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All Characters are owned by Marvel Comics

Jester's 11 - The Club


Jester - King of Pranks

Vapour - Suicide Queen

Speed Demon - Jack of All Trades

Diamondback - The Perfect 10

Volcana - Smoking Hot

Snake Marston - Bent Sinister

Oriole - Ace High

X-Ray - Radioactivity

Overrider - Top Gear

8-Ball - Ask again later

Drill - What a Tool

Brass - 0010011

Lights shone in the Ross Institute of Military Science as the two men inside worked late into the night, their goal simple get in, grab the package and get out without being caught. The first was working by torch light as well as the dull purple glow of his comrade, the pair of them walking along the rows of safety boxes and computerised access systems. Stopping and running his hand across the bullet proof glass that separated the thieves from their bounty the purple tinged man pointed at one of the boxes. ''That one.'' He buzzed.

''Got it.'' His teammate reapplied stripping off the army fatigues he wore to reveal a green jumpsuit underneath with a black case strapped to his back. Opening the box he carefully removed a pair of gauntlets with mounted power drills attached to them. Slipping them on he bent down and unscrewed the top off on of the consoles, placing it on the floor and slipping the face off and revealing wires and dials. ''X-Ray where did the boss say to put the override trigger?''

''By the second bypass relay.'' X-Ray buzzed, ''Didn't you listen to the briefing at all Drill?"

''Nah I was busy with Marsha if you know what I mean.'' Drill replied placing a small metal disc into the computer console and replaced the outer case. ''Support, Phase 1 is complete, commencing Phase 2." Seconds later the console beeped and one of the draws slid open before coming to a grinding halt. Holding their breath the men watched as a cowboy hat emerged followed by a tall man dressed in a leather jacket and trousers, his body clicking as he stood up in the drawer.

''Well that was a real back breaker.'' He moaned, ''Still I've been in tighter situations then that.'' He added before reaching up to the vent above him, pulling off the grate and placing it back in his drawer before crawling in. ''Support this is Snake Marston can you get a bead on me.''

''I read you Marston.'' The voice on the other end replied. ''Head for the vehicle bay and await team two's arrival, advanced units are already present and clearing out opposition.''

''Roger that Support.'' Snake answered as he slithered through the tunnels, passing grates that gave him a brief view of the world outside the vent system. Locating the large open garage he carefully opened the grate and dropped down onto a parked Humvee and surveyed the absolute carnage around him. There were dead guards all over the place, their mouths foaming and their eyes leaking blood, their positions suggesting that their last few moments had been full of panic.

''You're late.'' A female voice chided, as Snake looked up to see a woman composed completely of gas.

''Blame you're lazy ass brother not me Vapour.'' Snake snarled at her, ''Team 2 should be breaking through any moment now.'' He added as he vaulted off the Humvee and onto the ground next to a widening crack in the ground before backing off as molten lava forced it's way to the surface before rapidly cooling as a woman composed of fire stepped out followed by a hulking bronze robot, it's neck clamped with the same kind of disc that Drill had used to open the storage box.

''Nice one Volcana.'' Snake commented. ''Support can you hear me?"

''I can.'' The robot boomed, ''I will send Brass down the vacuum sealed chamber and recover the package.'' Its motors whirring Brass lumbered forward towards the large metal doors decorated with warning signs. Following the massive robot Snake Marston placed another Overrider disc on the door causing the metal doors to slide open revealing a red chamber and another pair of blast doors, the first set closing behind Brass. Once shut the second pair crept open, the air rapidly being sucked out to reveal a glass tunnel leading away. Without even pausing to access the passage for danger Brass walked forward until it reached another set of doors. They eventually crawled open to reveal a set of blueprints protected by a wall of lasers. Tightening the focus Brass slammed his fist through the lasers and wrenched the field and lumbered out as alarms blared behind him.

''Time to initiate Stage 3." Drill stated as he and X-Ray sprung to life, heading for the main door controls located above the massive reinforced gates the controlled. Barrelling through the doors Drill fired three drill harpoons into the gate control console, smashing the screen and causing the electronic lock to disengage. Second later a red and black blur smashed through the gates and entered the base heading for the vehicle depot. Inside the assorted villains watched as Brass lumbered towards them, the schematics clenched in his massive metal fist.

''Pickup in three, two, one.'' Snake counted as the blur of energy ran up and took the blueprints from Brass and vanished. ''Huh I understand why they call that guy Speed Demon now.''

''Commence disengagement.'' Support announced as Drill and X-Ray sprinted out of the corridor to join the others, ''Volcana take Brass, X-Ray and Vapour out the way you got in. Snake you and Drill will be evacuated from the roof.''

''Got it Support.'' Snake confirmed, ''Field teams disengaging.'' He added as Brass and the two U-Foes dropped into the hole. Volcana took one last look at Marston before her form cooled from burning flame to cold stone, her powers reforming the floor as she dropped into the exit hole. ''Okay man,'' Snake told Drill, ''Let's get the hell out of here. Extraction Team what is you're ETA?"

''Two minutes.'' The pilot of the skeletal flying rack answered as he flew in low towards the institute's tallest tower. ''Just having some issues with two of the facilities Apaches. Deb stop playing with them and shoot them down.''

''Go bite yourself 8-Ball.'' The purple clad woman manning the rear mounted AA gun, firing explosive pool balls at the first chopper, a random green ball smashing through the cockpit and killing the pilot sending the aircraft plummeting. Turning to face the other the gunner saw a winged figure swoop in and fire a pair of darts into the Apache's fuselage.

''Don't worry Diamondback I got you're pert little ass covered.'' The flying figure stated as the darts detonated, the fireball consuming the Apache. Swooping low across the roof tops he grabbed Drill and Snake Marston slinging them onto 8-Ball's flying craft.

''Oriole you basted, any later and we wouldn't even be able to limp out of here.'' Diamondback spat as the ship thundered away from the Ross Institute.

''Well Speed Demon ran out on diner and somebody had to pick up the bill.'' Oriole complained as he landed on the flying rig next to Diamondback.

''Support we are out of here.'' 8-Ball announced as the extraction team cleared the cloud layer. ''I repeat we are out and coming home Overrider.''

Sitting in the small office Overrider closed the laptop and turned on the swivel chair to face the man perched on the counter. ''Well boss it looks like those bunch of rejects actually managed to pull it off.''

''This was meant to be easy.'' The man told Overrider as he sprung off the side and stepped into the light revealing a man wearing a harlequin costume, a manic grin on his face. ''But like you I can't' believe they managed to do it either.''

''So what did they steal anyway?" Overrider asked.

''Something that's going to change life in New York City as we know it forever.'' The Jester announced his grin turning into a smirk. ''Something unstoppable.''

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@impurestcheese: A villain team (some of these I've never heard of) out robbing stuff. Just with the ending, if that's a Juggernaut reference you'd have to check with @joygirl coz she picked him for her world a while ago...unless you've worked out a deal and I'll just shut up

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Awesome chapter! I never heard of these characters before, but you got me interested in learning more about them!

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@rabbitearsblog: Just wait to issue 19 of Thunderbolts and we will see how many guys you know.

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@batkevin74: Brilliant have as much fun rereading J11 as I am when I reread Scourge next week.

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Re-read and bumped, you really dislike commas and exclamation points don't you :)

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@batkevin74: Yes they are my enemies. Well ! definatly are. It comes from beta reading peices of work where exclamation points were the most common peice of punctuation

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Let's here it for the Villians!! Dan Ocean's team ain't got nothing on Jesters 11!!

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@guardiandevil83: Thanks for the comment. As teams go Danny Ocean's is less likely to horribly murder you.

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@guardiandevil83: :-) The attrition rate within the crew is definetly higher then Oceans 11

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@impurestcheese: Wow, the only one I know is Diamondback, and barely.


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@waezi2: Thanks, that's why I'm Queen of the Z-List. I can bump the rest if you want

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