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Marvel Mayhem - Jester's 11 #11 - The Last Laugh…

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After an epic hunt around his hideout the Jester managed to sail through the gauntlet his former employees set before blundering into Overrider's (now awakened from his coma) grasp. After a quick nap he awoke to find his gang discussing how they were going to execute him but alas the hangman may have to wait to get his new boots as Volcana was revealed to be a mole and had called in Code Blue. Will this motley crew of villains escape or will they be heading for the Raft. Find out in the final issue of Jester's 11.


Jester - Pranked

Vapour - Iron Clad Plan

Diamondback - Rattled

Volcana - Traitor

Snake Maston - One Last Twist

X-Ray - Outgoing Vector

Oriole - Flying South

Overrider - Hand and Mouth

8-Ball - One Last Shot

Klaw - Silenced

Hooded Haunt - Grim Ripper

Dreadknight - By the Sword

Two Months Earlier

Captain Burdick watched as Lieutenant Stone of Code Blue walked into the interrogation room dressed in full combat armour, something that bolstered his hopes for a second before he looked back at the person he was holding and felt them crawl so far down that they could have brought a time share off the Mole Man. Sitting on the second chair the two officer surveyed the woman sitting before them dressed in skinny jeans and a scarlet tank top that matched the pumps she wore. While looking like a rational reasonable person behind the long dark hair and hazel eyes, Burdick knew he had to be careful, sitting in front of him was a super powered individual with a less then sparkling record.

"So Miss Rosenberg do you know why you were brought down to the precinct today?" Burdick asked as he saw Stone rest his hand on his service revolver. "Or would you prefer us to address questions to Volcana instead."

"Marsha or Rose is fine." Marsha answered. "I haven't used Volcana for a while. As for my presence here, I believe it involved one of your overzealous officers smashing into my Ferrari because she though I was trying to rob a bakery."

"Were you?" Burdick asked knowing just which officer Marsha was talking about.

"Hardly, I own the place. What she saw was me warming up a customer's muffin because the oven had broken." Marsha answered, "There was no ill intent about it until your officer drove into my car and ploughed on through into my place of business before spraying me with an extinguisher and then wrestling me to the floor and cuffing me. I also think she may have copped a feel but I'm willing to let that go because everyone likes a bit of attention now and then."

"Knowing Officer Rhioden she was probably looking for an excuse to get a pound of flash." Stone stated. "Remember the law-suit Death Adder is filing against her when she smashed his head into the concrete so hard that the slippery basted cracked his skull. I here Matt Murdock is representing him in a case of police brutality, I doubt anything will come of it but who knows these days."

"Back to the matter in hand." Burdick coughed. "Marsha do you know a man called Jody Putt. If you don't its okay I just need you to listen for the moment. On the 11th February Putt AKA the Jester hacks into security at the Cube and released Ann and James Darnell AKA Vapour and X-Ray. On the 7th February he hired Avalanche to attack the Utopia complex as a diversion so he could extract Richard Rennselar AKA Overrider. On the 2nd of February he deposited ten thousand dollars into the Serpent Society's account to hire Rachel Leighton AKA Diamondback and Snake Marston. Before that on the 29th January he hired James Sanders AKA Speed Demon to break into Stark Industries and steal the Brass Automaton. On the same day he met Kasey Holland AKA Oriole at JFK and aided him in escaping customs. We have suspicious activity under his name up to the beginning of the year but only recently has it become serious. He has made a threat against the city and while SHIELD has dismissed it as a joke I believe that this is a credible danger to us all."

"And I fit into this how?" Marsha asked.

"The Jester paid bail for Dwayne Stein AKA The Drill to release him from Rykers. He comes out in three days time but I feel we need to get someone inside this gang of villains and you fit the bill." Burdick answered. "You would be compensated for loss of earnings and the damage to your car and property will be personally repaired by the officer responsible for your damage."

"So I have nothing to lose. One thing not that I worry about people like Diamondback and Drill but are you expecting me to arrest who knows how many criminals all by my lonesome." Marsha asked.

"Nah, we have a Code Blue team assembled to deal with such threats all we need is to be told when to go in and who we are dealing with." Stone stated, "Of course if you want to help out we won't stop you."

"Hmm then you have a deal." Marsha stated. "It's been a while since I used my powers for anything other then baking. For some time I stepped up and did something more useful with my powers, maybe this is it."


Present Day

"This is it." 8-Ball yelled as he sprinted down the corridors away from the mess hall. "There is only so far I'm willing to go and crossing the line to murder isn't one of them."

"Yeah I don't fancy having my wedding in prison." Diamondback answered as she ran along beside him. "Do you have any plans on how to get out of dodge?"

"Oh yeah baby." 8-Ball answered as he kicked open a door and headed down the steps into another mess hall. "Overrider and I rebuilt my skiff, but this time she's meaner and leaner then she was before that business in Seattle."

"For one thing we boosted her drive core." Overrider announced as he and Snake joined them in the hall. "You weren't thinking about leaving without us were you?"

"Nah you guys are my boys." Diamondback purred. "Four against the world, the last amigos on the front line and all that."

"Snake I'm glad my best man didn't decide to listen to Vapour's idiotic plan at holding this place." 8-Ball sighed with relief as he pushed one of the tiles on the wall to reveal a hidden staircase that lead down to the hanger.

"Bravery is overrated." Snake said with a shrug, "Especially when we're not getting paid for it."

Up in the command centre Vapour surveyed those who had stayed to defend Klaw while he worked in remotely deploying the sonic amplifier. Any of the Code Blue troopers stupid enough to throw themselves into the room would soon discover that while not the deadliest of foes the remaining members of the Jester's 11 outclassed them. Floating over to where the only door not sealed off by barricades stood she smiled and sent tendrils of nerve gas into the adjoining hallway to thin the attacker's numbers when they arrived.

"Uh Vapour we have a problem." Oriole gulped causing the gaseous woman to turn and glower at him. "The Jester has escaped."

"What!?" Vapour hissed as she glanced over to where the Hooded Haunt had locked the Jester up in a magical set of stocks. In the detained villain's place was a life size cuddly harlequin doll, her head and hands clamped in the energy fields while a black chain alit with burning runes was wrapped round her legs. Tentatively Vapour reached out and squeezed the doll's hand and saw its head jerk up so its button eyes could look her in the face.

"What do you want to hear?" The Doll asked in the Jester's voice. "If I'm looking at you kid it means that Mister J has escaped."

"How did this happen?" Vapour snarled as she turned to see the Hooded Haunt give a horse laugh before exploding into a cloud of flies and swarming out through the floor boards, a blood stained message on the wall behind where she had been standing. With a roar Vapour flung gaseous tendrils around the room before watching as her hand turned from gas to human flesh, her body going from chlorine green to nubile skin tones. "What happened?" she shrieked as she saw X-Ray and Oriole staring at her. "Why haven't you lost your powers? She asked her skeletal brother.

"Maybe because the Jester was slipping you something in the bedroom." X-Ray answered as he read the message. "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I am Human and now so are you due to retro bio engineering and advanced nanites."

"That basted." Vapour hissed as the door flew open and bullets started flying as Code Blue troops entered the room, their faces clad in gas masks as the villains instinctively leapt for cover. Looking one to the other X-Ray saw Oriole stir and run straight out into the hail of bullets, projectiles chewing through his body as he returned fire, blades digging into the armour of Lt Stone, the serrated projectiles detonating causing large chunks of his suit to fall off as the officer switched to the under-slung adhesive grenade launcher and returned fire, the rounds exploding around Oriole and mummifying him in a ball of string.

"No fair you can't stop the un-killable man." The secured villain moaned as X-Ray and Dreadknight entered the fight with the Code Blue Troops, the bullets either bouncing off or phasing straight through them.

"Looks like we did." Lt Stone answered as he watched 'Rigger' Ruiz hit the deck as the Dreadknight opened fire with his power lance, scarlet energy sparking out and slicing a three foot long gash along the back wall. Turning back to his captive he saw Oriole slash himself free and swipe at him, his blade cutting through the armour and into the flesh underneath. With a snarl Stone kicked Oriole back, the blade snapping off of the villain's armour as he stumbled back. With a grunt of pain Stone cradled his arm before firing a few shots at X-Ray as he menaced Andrew 'Jock' Jackson, radioactive fingers peeling the officers armour off with skeletal fingers. With a scream X-Ray switched targets and fired a blast of radiation at Stone, the blow boiling what remained of his armour away.

"That all you got?" Stone groaned as the Dreadknight swung his sword at Rigger, the blade slicing through the barrel of her assault rifle.

"Not even close." X-Ray buzzed as Oriole got to his feet and leapt at Jackson only to receive a bullet in the skull. With a screeching hiss X-Ray advanced on Stone and almost immediately the officer begun to feel sick as energy buzzed around the floor.

"Boss hang on." Rigger called as Jackson tackled the Dreadknight to the ground before kicking his lance across to his team mate. Grunting Rigger lifted the lance and toggled the computerized control to select her weapon of choice just as the Dreadknight threw Jackson off. "Sayonara X-Ray." She hissed before squeezing the trigger, a pair of blue rockets flying out the side mounts and exploding over X-Ray, showering the U-Foe with anti-radiation foam.

"Ah man sod this." Oriole squawked before heading for the door, bullets whizzing around him.

"Vile coward." The Dreadknight boomed as he swung his sword at Rigger, the officer blocking his blow with the lance, only to see her enemy cut through the weapon before smacking her in the face with a gauntleted fist. "I don't approve of striking a woman but when faced with such a foe I fear that I have to leave my code of honour behind." The knight sighed as Jackson picked up the sparking tip of the lance. "This will be swift."

"Yeah it will be." Jackson yelled as he charged in and stabbed the lance into the Dreadknight's arm, electricity arching up his armour and into his skin causing the villain to collapse onto the floor. "That makes two out of what eleven?" He asked Stone as Vapour seeing her chance ran across the room and slid into Klaw's office.

"Hold this area." Stone ordered. "Rigger you and I will walk these two out to the wagons." Cuffing X-Ray Stone pulled the villain to his feet as Rigger heaved the Dreadknight up. "No tricks guys especially you X-Ray."

"Oh don't you know." X-Ray cackled, his eyes flashing purple. "You're playing with the big boys now." He added as his body begun to glow a deep violet before the force exploded outwards, the energy discharge levelling the entire building as chunks of masonry fell down onto the Code Blue troops and their captives.


"Shit." Oriole swore as he swooped out of the collapsing building just before he was trapped by falling masonry. Hovering above the scene he surveyed the carnage behind him before looking across towards Manhattan and soaring away. Before he could escape a shot rang out and cut through his left wing sending him plummeting to the ground, his body smacking into a police cruiser as the red headed female officer holstered her pistol and attempted to cuff him only for her attempted captive to lash out and knock her away. "I'm the un-killable man honey." Oriole cooed. "That fall is nothing to a guy like me."

"I don't give a care if you can survive being sat on by the bloody Hulk." The Officer snarled, "I am not your honey. Now hands above your head before I do the world a favour."

"Go ahead it won't stop me." Oriole replied as he locked onto the officer with his wrist launcher. Pressing the fire trigger he was surprised to see the firing mechanism jam, the explosive blade arming itself but not releasing. "Oh crap officer I surrender." He squawked as he raised his hands above his head. "I need the bomb squads, the National Guard anyone to get this thing off my…" The gauntlet chimed twice before detonating right next to his head, the concussive force ripping through his neck and sending his entire head flying off, the skin burnt and charred.

"My god Dallas what did you do?" One of the other officers gasped.

"I did nothing." Dallas replied calmly before walking away from the charred remains, "The idiot blew himself up. At least we have one less bad guy to deal with."

"Wait the guy is still moving." the second officer gasped as Oriole pulled himself up, his bones on the hand re-growing to form a wrist and hand as he reached out grabbed his head and let the nerve endings reattach.

"I told you I was the un-kill…" He never finished the sentence as Dallas turned and fired a shot into his head, sending the villain reeling backwards.

"My god that was horrible." The officer gasped as Dallas flipped Oriole over and cuffed him.

"Un-killable maybe but that just means you can serve out your full sentence." Dallas spat. "And if I ever see you back on the street then you will wish you could die."

"Err Officer Rhioden." The second officer gasped as a skeletal barge smashed up through the concrete with enough force to send the parked police cruisers flying. "How are you going to deal with that?" He asked as the barge cleared the perimeter.

"How should I know? I can't fly what do I look like? Vantage that new super b!+(h down in Greenwich?" Dallas spat. "That isn't our problem the idiots trapped inside our number one concern right now."


Stone shifted in the rubble and looked around what was left of the fun house. He knew it was only a matter of time till the rest of the rubble came tumbling down and that he and his team had to escape. Crawling he managed to move along what had been the middle of the room and put his hand down on something cold. Looking down he saw Rigger lying face up, her eyes closed, quickly he checked her pulse and was relieved to find a slow steady beat.

"She will be fine if we get out of here." A cold voice announced causing Stone to jerk his head around until he saw the speaker. Propped against the wall was the Dread Knight, his arm wrapped around Jackson as he held the cop close to him. Stone noticed that his officer was bleeding and that the villain was trying to keep the blood at bay.

"You have an idea on how to free us?" Stone asked as the Dreadknight laid Jackson down next to Rigger.

"The Jester had me build a device to cause long rang acoustic vibrations in an effort to level the city. A slight tweak would reduce the radius to this property and fracture all the debris. I have already adjusted the amplifier and installed it into my armour. There is just one problem."

"What? If it's a bargain you are looking for then I would rather wait for rescue from the outside." Stone hissed.

"This is not a social problem it's one with the operating system." The Dreadknight answered. "I have no fear of an American prison. To begin the process I need a high frequency sound to amplify, between us we are unable to accomplish that but Klaw could."

"More villains great." Stone hissed. "And where is he?"

As Stone argued with the Dreadknight, Klaw walked out of the office and through the wall, his sound form unhindered by the walls and rubble. He could theoretically escape at any time without being seen, this time it made sense to leave with a whimper rather then a bang. Looking back he saw a dark haired woman dressed in green trying to reach out for him. With a shrug he turned back to his escape route and walked off leaving her trapped in the tomb X-Ray had created.


"Ha we are free." 8-Ball laughed as the barge soared off towards Manhattan. "I hope I never see the Jester again."

"Me too." Diamondback added as she walked past a box painted blue. "It's past the yard arm, who wants champagne to celebrate our escape."

"I do." The box chirped as the lid blew off and the Jester sprung out. "Now let's celebrate." He added as he clapped his hands together. Almost instantly robotic arms extended from the deck and grabbed the other villains as the Jester walked to the helm. "And now for my biggest prank." He said. "Lights, Camera and Action." he added as he pulled a camera out of his pants. "Good Afternoon New Wick." He called, "Jester here, now you may be asking why the dashing crime king of comedy is pirating your air waves?" He asked as he flashed a smile and pressed a button on the barge's helm. As you speak I am coating the entire city with a mutagenic spray that will cause your skin to turn to wax. Once I'm finished I plan to crash my barge into the city and set off the mother of all fire storms. It will be a candlelight vigil on a massive scale." He cackled.

"You're mad." Snake hissed. "Why would you do that?"

"I don't know." The Jester answered as he turned off the camera. "It just do as I'm told like a good puppet."

"Puppet?" 8-Ball asked. "What in hell are you talking about; this was your scheme was it not?"

"It was but now it's mine." A horse voice announced as a swarm of flies whirled around the back of the barge before forming into the gaunt figure of the Hooded Haunt. "With enough ash from the human pyres I can form the Crimson Eye of Balor and summon my brother of the Seven Pointed Star to this world."

"Not going to happen." Snake hissed as he wriggled out of his restraints and slammed into the Jester pining him against the controls and feeling down the villain's pants before pulling out a yellow pistol. Spinning the dial he fired at the other prisoners, their molecules dissipating into the air as a stream of golden photons flew away from the barge. "There safe." He told the stunned Haunt before throwing the Jester away from the controls and tapping in a six digit code. "17-09-86 Diamondback's birthday." He stated before pressing the red button, the speakers crackling to life and counting backwards from ten. With a gasp the Jester leapt off the edge and fell away from the barge as the Hooded Haunt looked on in bemusement before glaring at Snake.

"What could you possibly do to harm me?" The Haunt asked as Snake smiled at her slumped down on the floor. "I can take you to hell." He replied as the barge's engine overloaded and the entire aircraft exploded, a wall of flame swallowing up the craft and everything on it in a brilliant indigo fireball.


Stone looked around at what he had to work with and then at the woman in the green dress who had introduced herself as Columbine, a hostage to the Jester and his crew. Somehow Stone doubted it but he wasn't in a position to judge as he clipped the purple chip of Vibranium onto the end of the ultrasonic whistle before passing both to the Dreadknight, the villain placing both inside the dinner plate disc mounted on the back of his armour.

"Are you sure this will work." Stone asked as he eyed Rigger holding her hand over Jackson's wound and the unconscious form of X-Ray, the only light source left with power in the destroyed chamber.

"It will as long as my armour gets another electrical discharge." The Dreadknight stated. Stone wearily removed the Taser from his belt and fired at the villain, electrical barbs connecting with the armour he wore. For a second there was nothing and then a dome of energy arched out from the Dreadknight, the Vibrational energy cleaving through the rubble as Stone closed his eyes, the dust biting into his skin for ten long seconds before he reopened them. What he saw lifted his spirits even if it was a uniform mattress of grey cloud blocking out the late spring sunshine.


Volcana watched as people of all kinds walked past her bakery, the sign flicked round to the closed side even if it was midday. It had been three days since Code Blue had returned with a good haul of super villains from the raid on the Jester's hideout. After a shootout in Hell's Kitchen the tally had increased to six when the Black Panther dragged in Klaw to join X-Ray, Oriole, Dreadknight and Speed Demon. Volcana had made sure to identify Vapour as well, not that Stone had believed her at first; it was only when the villainess tried to choke him that an arrest was made. Remains of the barge had been recovered and a body, or what was left of one, had been recovered. Dental was pending but rumours were that it was Snake Maston. None of these stories could beat what was on the front pages though. Volcana put down the copy of the Daily Bugle she had brought and smiled. It was clear from the headline that the Jester had got just what he deserved. The Jester had died without an audience and for a comedian there is nothing worse then that.

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...Jester died?! Wow... great ending to the series!

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Great job pal. Really enjoyed the series. I'll dwell on who my favourite 11 is and bump you later with the answer. Thanks again for the story arch dude!

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Great :) I've liked a lot this series

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@impurestcheese: I am quite behind in my readins of this, I shall remedy that shortly

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@batkevin74: Cool just thought you'd want to know what she's up to in your absence

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Awesome ending to an awesome series! Seems like Jester got what he deserved in the end!

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@rabbitearsblog: Seems that way but the question is who killed him?

Yeah, I do wonder about that, although all fingers seem to point to the Haunt.

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@rabbitearsblog: Not her style, you'd expect him flayed somewhere quiet so he can scream in agony while she harvested his organs for sale on the magical black market.

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@impurestcheese: "Knowing Officer Rhioden she was probably looking for an excuse to get a pound of flash." Stone stated. "Remember the law-suit Death Adder is filing against her when she smashed his head into the concrete so hard that the slippery basted cracked his skull. I here Matt Murdock is representing him in a case of police brutality, I doubt anything will come of it but who knows these days."

Did you mean Dallas O'Riordan? And a pound of flash? Lawsuit is one word. Basted?

Anyway asides from spelling Dallas' surname wrong several times, not bad, gotta catch myself back up on this (and edit NYCF accordingly) so I can get myself back in. And why is Dallas being all "cheesecake" sexy? Where did you get that pic?????


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The Jester's seeming death seemed like a random throw-in, and I'm curious how that plays out, since you've done a two part Christmas special since you wrote this. Added to my FF Long Box - Groups. :)