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Previous Installment : Setting Up

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this work, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is one of my own development. There will be changes to some of the characters background, as this work is part of Marvel Mayhem on ComicVine.com.


Chapter 2: Incoming Class

Emma Frost quietly walked down the halls of the teacher’s dormitory. It wasn’t a separate building like her own residence on the Massachusetts Academy grounds, but the top floor of the dormitory, which was where the students were going to reside. As part of the changes made, the floors were to be kept separate, and the top floor secured for any future teachers to reside. In fact, making sure the locks on the top floor stairwell doors were secure had been part of the past few days preparations.

Those preparations were all for this day. Today, the school would see a new group of mutant students join the group, and the two she was going to see in a moment would be key in their education. Her only reservation had been allowing them to stay in the same suite, but even she could not fault them for it. The two, a seventeen year old girl named Yvette, and a twenty year old young man named Richard Cale, had faced and avoided a new threat appearing to the mutants of the world. They would be invaluable to the school.

The only difficulty would be making sure they kept their minds on their job and not each other. While it was difficult to read their minds, or even just to get an idea where they were psychically, the few times she had, they were communicating with each other, and there had been hints of intimate behavior being planned for later. Such thoughts would have to be reeled in, since they might have an effect on the students, especially if they were in the same building.

As she approached the suite the two were in, she was surprised to see Yvette closing the door, as well as finishing up the buttons on the blouse Emma had obtained for her. Like Emma’s own outfit, it was to convey to the new student that they were the ones in charge. She had even made sure the outfit was the right size, and even Richard had agreed that it looked perfect on Yvette. She also knew that in a few days time, more outfits would arrive, specially made, thanks to Charles, to handle the young lady’s mutant power. Until then, she would not startle the young woman.

The redhead turned, and stopped when Emma locked eyes with her. Emma made sure she had a pleasant smile on her face as she said, “Yvette, you look perfect. Do you know how soon Richard will be ready?” She was glad when Yvette hadn’t tensed up her skin. It was a good sign that things would be going well today.

That idea started to change when Yvette shook her head. The young woman looked a bit concerned as she said, “It may be a while. He woke up some time ago with a nasty nightmare. I didn’t think it would be best for him to head down now, on so little sleep.” While Emma was not reading the young lady’s mind at the moment, something in the girl’s tone said she was hiding something.

Emma kept pace with her, and calmly said, “Yvette, there is something you aren’t telling me. It might be best to tell me, especially if this may have an impact on the school.” She didn’t want to resort to reading the young girl’s mind, especially since the two had a mental link, as well as mental powers that even Charles had a hard time getting through.

She watched as the redhead held her arms like she was holding herself. Emma took note of how the girl was doing it, noticing that it was both an instinctive comforting action, and most likely an action that Yvette gave for Richard to respond to, hinting that an intimate response was given. “His nightmares are usually omens. Most times he has a nightmare, it means Emplate is on his way. The worst had been the one night we were in a small place in Moscow. He had insomnia, and finally fell asleep when he was…” She noticed that Yvette trailed of, most likely trying to find the right word to tell an adult. “umm holding me.” The last words were accompanied by Yvette moving her hand up to opposite shoulder. “No sooner had he fallen asleep when he was awake, screaming. We had barely enough time to gather a few things together when Emplate attacked.”

Emma realized two things at that moment. First, she had just found out the incident that the couple had referred to when she first met them. Second, she realized that this slight precognition might help tip them off to any bad things coming, and that might be soon. Was there going to be something about the incoming students that would be trouble.

She then placed a hand on Yvette’s other shoulder, and said, “Thank you for telling me this. It is always good to have an extra level of security. I’m going to make sure that all the levels of security are in order. Are you certain Richard will be down in time?” She saw Yvette nod. It would be a good first impression for all of them to meet the new students. After that, they left the dorm, and she watched as Yvette walked to main campus building, where the students would be arriving, while Emma headed to the security center. As she did that, she also noticed that Yvette’s walk reminded her of her own from a few years ago. No doubt, another product of the past few years. She had no doubt that part of Yvette’s behavior now was to entice the man she loved. She just hoped that Yvette would tone it down for the new arrivals.


Angelo Espinosa sat in the back of the vehicle that was the ride to the new school for mutants. When he had first arrived at the Xavier School, he had thought that was where he was going to be learning to control his powers. He was surprised that it was only going to be a stopping point until five others had arrived. Now they were all in the vehicle and making their way to the school. It had been him, two other guys, and three ladies.

So far, none of them had said a word to one another. That only had the effect of making the ride much longer than it had to be. If someone didn’t break the ice soon, he was sure the only talking done when they arrived might be adversarial. They hadn‘t talked much during the few days they were at the Xavier School. Now they were all in the same space, and they needed to talk.

He decided it would be best if he broke the ice, since the one guy kept half his face covered, the three girls were all silent, and the bald African-American boy was looking out the side window. He cleared his throat, and calmly said, “Well, I don‘t know about you, but if we are going to this school together, maybe we should start by meeting everyone here. My name is Angelo Espinosa, and I come from Los Angeles.” He glanced at the three girls across from him in the limo, but none seemed to take the opening.

Someone did, however, take it, and it was the young African-American kid. The boy even offered a hand to shake. “Cool. My name is Everett Thomas, and I come from Chicago. What made you join the school?”

He had been expecting someone to voice the question. It wasn‘t overly bad, but it did involve the gangs in Los Angeles, and sometimes mentioning them seemed to suggest that one wasn‘t out of the gangs. He sighed, and answered the question. “Well, to be honest, I had gotten mixed up with one of the gangs. It was led by this girl named Tores. A few of the members had been mutants, but that led to the gang being disbanded. You see, a Sentinel had struck the area. Most of us scattered, but Tores appeared to be consumed in a blast. My grandmother had managed to find a way for me to get to Xavier‘s, and I got selected for this school.”

As he had expected, everyone was now looking at him. Part of him hoped someone else would speak up, since he didn‘t want to go into Tores‘ past, or how he had loved her. Part of him still felt guilty about it, since he was one of the very few who had seen her mutant power in action. Part of him even wondered, at first, if one of the girls might have been her, but he quickly dismissed that idea.

Finally, the silence was broken again, at least he thought it was. Angelo could have sworn he heard a voice say, “I think I know how you feel.” He looked from each of them, before his eyes landed on the guy whose face was half covered. It didn‘t appear as if the guy had uncovered his face at all, but Angelo was certain he was the one who spoke.

Apparently, he wasn‘t the only one who thought the voice was strange. The lavender skinned girl also looked at the guy, and voice the words Angelo couldn‘t put together. “D-d-d-did you just speak in all our heads?” He watched as the guy just nodded, and the girl just shivered. “That is creepy. Why don‘t you just talk like everyone else does?”

Angelo wondered that as well, but before he could ask, he noticed a blight glow in the corner of his eyes. He dared a glance in the direction the glow was coming from, and was at a loss for words. The guy who had covered half his face had pulled that covering down, and where the guy’s mouth should have been was a bright glow. Angelo now understood why this guy spoke the way he did. It was the only way the guy could.


Jonothan Evans Starsmore finished lowering his scarf, and looked at the others. He noticed a few tried to shield their eyes, but they would have to eventually deal with how his powers manifested. Since Angelo had shared his own tragic past, he thought it only best he share his own. Besides, it was good to see that someone else had some tragedy in their lives. It would also explain a bit of how he spoke. "When my power manifested, it was a bit noticeable. I had been with my girlfriend at the time, when I suddenly felt a pain in my chest."

He paused long enough, hoping everyone would figure out what had obviously happened next. From the looks he could see in some of their eyes, they realized what must have happened, but were unsure of what extent. Finally, it was the lavender skinned girl who asked the question. "Did your powers kill her?" On the few times he had heard her before, this was the first time she didn't stutter.

In response to the question, he shook his head. "No, it did not, but I sometimes think she wishes she were dead. While the explosion left me without part of my face and chest, which ironically enough didn't kill me, it left her confined to a wheelchair." He lowered his head, because it still hurt him to know he had wounded her in that way. He had tried a few times since then to apologize, but she refused to face him. He was thankful, however, that she never pointed anyone in his direction when something bad happened in England.

He raised his head when he heard one of the other girls say, "At least you didn't mean to hurt her. It shows you aren't a monster." He looked over at the person he was certain had spoke. It was the blonde girl closest to the door. He noticed that she had spoken with an accent common to the people from the Southern United States, and that she also appeared to be blushing.

He kept his gaze on the blonde, but realized he had not introduced himself to the others. "Sorry, but I forgot to tell you my name; Jonothan Evans Starsmore. Now, how about you, ladies? Who are you?" While the question was addressed to all of them, he wanted to know the most about the blushing blonde. While she was pretty, something about her made him think there was something special about her. Was it just the common appearance that she seemed to fancy what some called 'bad boys'.

Jonothan had expected on of the girls to talk, but to his surprise, it was the girl of African descent that spoke instead of the blonde. "I do believe that will have to wait. I think we just arrived at the school." He then watched as she looked at her watch, and said, "A few minutes later than I expected, after figuring in the construction we encountered on the way here." He noted that her tone seemed to suggest that she thought herself at a higher position as others. It was something he hated, especially when he heard some of the existing Lords in England speak on television.

He put those thoughts out of mind, and quickly recovered the hole that took of most of his upper body. He had hoped to find out more about the blonde girl, but since they were now at the school, he could wait for her to make her introduction. Besides, none of the girls could avoid introducing themselves at that point.

When the vehicle stopped, they all stepped out, and headed into the building that had to be the main building of the school. The three girls had entered first, followed by Angelo and Everett. That made him the last one to enter, and as he entered, Jonothan saw the three people waiting. The one closest to where the group was standing had to be the woman in charge, dressed in white. To the woman’s left, he saw a redhead, who appeared to be slightly younger than him. The last figure, in his mind, was the most surprising. For a year, the man’s face was in every news media there was. For the time being, Jonothan kept his thoughts to himself, but if it was who he thought it was, there was a lot of things to discuss.


Everett Thomas was stunned when he saw the school, and that feeling got reinforced when he saw the woman in charge. She was blonde, and wore a white suit. When then were back at the Xavier School, he had heard some people mention that at one time she had been evil. He was sure, however, that something had made her realize her folly.

He then looked at the two behind her. The girl was a redhead, and most likely closest to him in age. He even took notice of how nice she looked, and wondered if all the students had to wear uniforms. He turned his gaze to the guy, who looked to be either in his late teens or early twenties. He was dressed nice as well, and Everett was certain that the two were both students as well.

He was brought back to the moment when he heard the woman speak. “Welcome, all of you, to the Massachusetts Academy. While it does not look like it, this place was set up to help train another generation of mutants. Professor Xavier wanted to re-open this school as another place for young mutants to learn how to control their powers, as well as prepare them for some of the dangers in the world that await young mutants.”

Everett could tell by the tone in the woman‘s voice that she meant every word she said. He even recognized her. The woman was Emma Frost, who had been the woman in charge of Frost Industries, until she fell ill. Of course, he realized who she was, but was surprised that she was a mutant, especially as she continued speaking. “I am Emma Frost, and I will be your headmistress. Before I introduce the others, I would like you all to introduce yourselves, and tell the others about your individual mutant powers.”

Once he heard that, he figured he should go first. He nodded, and then said, “Well, I‘m Everett Thomas. I‘ve been blessed with a mutant aura that allows me to duplicate another mutants powers.” He noticed that the young man behind Emma Frost seemed to raise an eyebrow when he heard that. Maybe the guy had never heard of an ability like his.

He then turned his gaze to the girls, and noticed the blonde stepped forward. He had to admit she looked cute, but the accent wasn‘t what he called appealing. “Mah name is Paige Guthrie, and Ah have the ability to rip off my skin, revealing a new form underneath.” As she spoke, Everett noticed she seemed to be trying to hide her accent.

The next person to speak had been Angelo. “Well, my name is Angelo Espinosa, and I got blessed with about six extra feet worth of skin. It is also due to this that my skin has an ashen hue.” As if to demonstrated the power, he noticed that Angelo allowed his one finger to tap one of the girls on the shoulder.

It had been the girl with the lavender skin, and the tap made her yelp in surprise before she introduced herself. “Eek. S-S-Sorry, my name is Clarice Ferguson. I‘ve got a t-t-teleportation power.” It had been the first time he heard the girl speak about her power. Something about her skittishness had made him leery about speaking with her before now. He also noticed that the redheaded girl had a look of sympathy on her face.

He then heard the psychic voice of Jonothan speak. "I'm Jonothan Evans Starsmore, and I have blasted psyonic furnace in my chest." Everett could tell the guy was annoyed, but he wasn't certain if it was about mentioning his power, or if it was linked to something else. He had noticed that Jonothan wasn't looking at the headmistress, but the young man behind her.

That meant only the girl of African decent was left. Everett had noticed her in the car, and noticed she held herself higher than the others. He also noticed that something about her stance made one think she had something to hide. Finally, she said, "I am Monet St. Croix. I have the powers of flight, super strength, as well as psychic skills."

He could see she was about to go on, but he felt a bit thankful when Miss Frost cut the girl off. "Thank you. During your time here, you will hopefully learn more control over your powers, as well as their limitations. You will also be learning more about the threats that face mutants. The two people with me," and Everett noticed that Miss Frost motioned to the two people behind her, "will be helping in your studies as teachers, and are experts about what we believe is a dangerous threat."

After that last word, Everett was stunned to hear harsh laughter. At least he thought he heard it, since he realized it was coming from Jonothan. "Really, a dangerous threat. Is that the excuse you used to get away from your family, Cale." In that moment, he felt a growing tension in the room, as the young man locked his sight on Jonothan, who just continued. "Is that why you ran away, and why your father made pleas to the country to find you and get you home safely? At least he did it for a year, and then stopped the search. Care to answer that? I actually felt sorry when your father asked for help." In that moment, Everett noticed something. The young man's hands had started to turn into very sharp claws, and that a fight was on the horizon.


Yvette could feel how upset Richard was getting, even before she noticed his hands had transformed into the claws that was normal for when either of them activated her power. This new person’s remarks were upsetting her as well. Of course, the topic of Richard’s father was a tough one for him, especially after what they had found out a few days ago. She also noticed that even Emma had been taken back by the outburst.

She did the only thing she could do. She stepped forward, and placed herself between Jonothan, and Richard. The movement made the man step back for a moment, and before he could say anything else, she started in. “So you think Richard ran away because he was upset with his parents. That is one of the most arrogant things I’ve ever heard. I know exactly why he was away from home so long, and it’s one of the biggest reasons you are all here right now.”

In that moment, she could feel everyone gazing at her, but she didn’t care. She just continued, hoping it would drive home the threat they all face, regardless if they knew of it or not. “A few years ago, I was abducted by a mutant monster named Emplate. You know why he abducted me?” Before anyone could ask, she said why, which caused gasps from everyone. “He used me as a food source. He feeds off mutants, supping on their powers, and slowly killing them.”

She chanced a glance back at Richard, who now had his eyes closed, trying to calm down. She focused her gaze back onto Jonothan, who seemed to look ashamed, but she continued her story. “One day, Richard somehow stumbled upon Emplate’s hideaway, and he managed to rescue me. Unfortunately, he was discovered, and we barely escaped. Since then, we’ve been on the run. Richard didn’t want to go back to his home, since it would mean leading the monster there. Would you have done that, if you had been in his shoes?”

She let her gaze land on each of them, and realized they now had an idea of what dangers were out there. She glanced again at Richard, and noticed that he had calmed down. She then returned her gaze to Emma, and she noticed the woman had a reprimanding look on her face, as if Yvette had done something wrong. She let out a small ‘humph’, and returned to her spot. After a moment, she heard Richard say in the mental link they shared, “Thank you. I don’t think I could have handled that at the moment.” It was all that needed to be said, since she knew he did not have the best night sleep last night.

After another moment, she heard Emma Frost speak to the new students again. “As you just heard, young mutants today face a new threat, and both Yvette, and Richard Cale, are fully aware of it, and know how to fend it off. Richard has a unique power to fully mimic a mutant he is close to, but if he holds a power too long, he earns that ability as well. As you may have guessed, he has already taken on Yvette’s ability, which is a skin so sharp and dense that she could cut through anything. I highly suggest you avoid making them upset.” She realized that the comment was aimed for Jonothan more than anyone else.

Once another moment of silence passed, Emma motioned to each of them, and said to the students, “Now, since it must have taken you a while to get here, Richard and Yvette will show you to your dorms. You can get settled in, and prepare yourselves for your first day of classes.” With that, she knew Emma had dismissed them.

She watched as Richard motioned the boys together, and led them out first, keeping a safe distances from them. She then gathered the girls together, and said, “Again, welcome to the Massachusetts Academy. We will be heading to the dorm building in a moment. It has been divided into a floor for guys, and a floor for girls. For obvious reasons, you’ll find a key card to your dorm rooms in the room. It will also only allow you access to your floor. Any questions?”

When no one asked a question, she lead them out of the building, and towards the dorm. As she walked, she heard the lavender skinned Clarice ask what she thought was a good question. “Miss Yvette, are you staying in the dorm with us, on the same floor?” She understood why the question was asked. Clarice had been obviously nervous about things.

She was about to answer, when she heard Richard in their mental link again. “Careful, one of them is the same one who was following us.” She almost gasped aloud, but did not. If one of them was the spy, then that meant one dreadful thing. Emplate would soon know about the school. Luckily, the school already had the defenses up to keep him out. Still, it was discomforting that their sanctuary might soon lose that title. What was worse was that they would have to tell Miss Frost, and that scared her more, since Miss Frost had only this school left to her.


Once she settled into her room, the spy looked out into the hall, just to see if the redhead was still around. She did not get to hear where those two were staying, but for the time being, she needed to inform Emplate. She closed to door to her room again, and went to the back corner of the room.

The room looked like a standard dorm room, and she planned to use it as such, until she had done her betrayal. She pulled out the communications device she had been given, and then turned it on. Soon, the image of Emplate was in front of her, but she made sure the volume was down. She didn’t want anyone else hearing Emplate as he spoke. “It’s been a while. I hope you have some good news for me.”

She nodded, and spoke to Emplate. “Yes, sir. I’m at a mutant school in Massachusetts. The two you’ve been hunting for are here. They are teaching here, and teaching about you.” She cringed a little when she saw the anger in his eyes.

For a moment, she thought he would reach through the image and grab her, but it never happened. Then the image spoke, as if it was figuring something out. “So they are there. I will have to find a way in. Also, how many others are there? It would be nice to know if there is some variety there.”

She nodded, and then answered the question. “Three guys, two girls and myself.” She then told Emplate their names and powers. With each name and power, she got no reaction from him. Finally, she said, “Also, the headmistress is a mutant named Emma Frost.”

She noticed a reaction then, and it looked pleasant. “Emma Frost. She has already lost a group of students. Taking these could destroy her, and I could take her powers as well. Do you know the locations of all of them?” She had a feeling that he would ask that. She could only be certain of the boys and the girls, but not the three ‘teachers’, and she relayed that. She was grateful when he didn’t seem upset. “Very good, I shall start trying to get to where the school is. I have no doubt that Frost and Xavier may have precautions in place to keep the school hidden from view, and from me. You will have to find a way past those precautions. Keep me informed.”

She nodded, and he disappeared from view. She then put the little device away, still amazed at all it could do for her. It was a good thing she ended the communication at that time, because she heard a knock on her door, as well as someone calling her name. She quickly made her way over to the room door, and opened it.

At the door was the lavender skinned girl, Clarice Ferguson. The nervous girl seemed a little bit more relaxed, and she pointed to something down the hall as she spoke. “There’s a common room down the hall. We were just wondering if you wanted to join us and talk. We were going to talk about the teachers, especially that Yvette girl.” She nodded, and left the room. Part of her felt a little guilty, since she knew a bit more about Yvette than the others, but she had to make sure she didn’t tip her hand too much. She didn’t want to be discovered.

Next Installment : Siblings And Secrets

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Just decided to Google Emplate just out of curiosity and I have to admit if he was sneaking around where I live I would be getting ready to run and hide. Can't imagine the havoc he could reek what with the adults in New York fighting Kruun.

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This is pretty interesting so far! I wonder who the spy really is...

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@rabbitearsblog: The spy's identity will be revealed in a future installment, but a slight teaser here. Almost everyone at the school has secrets.

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@richgenx said:

@rabbitearsblog: The spy's identity will be revealed in a future installment, but a slight teaser here. Almost everyone at the school has secrets.

Oh yeah! It does seem like everyone has their own secret that they are keeping from Emma!

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@richgenx: I am very sorry I missed this earlier!

You're doing an excelent job setting this up, especially the spying and Emplate. Down the line maybe we can work a crossover, I have an idea about Emma Frost and Dallas trading viscious verbal barbs at each other

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@richgenx: another good chapter, the story flows really well

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@jatoe48er: Thanks. It comes from years of writing all sorts of fics.

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@richgenx: Who is the spy. I'm so sure it's Monet but I think I saw her in Avengers... Loving this title, just a shame it doesn't seem to be as popular as some of the others.

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@richgenx: I noticed that you write three or four sentences and start a new paragraph. Nothing wrong with it but I just noticed it was all.

just a shame it doesn't seem to be as popular as some of the others.

It takes time

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@richgenx: I noticed that you write three or four sentences and start a new paragraph. Nothing wrong with it but I just noticed it was all.

@catalinaic said:

just a shame it doesn't seem to be as popular as some of the others.

It takes time

I agree. Some of my newer stories don't have too many comments, but it does take time for everyone to comment on these stories.

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@richgenx: Upon my second reading of this, which is very good btw, the "problem" is length. It's also the lovely grey area this length problem because there is no specific answer to it. Some stories you want more and some less.

This chapter is, along with the previous one, MASSIVE! It is a lot to take in. Should you change the way you write: HELL NO! It is that often "length" that is off putting to some people because it is a large investment reading through it. You're doing a great job (but along with Impurestcheese who suffers a similar affliction) but maybe it is something to consider.

Minor critique: You have in rapid succession a lot of head nodding right at the end. "She nodded, and spoke to Emplate. She nodded, and then answered the question. She nodded, and he disappeared from view"