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Marvel Mayhem: Masters of Evil #6 - Escape Plans

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Vassal gripped his axe and hefted it into a defensive position; Gargouille stretched her wings read to take off, energy discharged around Aftershock. Wirehead summoned up a hard light Gattling gun and Scarecrow spun his scythe around in a show of skill. The tension was so thick that it could be cut with a knife as their attackers boxed them in.

“What do you mean by ‘contracts terminated’?” Aftershock asked.

“I mean you completed the task we hired you to do?” The main speaker, a man dressed in purple armour announced. “Well the one we hired the Will o Wisp for. He was able to determine the frequency that Moonstone operates on, and transmit it to me using the Light Gate as an amplifier. I can now hear everything the Masters of Evil say in her presence.”

“And the rest of us?” Scarecrow asked. “What were we?”

“Merely cover to let the Wisp operate without the fear of persecution.” The figure announced. “As we speak your fee is being transmitted to the accounts provided to me by Typhoon. There is no need for further violence.”

“You used us!!” Vassal growled. “You used us you sodding basted!” He roared before leaping forward only to impact on a wall of hard sound.

“I was hoping to avoid this.” The figure sighed. “Songbird, MACH V take them down.” He ordered as a lithe woman with streaked hair summon up a set of sonic handcuffs and fling them at Aftershock, only to see Wirehead open fire, the hard light bullets destroying the sonic construct.

“What the hell!!” Songbird screeched as MACH V shot a missile into the group, the villains scattering.

“My Mods are better then your Mods.” Wirehead called as he opened fire on Songbird, the bullets dissipating her wings, and sending the woman tumbling to the floor.

“Hmm the fool with the visor is more powerful then I was led to believe.” The man in purple stated as Aftershock electrified MACH V, the energy burst quickly being absorbed by the suit’s energy siphon. “Ghost acquire his technology and bring it to me!!” He ordered the gaunt figure hovering next to him. With a sarcastic roll of the eyes Ghost flew at Wirehead as the villain shot down a sonic shield. With a sudden pop Ghost disappeared and Wirehead toppled over backwards onto the floor.

“Songbird contain them now!” The figure in purple ordered as Songbird reformed her shield to block a scything blow from Scarecrow.

“Yes Baron.” Songbird answered before forming a solid sound cube round Gargouille, as she attempted to rip MACH Vs jetpack off his armour. Turning back to Scarecrow she was horrified to see a mirror image of herself staring back at her.

“You, you’re me.” She stammered as the figure morphed pointed ears and mottled green skin.

“I’m the version of you everyone liked better Little Mimi. I am the real you, you’re the cantankerous b**h that didn't count for anything.” The Songbird duplicate hissed as she raised a long handled scythe over her head. “I'm about to do the world a favour and take you out of it…once and for all.”


Ghost blinked as he emerged into a maze of cybernetic walls, drifting down the aisles he saw what he was looking for and reached out to reclaim the processing chip.

“Intruder Alert.” A voice buzzed as a hard light avatar of Wirehead emerged in-front of Ghost, and slapped him away. “All those chips belong to me.”

“Indeed.” Ghost answered as an arc of electrical energy pulsed between his hands. “But in a few moments they will be the property of Baron Zemo.” He added as Wirehead swallowed the chip and darted away into the maze. “Abe was right I do talk too much.” He sighed before chasing after Wirehead. Reaching a T-Junction, Ghost felt the entire maze shift and saw Wirehead standing at a dead end.

“Nowhere to run.” Ghost stated as a line of what appeared to be emergency lighting flickered on. “I must admit this all seems weirdly familiar.” He told Wirehead as he caught sight of a floating bunch of cherries.

“No need to run.” Wirehead told him as he picked up a ball of light from the floor and ate it. “At least for me.” He added as he summoned up a hard-light sword and ran at Ghost. In that second the invader realised where he was and turned to flee but it was too late, Wirehead jabbed him through the chest causing Ghost to be ejected from the visor. “Now where are those cherries?” He asked before making his body sit up in real life to see a spasaming Ghost on the floor in-front of him. “Time to finish the level, rescue the princess and get the high score.” He added as Aftershock pounced on MACH V and sent his suit sparking across the floor,


Abe groaned as he felt blow after blow rain on his carapace as Aftershock vented her anger. Grunting angrily he staggered to his feet and elbowed her back. “Now surrender!” Abe ordered removing his helmet to reveal his masculine features. “I won’t ask twice.” He added.

“Abe?” A familiar voice behin MACH V said. “Is that really you?”

“Orka?” Abe asked turning around to see the super sized Atlantean. “Well it really is a Thunderbolt reunion today.” He added. “What are you doing here?”

“I came with Victoria looking for more information on the Arke Symbiote after its disappearance.” Orka announced. “But last time I saw you, you were…well a cyborg and a woman.”

“It’s complicated.” Abe told him, “I came up looking…” Before he could finish a blast of lightning overloaded his suit as Aftershock hovered in the air, hands sparking with electric discharge,

“He’s providing a distraction.” Aftershock stated before streaking off to the others. Down below the man in purple, Baron Zemo was engaged in sword play against both Vassal and Scarecrow and while both opponents outmatched him is strength and numbers, the cold hard fact was that Zemo was defeating them with ease. Dropping in next to Wirehead, the villain preoccupied with chaining Songbird to some hard light train tracks, she gave a quick cough. “What are you doing?”

“Oh I’m going for the Dastardly Achievement.” Wirehead answered. “So what are you doing?”

“Listen you know those triggers Zaran and Chemistro used to get us here. Do you think you can make a hard light copy to get us out of here?” Aftershock asked.

“Sure let me save my game.” Wirehead answered as the tracks reconfigured into a pair of teleportation triggers. “Time to go get the Paramour Achievement.” He joked.

“In you’re dreams.” Aftershock purred before turning to were Baron Zemo was in the process of disarming Vassal. “Bye guys it’s been real.” She stated before she and Wirehead dissipated away leaving the others behind.

“I can’t believe it.” Scarecrow snarled as Zemo kicked him to the floor. “That scum left us behind!!”

“Like you never thought of that.” Gargouille snapped from inside her solid sound box. “Oh wait you did!!”

“Silence!!” Zemo bellowed. “You had the chance to walk away after the job was complete. Your following incarceration is your own fault.” He added as MACH V returned with Orka, the former helping a trembling Songbird to her feet. “You in particular will pay for what you’ve done today Scarecrow I promise you that.”

“Zemo?” Orka asked, “And Songbird? What’s going on here Abe?”

“It’s simple Orka.” Abe told him. “We’re getting the band back together.”


To be continued in Marvel Mayhem: New Thunderbolts and Marvel Mayhem: Crossed Wires

Many Thanks for Reading

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@impurestcheese: Told you it was Zemo! :)

Wirehead "kills" Ghost, that's cool. Good work. I think the smaller chapter and smaller amount of people in the story suit your style. And here comes Thunderbolts Vol 2

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@batkevin74: Thanks. No pulling the Merino Wool over your eyes. Ghost isn't dead just physically wounded and yes I think it does suit my style. Once again thanks for the comments

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@impurestcheese: Hence the "kill" coz very rarely in comics do people stay dead; Uncle Ben and that's about it :) Wirehead solo GO!

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@batkevin74: Have an issue of Villain's Tale to get out the way first (it'll make sense later) and Op Whitewater to complete and then Crossed Wires is a go alongside New T-Bolts and Weird Sisters

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@batkevin74: I won't have a schedule planned for writing

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I planned on nitpicking the hell out of this before I started like I usually do in order to help but unfortunately I have no complaints :(

And this may be in the top 3 series from you for me despite it only being a mini.


The smaller cast as batkev said really helped, you usually have great descriptions but for a reader like me if there are too many characters I get confused (why I haven't read the Game of Thrones books yet, love the show but the books are scary xD)

I also really enjoyed the action which is something I don't usually say. I usually say the action is good....for a written piece but this had everything in terms of creativity and pacing and I will be taking notes :P.

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@irishlad: Thanks I decided to use everything I learnt with T-Bolts, J11 ect to make this truly special and plant the bar at the standard I want New Thunderbolts to be at.