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Harlem, New York, 1975

Darren Dukes stands on the sidewalk. He wears an all-black outfit with a black beret on top. He wears a long black trench coat as well. He’s accompanied by David Copperfield, Willie Freeman and George Johnson. They start talking about the dealing life. How they got caught up in the mess. A black van passes by them

“Yo” Darren says “Hasn’t that car pass by us like 3 times?”

“They look suspicious” David says

The car comes around the corner headed for them. They start getting faster They see the barrel of a big gun hang out the window.

“Yo man…this is a drive by!”


BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!! the alarm clock sounds. Fury slams his fist on it breaking it. Fury sits up in bed and yawns. Then a girl with dark skin and long straight black hair gets out from under the covers. Followed by a girl with long brown dreads that were just a little darker than her skin. Finally followed by another girl with a mini fro.

“Big daddy!” They say simultaneously

“Yes, ladies?”

“Can we continue?” The girl with the dreads says

“Yes, yes we can!” Fury says excited. The girl all scoot closer to him and he pulls the cover over them!


Nick Fury is lying in the bed. Next to him are 3 ladies. All of them are black, all of them are sexy, all of them asleep. Fury is a wake, reminiscing about the sex he just had like it was years ago (when it really was 5 minutes prior). Fury looks over at his alarm clock to see what time it is. He looks over and then remembers he broke it. He slips out of bed, making sure not to wake the girls

He walks to the other side of his penthouse and begins his morning workout session. Fury practices his martial arts on a dummy when the phone rings. He picks up the phone and shouts “WHO THE HELL IS INTERUPTIN’ MY KUNG-FU?

“Fury this is the Commissioner. We need you at 183rd street. There was a shooting around 2:00 this morning.” The Commissioner said.

“No respect Commissioner Rogers, but why are we just finding out about this?” Fury asks

“You know the people that live on 183rd street. The Scorpio gang got the Bronx on lock. No one’s gonna say anything, unless they wanna have the same fate as the 4 guys shot today.”

“You’re right…” Fury says with a spritz of disappointment and a hint of anger “I’m coming Commissioner, just hold tight. Fury’s gonna make everything alright” He says as smooth as a babies @$$. Fury throws some clothes on and leaves the penthouse. He heads for the crime scene.


Fury pulls up to 183rd street. He steps out the car. He’s wearing a white button down shirt that is tucked into his blue pants held up by a white belt. He’s also wearing a blue jacket the same color as his pants, and to top it off white shoes. He walks toward Commissioner Rogers, when he steps in a puddle getting his new white shoes muddy.

“Oh, Nick I’m so glad to see you. We need you here” The Commissioner says.

“Fill me in” Fury command the commissioner

“These four young men are named Darren Dukes, Willie Freeman, George Johnson and David Copperfield. They were shot around 2:00 this morning. Drugs were found on all of them. They were dealers.”

Fury walks closer to the crime scene. There lay four bodies. Each of them belonged to young men. The 1st man to be shot down had bullet holes in his back. He was face down. The 2nd man, only about one foot away from the 1st, had shots in the back of his head and is lower neck, face down. The 3rd was also face down and had shots in the back of his head and his back. He was not far away from the 2nd man. The 4th however was face up and had shots in his chest. He was also at the end of the alley, unlike the others who were ate the beginning of the alley. Fury also sees the faint remains of shoe prints, which could only be seen by someone with advanced senses like him. They get fainter as they get deeper into the alley. They start from the puddle he stepped in. He knows they aren’t his since they are a different print. Fury approaches the Commissioner.

“Do we have any bullets Commissioner?” he asks

“Yes we do. JENNY!” Commissioner Rogers calls over one of the forensic scientist. She comes over with a plastic bag with the bullets in them. They were all the same. Fury looks at the number of bullets and the number of bullet holes on the victims There were 29 bullets, but 30 bullet holes.

“I got how it went down.” Fury tells he commissioner “Two men are in a car, one in the back seat one in the front. The one in the back has an automatic weapon. He fires on Willie, then David then George. In that time Darren-the one who probably started running first- had escaped into the back of the alley into the shadows. The man in the front seat gets out and steps in that puddle.” Fury points to the muddy puddle from earlier. “He uses a gun that is NOT automatic at all and shoots Danny. he removes the bullet with the hopes that we would be confused on why the wounds were different and why we had less bullets than wounds.” Fury finishes.

“Oh my, oh my, oh my, Nick Fury figured out the crime!” Roscoe the rhyming 5-0 says.

“No, we still don’t know who did this. I know someone that lives in this building” He points to the building to their right “I’ll go ask her some questions” Fury walks towards the front of the building

“Now Detective Fury you sure as hell know, there ain’t nobody that’ll snitch here no matter who knocks on their door.” Roscoe says to Fury “Now I know you was gon’ put yo [Richard] in her to get the answers, but”-

“Shut-up Roscoe! The girl’s an old lady with cancer!” Fury says. He walks to the door and opens it up. He climbs the stairs until he gets to the 3rd floor. He walks down the hallway till he finds room 73. He knocks on the door.

“Miss Jenkins! It’s Nick, Nicholas Fury!” Fury says

The door slowly creaks open, an old lady is behind it. She was about 5’3 and had snow white hair that was in 2 little puffs. She wore her pink pajama’s and had her thick red glasses on.

“*gasp*, oh my goodness…NICHOLAS JOSEPH FURY!!!!” She shouts as she brings her hands out for a hug. Fury doesn’t move, but she runs in and hugs him anyway

“I haven’t seen you since you was a little boy!” Miss Jenkins says, she is now talking very, VERY fast “Howyoubeeni’vebeengoodyoudidn’tanswermyquestionhahahahahyoursofunnynicholasican’tbelieveyoucametoseemehahahahahahahahaha*cough,cough*Igotsomecookiesinheyaandsomesweetpotatopieandsomecornbreadandsomecollardgreensandsomefriedokraandsomechickenandsomekool-aidandsome”-

“Miss Jenkins. I came to talk to you about something that happened last night.” Fury cuts her off.

“What are you the fuzz or somethin’, hohohoho” She asks

Fury pulls his badge out and puts in her face. “Yes, yes I am”

“Okay den! Come on in, come on in.” She tells him. Fury steps into the apartment. She sits down on the sofa. Fury sits next to her.

“Did you hear anything…suspicious last night?” Fury asks

“Yeah. I heard a RATATATA RATATATA RATATATA!!!! I also heard a BANG!

“Are those your imitations of gun shots?” Fury asks confused

“Yesiree! Between the RATATATA and the BANG, I heard a young man say ‘OW! You throw a rock at me! Ooh you in for it now Dukes.!’ Then the bang then a few seconds later I hear a car drive off.”

Fury has been writing all of this down. He thanks Miss Jenkins and leaves.


183rd street. Fury was continuing the investigation; all he needed to do was catch one of those dirty dope dealers dealing. Arrest ‘em, then find out everything about their gang and who killed the four young men. He walks up to the dealer.

“Yo watch you want brotha? I got that good weed, knawhaimsayin? I got the coc too man. You know it brotha!” The dealer says

“You wanna know what I want?” Fury asks him

“Yeah n!&&a did I stutter?” The Dealer says.

“You behind bars!” Fury responds. He takes out his badge then takes the dealer by the hands and cuffs him.

“Man F#%K YOU N!&&A!” the dealer says

“Oh so your that type of person huh?” Fury asks

“Naw, naw man I didn’t mean it like tha”-

“Man shut up!” Fury reads all of the Miranda rights, and he sounds very annoyed.


The drug dealer from earlier sits at a table in an interrogation room. He looks at the one way window and he only sees his reflection.

“Man, why dafuq you put a mirror in this room man. I know y’all behind that mirror. Why don’t you put a window there so I can see all y’all b!%ch @$$ faces!” The dealer says cockily. Fury enters the room.

“Aw, it’s you from earlier! What you gon’ do n!&&a, what you gon’ do?” The dealer asks

“What am I gon’ do?” Fury says. Fury sits down in front of the dealer. He puts his hand on top of the dealers head and slams it on the table (ala the Dark Knight). “That’s what I’m gon’ do”

“Damn n!&&a! Why you start with the head, you supposed to work yo way up to the hard hit!” the dealer says

“That wasn’t hard.” Fury tells him. The dealer’s eyes widen.

“Now” says Fury “Let’s start this plain and simple. What’s your name?”

“Marvin Wallace.” the dealer answers

“Alright Mr. Wallace, do you know the name of either of the people that shot down Darren Dukes, David Copperfield, George Johnson or Willie Freeman?” Fury asks

“Yeah…what you staring at n!&&a you waiting on something?” Wallace says with a smart mouth.

“Who killed them?” Fury asks annoyed with Wallace already.

“I ain’t saying NOTHING! I ain’t no snitch!” Wallace shouts

“Answer the question!” Fury says

“w-what?” Wallace asks

“You heard me n!&&a! Answer the question!” Fury demands

“what?” Wallace says again defiantly

ANSWER ME MUTHAF!@KA!!” Fury says with…fury

Wallace responds with “…what” Fury reaches over the table and grabs Wallace by the collar. He lifts him up and throws him over the table sending him behind Fury. Fury turns around and walks toward him.

“What country you from?” Fury asks

“what” Wallace responds

“What? I ain’t eva heard of that country! They speak English in what?”


ENGLISH MUTHAF!@KA DO YOU SPEAK IT!!!?” Fury says now very angry

“what” Wallace says. Fury picks Wallace up and slams him into the wall.

SAY WHAT AGAIN! SAY WHAT AGAIN I DARE YOU!!!!” There is a long pause.

“…w-wha-what” Fury instantly punches him

“Who killed them!”

“What” PUNCH!

“Who killed them!”

“What” PUNCH!

“Who killed them!”

“What” PUNCH!

“Who killed them!”

“What” PUNCH!


“…what” Fury slams Wallace onto the ground face first. He takes out his pistol and puts it not even an inch away from Wallace’s butt. He cocks the gun.

“My pistol is SOOO close to being up yo b!%ch @$$! Answer my question”

“ha ha…ha ha ha…ha ha ha ha…hahahahaha…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...what”


“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!” Wallace sreams

“I don’t hear an answer!” Fury says


AW F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@K!!!! AW SH!T AW SH!T!!!!!” Wallace shouts

“Who killed them! Who killed them!”


MY @$$ IS BLEEDING! MY @$$ HURTS! GODAMNIT! F!!!!!!!!!!@K” Wallace shouts at the top of his lungs.

The commissioner walks in the room. “Fury stop!” the commissioner says

FURY!” the commissioner screams. All of the noise comes to a quick stop. The commissioner walks out the door.

“Let’s get him to a hospital”


Fury enters the hospital room. Wallace sits in the bed. When he sees Fury he starts tossing and turning and tumbling all over the bed.


“Calm down, brotha. I’ve been told to be peaceful.” Fury says.

“So…who killed them?”


“Thank you” Fury gets up and walks out.


SLAM! Fury, Roscoe, Moe, Jeb and Larry bust open the door. All are armed with guns and knives.

“Yo’ @$$’s bout to get…whooped?” Fury says. The factory is empty

“You said this was the place! Man Fury, your becoming a real disgrace!” Roscoe rhymes.

“Wallace said this was the place!” Fury says angrily.

“Hey look! There’s a note!” Jeb tells them.

“Fury walks over to it. On a little piece of paper it reads Hey po po! We knew Marv was gon’ snitch, but he doesn’t know about Code: Budweiser! Deuces. Fury reads it to the rest of them. They are all disappointed.

“Is anybody else hungry?” Larry asks

“Man, you always hungry!” Moe says

“Let’s go grab a bite at Carlos’s Finer Diner.” Jeb suggest.

“Yeah, I think better when I eat!” Larry says.


Fury sits in Mario’s Finer Diner with Jeb, Moe Roscoe and Larry. The waiter comes with their food. Larry orders the supreme soup.

“Damn, that supreme soup is so big, it’d make a beach ball out of a twig.” Roscoe exclaims

“It’s a super bowl!” Jeb says.

“Wait! Jeb what’d you just say?” Fury asks

“Uh…It’s a super bowl.” Jeb answers

“YES! What was a company that had multiple ads in this year’s super bowl?” Fury asks

“Millers lite?” Moe says unconfidently

“No, but close” Fury says

“The answer to your question is Budweiser!” Roscoe says.

“Yes Roscoe, now drop the weiser and change the b with a d” Fury tells them

“Dud!” Larry shouts

“Correct. Now what is a popular white drink and put the name of that in front of dud.”

“Cum dud?” Moe asks

“No dumby it’s milk! You’ve been spending too much time with ladies under your grandma’s quilts!” Roscoe says

Moe gets mad. He responds “HEY! Those quilts are REALLY soft and have been passed down!”

“Hey ,hey guys stay on topic. So the answer is milk, so?”

“MILK DUDS” the guys all say together

“Milk Duds are a form of…?” Fury asks

“Candy!” Roscoe shouts

“Food!” Larry screams

“Snack!” Jeb shouts

“YES!” Fury says “Snack! Now take the word snack, drop the ‘c’ then flip it around backwards and add ‘as’ to the end.”

“Man you expecting me to do all that math!” Moe shouts

“What?” they all ask Moe.

“D-Don’t pay attention to Moe. Just figure it out” Fury tells them.

“Kansas!” Larry says

“What’s the capital of Missouri?” Fury asks

“Kansas city!” Roscoe says

“Who has a song called ‘Kansas City’?” Fury asks them. He starts to pace back and forth.

LITTLE RICHARD!!!” They shout.

“I'm goin' to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come. I'm goin' to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come!” Roscoe sings HORRIBLY “They got a crazy way of lovin' ther”-

“SHUTUP ROSCOE! You can rhyme, but you can’t sing!” Fury says angrily

“Well damn man!” Roscoe says.

“Alright what is Little Richard known for singing?” Fury asks

“OOOOOH” They all sing

“What did Mrs. Jenkins say she heard the criminal say?” Fury asks

“Ooh, you in for it now Dukes!” Jeb says.

“The criminals name?” Fury asks.

“Richard Johnson!” Larry says

“What’s another word for Richard, then how does that word relate to the word Johnson?” Fury asks them with a smirk on his face

PENIS!!!” Roscoe says

“Ewww, fag hag!” Jeb says

“No he’s right!” Moe says

“Dick and Johnson! They mean penis!” Moe says. “Wait a minute! Another word for penis is cock. If you drop-“

“The K!” Fury exclaims “You get coc!”

COCAINE!!!!” They all say.

“Wait, so we know that the shipment will contain cocaine, but where is the shipment?” Larry asks

“Let’s take it back to Budweiser.” Fury says. He sits down at the table with them after pacing. “Budweiser is beer. Where can you get beer?”

“A bar.” Roscoe says.

“What’s the best bar in town?” Fury says

“Bernie’s Beer Barn!” Jeb exclaims.

“Which is…”

“right next to the ABANDONED CONSTRUCTION SITE BY THE HARBOR” They say simultaneously.

“Damn, Fury. You’re a smart @$$ mofo. We should go around the world telling it so EVERYONE would know!” Roscoe rhymes.

“When is this all going down?” Moe asks

“Budweiser started in 1876, so I’m guessing at 7:16” Jeb answers.

“So we gon’ go there and stop this shipment. I only have one more question about this mission…can you dig it…I said CAN YOU DIG IT!!!!!” Fury says.

WE CAN DIG IT!!!” The rest of the crew shouts

to be continued…

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