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Undisclosed Location, Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

"Iron Man?" Prodigy asked as he looked around the dark room. "What's going on here?"

"Prodigy. I'm sorry for the sudden transportation. Welcome to Slingers HQ."

"Hi Ritchie!" Ricochet said as he leaned against the wall.

"Slingers?!" Prodigy yelled. "But... why do you want..."

"Prodigy. We need to talk about the New Warriors." Dusk said calmly.


New Warriors' HQ, New York City

"I want everyone to go out there! I want all of you to find him!" Miriam Sharpe yelled.

Justice, Firestar and Goliath were all stood in their HQ's hallway. Miriam Sharpe was screaming from her room. About 5 seconds ago a woman had appeared out of nowhere and teleported out taking Prodigy with her.

"Find him?!" Goliath yelled. "We don't even know where's he gone!"

Miriam Sharpe stormed out of her room slamming the door behind her.

"That woman's teleportation gives off a strange type of energy! I'm tracking it n-"


Everyone looked towards Justice as he fumbled through his pocket.

"Sorry..." He said as he pulled his phone out. "It's for me..."

Justice put the phone to his ear as Firestar rolled her eyes.


"Vance!" Nova yelled from the phone. "We've got a major problem!"

"What?!" Miriam yelled. "Tell him it's not a good time!"

"Night Thrasher's in trouble!"

"Put the phone down! We have a big problem!"

Justice frowned for a second. He glanced at Firestar and Goliath.

"Ms Sharpe. Our friend needs our help."

"Night Thrasher's barely on this team! We need to focus on finding Prodigy!"

Justice, Firestar and Goliath all glanced at each other before walking towards the door.


"I formed the New Warriors to keep an eye on all the heroes who'd have a problem with the Registration Act." Iron Man said slowly.

"The what?"

"After the Stamford disaster a lot of people started questioning Superheroes reliability. Luckily it was never passed through. However... people are still talking about it... which is why I decided to keep several of the heroes who'd have a problem with it together. So I could keep an eye on them."

"And that's why we're back together!" The Hornet said cheerfully. "Cause Iron Man's busy with all the Avenger's teams he's offered us the job of keeping an eye on the Warriors."

"So... what? You want me to be a spy?!" Prodigy asked. "Betray my friends?!"

"We're your friends Ritch!" Ricochet said as he stood up. "We've known each other longer as well!"

"Look. I know what I'm asking isn't easy. But look at the people you're working with! Night Thrasher beat a politician half to death before saying that he loved terrorism!"


Iron Man glanced at his wrist as it started to flash.

"What's that?" Hornet asked. "Some kind of super powerful heating system?"

"It's a text message." Iron Man said as he closed it down. "Looks like we've got a mission Slingers! Let's go deal with it!"


New York City, Queens....

"Night Thrasher!" Nova yelled as he flew above the rooftops. "Stop!"

"I... I'm sorry!" Night Thrasher screamed as he jumped across the alley. His knuckles were still drenched in blood. He landed on the roof and rolled over before continuing.


Goliath's foot landed on the rooftop cutting him off.

"Calm down Dwayne. What's wrong?"

Firestar and Justice hovered near Goliath's head.

"Whatever it is... we took a lot of flak from Sharpe for coming to help you!" Firestar said bitterly.

"You... you don't understand..." Night Thrasher said as he knelt on the ground. "I... killed someone..."

Justice and Nova both looked at each other before landing next to Thrasher.

"Please..." Night Thrasher said as he pulled his mask off. "Just arrest me..."

"It's going to be okay Dwayne." Justice said as he pulled his friend up off the floor. "It wasn't yo-"


A blast of energy struck Night Thrasher in the face knocking him to the ground. Blood spilled from his nose.

"Night Thrasher! You're under arrest for first degree murder!" Iron Man said. His arm was extended outward after firing the energy blast. He was surrounded by the rest of the Slingers.

"Iron Man?!" Nova said. His eyes were wide with shock. "What are you doing?!"

"What does it look like Rich?" Iron Man said as he landed. "I'm arresting a criminal. Now... stand aside. Or be arrested...."

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@tommythehitman: Uh oh looks like Night Thrasher is going to be doing some time in the big house. A great read as usual, I assume Parkour is dead now. Just do me a favour next issue, put some dents into Mr Tony 'I'm so Smug' Stark Armour will ya.

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@tommythehitman: If that is you motivation I don't have a problem with it. Still haven't watched it (or Thor the Dark World) so don't spoil it for me.

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@impurestcheese: ...Grrrrrrrrrr.... And Parkour is currently locked up in Ms Sharpe's Basement.

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@tommythehitman: What I work ten hour days and most weekends. So stop growling and mumble 'Spoilers God Dam Spoilers'

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Iron Man Vs Night Thrasher: good night Night Thrasher!