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(Characters owned by Marvel, rated MA due to violence and implied gore. Story is mine but with homages back to the original storyline and character)


My name is unimportant. My mission on the other hand IS!

They all deserve to die!

It’s actually that simple. No quarter given, no mercy shown, none to be spared!

Scourge of the Underworld


Norah Winters re-read the card attached to the box that was on her desk at the Daily Globe.

“Did anyone see who put this here?” she called out across the busy newsroom “Anyone?”

She looked at the yellow box with a red ribbon; it brought back memories of the old Smurf cartoons where Jokey Smurf would leave packages about. Norah hesistated “Okay! HELLO! WHO PUT THIS BOX ON MY DESK?”

The newsroom went momentarily silent, the sea of faces shrugged and promptly went back to work.

“If we blow up it’s all your fault!” she muttered as she pulled the ribbon gingerly “We live in an age of terror!”

The ribbon came away easily, Norah tensed almost waiting for the explosion. She fumbled around her desk and grabbed her keyboard and tapped the lid off. No explosion, no puff of smoke.

“If this is like that Brad Pitt movie” she muttered as she carefully inched towards the open box. Cautiously she peered in and screamed!


Officer Eddie Dyson waved his hat to cool his face, trying to keep his lunch from erupting from his mouth. He was first on scene and not only having to see what was in the box but to keep a room full of reporters and journalists at bay.

“Sir, you shove that camera past me again and I’ll throw you down the elevator shaft!” snapped Dyson as the throng circled him “Seriously people, move back!”

“YOU HEARD HIM!” A voice bellowed and they parted like the Red Sea as Detective Dallas Riordan entered the room accompanied by the Globe’s editor Barney Bushkin.

“We are a newspaper detective” said Bushkin.

“No, today you’re a crime scene” corrected Detective Riordan pushing her glasses up “Right now they’re ALL witnesses and potential suspects. I have officers in the lobby and guarding the fire exits so nobody leaves, including you, until we get everyone’s statement. You’ll get the story, just back your vultures up or I’ll call that Urich guy from the Bugle to come and get an exclusive”

Bushkin glared at the stunning redhaired detective, wondering if she was bluffing until she pulled out her cell phone and pushed the number for Ben Urich. Barney eased her phone back to her pocket, smiling all the way.

“I think we can work out something” said Barney

“Glad to hear it” replied Dallas “Dyson!”

“Yes ma’am!”

“You get a look inside the box?”

“Yes ma’am”

“We need a bomb squad or hazmat team?”

“No ma’am, just a sponge”

Dallas turned and looked at the officer, slightly horrified before turning back to Barney “Move them back, move them back now Mr Bushkin or I’ll arrest the lot of you!” she whispered.

Bushkin gulped before yelling at his staff “EVERYONE INTO THE CONFERENCE ROOM NOW! LAST ONE IN GETS FIRED! GO GO GO!”


Medical Examiner Georgia Jenkins handed Detective Riordan her file “His name was Don…” She paused to finish chewing her sandwich “Donald Thomas”

“How did you get that from what was left?” asked Dallas “And how can you eat in here? Seriously every medical examiner I know eats!”

“It’s just a job” chuckled Georgia as she put the sandwich down “It was on his licence, which was under all the blood. Not exactly CSI magic”

“So where’s the rest of him?”

“We’ll get to that in a moment” said Georgia as she walked across the room “Do you know who Donald Thomas was?”


“Close. The Blue Streak”

“Professional wrestler?”

“No!” chuckled Georgia “Super villain. Strictly C grade. Ran around with rocket powered roller skates”

“Oooo that’s bad!” said Dallas “That’s very bad. This links into the…”

“Richard Deacon case” added Georgia “Formerly the Human Fly. Another C grade bad guy. Different cause of death, but coupled with the note found on his body and the note on the box…”

“Cape killer!” stated Riordan “Well that’s just effing brilliant!


I watch quietly as he sits alone in the dark watching the news. He only has hours to live.

Justice will be served!


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@batkevin74 I didn't get the call out message for what ever reason.

Awesome as always batkev good work!

Plus I know absolutely nothing about Scourge which is always fun since sometimes like this I get pleasantly surprised :P

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@batkevin74: Callout must be broke, but I loved this, I know NOTHING about scrouge, but this was fun, very fun indeed

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Also unfamiliar with the character but genuinely intrigued, what's in the box?

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This is great, I love it already!

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@wildvine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1giVzxyoclE

"What's in the box?"

A reveal will happen next chapter, maybe (there's no emoticon for a sly, evil-like grin) bwhahahahahaha

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Okay that was AWSOME!

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This was AWESOME!! I don't even know who Scourge is, but he definitely sounds like a really interesting character! You did a fantastic job at blending humor and drama into this story!

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@rabbitearsblog: Thanks, its a fine line getting the drama & the comedy to balance sometimes. I'm up to chapter 6 if you're keen :)

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@rabbitearsblog: Thanks, its a fine line getting the drama & the comedy to balance sometimes. I'm up to chapter 6 if you're keen :)

Great! I've been reading the rest of your stories and it's fantastic!!!

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@rabbitearsblog: I aim to please, firstly myself and hopefully everyone else :)

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Yet another great start to one of your stories. I am off to read more. :)

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Awesome job man! I love the noir style you've used for this story! Totally reminds me of Watchmen meets a little of Sin City! :)

Can't wait to read more!

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Wow. Really great! I'm sorry I put this off so long. Scourge vs Bullseye?

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@tommythehitman: Like the way you think, maybe Dallas Vs Bullseye first. Keep reading, you'll see what I mean

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Reread and free bump.

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I feel like the exclamation marks are overused. People who monologue that emphatically to themselves are nuts, and not in the calm, collected way I always imagined this killer. I hated the US Agent limited series that explains the Scourge "project;" I feel like keeping the mystery man's identity a mystery was the stronger way to go. I'm liking your version much better. Barney Bushkin makes an appearance! Nice!

Was Norah Winters an alias Vagabond used in an issue of Captain America long, long ago? Or is she a different character? If I'm recalling correctly, she was supposed to be the sister of Lisa WInters, who was Mysteria, one of the Femizons.

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@misteranderson: Possibly both. The article just states the following; Mysteria's subsequent activities remain unknown. She was mentioned, however, by Vagabond, who pretended to be Lisa Winters, the alleged sister of Mysteria, as her cover story to join the Scourge organization.

However Norah Winters could be a real person. It would have leant creed to her cover in the story. Unfortunately neither Vagabond nor Mysteria have been seen for a while so we will likely never know:'(

Hope this helps and be sure to read some of the other group titles.

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@misteranderson: No Norah Winters is a journalist. I got here from here http://marvel.wikia.com/Norah_Winters_%28Earth-616%29

As for the exclamation point, well it is for emphasis. Also glad you know who Barney Bushkin is, a lot of my characters in this are actual minor Marvel people.

@wildvineThanks (you've been busy as well, only 11 & 12 to go)

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D'oh! Next time I will do research. Thank you for the link and the fic.

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Bumped :)

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Okay, finally read this. I'll read more later, and this will get added to my FF Long Box - Groups. :)

My bad, I added it a long time ago. :} Added to my FF Long Box - Groups. :)