…”

“Eliminate him from…” Molly looked at Dallas “You think it’s me, don’t you?”

“Is it?”

“Maybe it’s you!” accused Molly as she pulled the car over with a screech “Guy gets killed while you’re on suspension”

“You think I’M SCOURGE?!”

“Are you?”



The two officers glared at each other, the silent daggers only broken when a car horn sounded behind them. Dallas threw open the passenger door and whipped out her badge.

“Out of the car idiot!” The taxi driver looked shocked as the fiery red head stormed towards him “You want to honk? Well let’s have a chat about that shall we”

“Get back in the car Dallas!” said Molly.

“I SAID OUT OF THE CAR!” yelled Dallas as she thumped the bonnet of the taxi. The driver sheepishly complied “HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!”


“WHAT?” Dallas whirled at Molly.

“Settle down and get back in the car”

Dallas glared at her partner before turning back to the cab driver “You use that horn again; I’ll insert it into you. You get me?”

“Yes” whimpered the cab driver.

Dallas stormed off.

“Where are you going?” called Molly “Dallas!”

“I have an effing counselling session and then I’m going home!” yelled Dallas as she headed away. Molly shook her head and got back in the car


The red haired police officer was like a shadow, as was her partner. I will have to find out who they are as they are getting close, too close. I don’t want to hurt them, but if I have to chose between them…NO! They have done nothing wrong! They believe they are right, as I know I AM RIGHT! They haven’t broken the law…but they are a threat.

I tailed Elongato from the bar to his home again, waiting for a chance to strike. As I followed him home he made a detour and I find that he keeps scum for company, namely Wilbur Day. I would put bullets through them both but there is a boy with them. That fact keeps them both alive...for now! Justice will be served!


Dallas wandered towards the offices of Kurt Bagley, at the NYPD Behavioural Science And Analysis Group when she spotted someone out the corner of her eye.

“No effing way!” she muttered as she spotted a man in a trench coat with a blue baseball cap wandering the street, not nervous but watching for a tail, cautious on sight lines. Dallas went for her phone when she was bumped by the foot traffic and it hit the floor and skidded into the gutter. Dallas scowled at the crowd and pushed her way to her phone to watch it drop, almost mockingly into the sewer.

“I should arrest you all for being in my way” murmured Dallas as left her phone and began to tail her familiar foe. Dallas tailed him for a block and watched him duck down an alley, almost like a shadow.

“You don’t get away from me that eas…” Dallas looked down the alley to see nobody there “Or maybe you do?”

Dallas spotted the ladder on a fire escape and quickly got to higher ground. If she was right, this was a career making bust, if she was wrong well she’d get grilled by the Captain.


Frank locked the door to the storage locker, lifted the collar of his trench coat, pulled his baseball cap down and lowered his shoulders. It was a simple trick but it worked, especially in this day and age of personal media devices people were too self absorbed. He grabbed his duffel bag and walked down the alley.


Frank stiffened at the female voice from behind him; his hand slowly slunk down to the gun on his hip.

“Don’t move Frank! You’re under arrest!”

Frank dropped the duffel bag at his feet and slowly rose to full height “You don’t want to do this, officer”

“Yes, yes I do” The gun barrel pressed into the back of Frank’s skull as the duffel bag was kicked away “Frank Castle, you have the right to remain silent!”

“I know my rights!” growled Frank “Now just so we don’t have a misunderstanding; I’m going to turn around”

“You move and I’ll…”Frank slowly turned as he heard the hammer draw back on the Glock and came face to face with a woman in glasses, red hair pointing it directly between his eyes. He narrowed his eyes at her; she took a deep breath and continued “You’re under arrest Frank. For about ten thousand murders!”

“Who are you?”

“Detective Dallas Riordan” she replied “Now, I don’t want to shoot, but you make a move and I will”

Frank stared down the barrel at her “Go home detective”


“Go home!”

“Are you serious? You’re a murderer! A killer! You’ve put more people in the morgue than cancer! You’re a serial killer plain and simple! I let you go and I’m not doing my job, which is to protect people, from people like you!” yelled Dallas “Now hands on your head!”

Frank stared at her for a solid, silent minute. He went to speak when his eyes darted and his expression went darker “I need you to give me your gun”

“Not a chance!” snapped Dallas “Hands on your head, NOW!”

“Detective, there are four men coming down the alley armed with AK-47’s who work for the Pazzo’s” stated Frank looking her straight in the eye “You want to live, give me your weapon!”

Dallas stared right back at Frank, her mind raced. Dallas spun around.

“Sorry detective”

Dallas tried to turn back but all there was was Frank’s big fist.


Dallas sat in the back of the ambulance, an icepack on her head. Captain Burdick marched up the alley towards her “Are you okay Dallas?”

“Asides from this?” Dallas moved the icepack to reveal a large lump near her temple “I’m fine”

“And that?” Captain Burdick pointed to the four bodies lying at the end of the alley.

“I don’t know Captain” shrugged Dallas “All I know is I had Frank within my grasp, he hit me and I woke up when the paramedics shook me”

Officer Eddie Dyson tapped Captain Burdick on the shoulder, an ashen look on his face. “What is it Dyson?”

“You’re going to need to see this Captain” Dyson looked everywhere but at Dallas.

“What’s up Eddie?” asked Dallas

Dyson smiled uncomfortably and turned away, Captain Burdick following him “Something wrong Dyson?”

“Sir, Riordan’s gun has been fired, there are shell casings on the ground and from what it looks like,” Dyson rubbed his head “Well you know”

“Officer, are you inferring that Detective Riordan shot these men?”

Officer Dyson shrugged.

Captain Burdick stroked his moustache “Dyson, tell Tucker I need to see him asap after he’s finished doing what he’s doing.”

“What about Dallas?” asked Dyson.

“It appears I may have to place her under arrest” sighed Captain Burdick as he walked back to the ambulance.


Punisher War Journal

Too preoccupied with Black Talon that I nearly got taken down by the NYPD.

Seems like a good cop, don’t like hitting cops nor women, if I can help it. She’ll live! Had to use her Glock since she cut me off from my duffel bag when the hit squad from the Pazzo’s arrived. She’s also lucky they couldn’t hit the floor if they tripped. Can’t use that storage locker again…must get more Claymore mines

Must look up Detective Dallas Riordan…she didn’t call for back up though…so she’s either crazy, gung-ho or stupid…possibly all three


To be continued........

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Really ticked off by the fact cvs notification system never works for me or I'd have seen this sooner :P

As for the story Dallas is starting to become one of my favourite female characters and it was nice to see you writing frank again even if it is only a cameo. Dallas getting accidentally framed is also genius despite its simplicity and I'm lookin forward to seeing what happens.

As for nitpicks there's none really, only thing I was whining about was I wanted Scourge Vs Frank which is really not a very pro nitpick xD

Keep up the great work loving all your series though scourge is winning still I'm afraid :P

Oh and also not sure if its any use to you but as a btw for whatever reason medium pics that like float to the left or right work on computer but for some reason don't on iPod it still looked fine but its just something you might wanna know.

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@batkevin74: Wow plenty of references to everything. And Dallas vs. Punisher...As I said before Go Team Dallas:-)

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@impurestcheese: Yay Team Dallas! There will be a rematch

@irishlad: Yeah the at-ing or lack of @ annoys me also! I would love Frank Vs Scourge but that's a bridge for another day, will have to work with @banestrokelobogrundybatarrow on that one, as I only pencilled in a cameo. I'm trying to make Dallas believable as I can especially in a world where gods walk the earth and people can fly, so for a completely normal person its a bit annoying . Plus she's fiesty so trouble kinda gravitates towards her. :)

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Great chapter again dude !! I'm really liking Dallas and the subtle link to what's to come true believers .........

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Awesome chapter as always!!! I loved the Punisher appearance and I hope we get to see more of him in later chapters!

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@jatoe48er: Thanks, keeping continuity is the hard part especially we're all writing. Can't wait until the subtle clue turns into the big thing :)

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@rabbitearsblog: Well there will be a rematch, Frank hitting Dallas will only make her more determined to lock him up...or kill him! :)

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@rabbitearsblog: Well there will be a rematch, Frank hitting Dallas will only make her more determined to lock him up...or kill him! :)

Ooh! I can't wait to see Dallas beat up Frank! It would make a really interesting battle scene!

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That was a brilliant addition and like everyone mentioned before me, Dallas has definitely found in me a big, big fan. Lines like this:

“You use that horn again; I’ll insert it into you. You get me?”

Pretty much guarantees I am going to stay a fan. I cant wait to use that line, myself.

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@lykopis: Let me know if you ever get to use that in reality! :) Dallas is fun to write

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@batkevin74: Read a bunch. Damn. YOU ARE TOO GOOD AT WRITING!

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@pyrogram said:

@batkevin74: Read a bunch. Damn. YOU ARE TOO GOOD AT WRITING!

Nah, I'm just alright. I can always get better :)

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@batkevin74: Relative to yourself, to the rest of us - You're the don of the section ;)

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@batkevin74: Dallas & molly accusing each other of being Scourge! Frank hits Dallas and basically frames her for murder! Excellent chapter

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