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Hello its another issue of PUNISHER for anybody who has read the first installment, it will not be Deadpool and Punisher it will be just the man himself Frank Castle. Don't disregard the first story though it is an important story. So enjoy.

The Hunt Part 1

Wade had told me how Kraven had been the one stealing the animals, after that Wade said to me,

"I'm moving on to greener pastures!" (Check out Astonishing X-Force by Joygirl for more! http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-mayhem-library-1459473/#4 )

Finally that asswipe was out of my hair and I could focus on the job at hand. So if Deadpool's intel was correct then Kraven really has been stealing lions and tigers from the zoo, but why? A day passed and the only progress I had made was finding out the zoo schedules. Another day passed and I figured it out. Eight employees kept staying on the all night shift, they all also had criminal records. Hmmm... Its time to pay them a visit.

Wendsday October 8th 2013 9:00

It was closing time and I carefully waited until every screaming kid and busy parents were out. Thats when I went in. I came to the primate exhibit were suspect number one was leaning against a pole reading. Skinny African American male with thick glasses on.

"Hey man the exhibits closed."

I twisted his arm back and asked,

"Kraven where is he?"

"OW! F@#& what did I do!"

"Don't play dumb unless you want your skull broken."



"Dude I have a wife and kids! I only work for the zoo, and I'm here to get food on the table not be in some conspiracy!"

He wasn't lying so I let him go. I then proceeded to extract any information he might have on his fellow co-workers. He didn't know them since they usually all stayed together and he told me there was a rumor that they all did drugs in the employee lounge. I told him thank you and turned around to see a very familiar face. Jerry Lockniss, a former gang-banger and druggy. I had once busted his nose and the only reason I remembered his name was because he swore revenge on me which included him yelling out his name. It looks like he was hiding out in the zoo dressed in his faux identity zoo worker Larry Mitchell.

"Hello Jerry."

"Oh sh**! Its the Punisher!"

He quickly pulled out a Beretta 9000 but not quick enough.


My own Glock was faster. He fell to the ground but I quickly saw his six partners come running at me with all sorts of illegal arms. I dived behind the water fountain and told the only innocent man to run. Machine gun fire spit past me, I pulled out a flash-bang and threw it.

"Dammit I can't see!"

I pulled out an M9 pistol and pulled the trigger on both it and the Glock. It did wonders. All six were down but only five of those shots had been fatal ones. I walked up to the remaining thug and interrogated him.

"Kraven where is he.."

The thug wheezed out,

"He promised us all the heroin in the world.... Only if we got at least twelve lions and tigers and a human. Messed up I know but... Damn he did deliver..... Goddamn that f***ing rush!"

So Kraven had hired druggies to steal lions and tigers and apparently a human in exchange for heroine. That didn't seem like Kraven's style but mabye the guy had just grown crazy from all of Spiderman's jokes. I know I have.

"Tell me where Kraven is now."

"The abandoned zoo... Parkers...."


"I never leave loose ends...."

I knew the coordinates to Parkers Zoo, it was abandoned for the incident where the lions got out and killed five people three of whom where kids. Once there I took out of my van a custom M-16 complete with grenade launcher and Yeo-tech scope. I entered in through the rusty gate and made my way to the jungle experience. It was a good area replica of a jungle but this place was abandoned so why did it look like someone had been taking care of it... Just then a bullet hit my chest.


It was a good thing I had body armor on, I jumped up and aimed my M-16 towards the shot. Only hesitating when I then saw Kraven 40 feet away with a sniper waiting to take the next shot.

"Hello Mr.Castle and welcome to my paradise."

Thanks for reading and look out for MARVEL MAYHEM: PUNISHER #3.

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@banestrokelobogrundybatarrow: First off the bad bits:

What day of the week is Wendsday??? Is Kraven pushing drugs or girls, because heroine is a female hero! Does Kraven have a partner? Because "I then saw him 40 feet away with a sniper waiting to take the next shot"

Good bits: "the guy had just grown crazy from all of Spiderman's jokes" Ha ha ha I can see that happening, relatively normal villain going ba+$h!+ crazy due to Spidey's incessant punning!

"I never leave loose ends...." I do like that he said that AFTER he'd shot him

It does seem a little quick though, but I liked it. Will like it more when you clean it up :)

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@batkevin74: thanks for the critiques! I'll change it up tomorrow, and it was kraven who shot the sniper. I'll make it more clear again thanks!

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Again. Really good. I'm sad there's no Deadpool in it since he was pretty funny in the last one.