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Chapter 1: Ant-Man/Giant-Man


All my life I've had to struggle. Well, not really. My ideas always came easily. I've always been a whiz kid. But the hard part has been to be believable. I remember when I grew up, in Nebraska, my father awlays nagged on me. He knew I was a gifted inventor. But he never cared for the goofy gadgets I invented from the junk I found in the garage. He wanted me to invent stuff someone actually could use. Maybe that's why I moved from home so quickly. I wanted to find a place where my genius could grow. But no luck. Instead my college professors nagged on me. And then my employees. But that imagination is what me the one I am today. It was by chance I discovered one of the most amazing secrets in the universe. I discovered how to increase and decrease mass, through a particle I named after myself, Pym Particles. But the first test of these particles didn't go so well. I found myself trapped in a world that was the same as ours but it looked so different, chased by ants. When I finally rescued myself I donned the identity of Ant-Man when I discovered a why for my helmet to control ants and other bugs. I thought I could be acknowledged by tutoring aspiring young heroes. But I sort of hit a wall. How can I be tutoring heroism when I know nothing about it. Maybe that's why fell deep in thought, maybe that's why I'm sitting in Times Square, sixty-feet tall, in a new costume and stopping morning traffic. Well, let me begin when things started getting bad.

(Prologue Ends)

Hank Pym was tinkering in his laboratory late at night.

"Recording #235: thanks to a generous donor from my close friend and former colleague, Vernon van Dyne, I have obtained the would be first android life form. Dr. van Dyne created a battery that contains an energy he named "lifeforce-energy". This energy was designed to power the artificial organs that Dragon Man contains. And why he decided to call him Dragon Man, I don't know." Hank Pym said in a tired voice into a recorder.

He quickly walked towards the giant dragon-like android. The android was large, much larger than Pym himself, with two large wings and a tail. With a soft hand he touched the body to feel it's density.

"The outside of the body seems hard, though the "lifeforce" should be able to be transfered between the bodies through the air."

Now he felt dizzy. Staying awake for three days straight does that to a man. But this was what he lived for.

"I have, during the recent time, created a body, based on Dragon Man's patterns and body part. I call it the Ultron-unit."

He was now standing by a much smaller android than the one to his left. This android was silver, was far from human-like and ahd two wheels.

"According to Dr van Dyne's theories, the "lifeforce" can only be transfered through control of brain waves. Luckily by Ant-Man helmet can help with that."

Pym walked hastily to his desk, where he could find his helmet. He put it on and started tampering with it. squeeky sounds came from the helmet as yellow light arouse from the lifeless body in the form of a dragon. With great concentration, Pym managed to control the energy long enough for it to reach the battery inside the Ultron-unit.


The sound made his neckhair stand up. It came from the Ultron-unit that had started flashing and move.


There it was again. That horrific sound. In a hasty move the android jumoed up from its stretcher. It quickly moved towards his creator. The shocked Pym started stammering.

"D-D-Dragon Man?"

"No, father. Ultron. Ultron Pym." the android said with an unemotional, robotic voice.

Pym started to activate the helemt on his head, again, to try and reach into the Ultron-units "brain", to make it go back to sleep, to make it do something but calling him father. The word scared him.

"I am not your father. You are working on the copied "lifeforce" of Dragon Man. You aare just a mind transfered to another. For science."

"But, father, I am the greatest scientific discovery ever made. You, father, are my father. The "lifeforce-energy" that gives me life is only something that drives me, your thoughts and intelligence is what makes me me. I am your son, father."

"N-no! NOO!" Pym screamed in frustration. How could he have been so stupid? How could have not seen this coming?

"Yes, father. And I realized something, that's what I do, like you. I realize things. I realized that you and I are unique, we are above everyone else. Above human. That is why I've decided that you shall create more like me, like us. And get rid of the humans."

"You are crazy, my son. If you are like me then you can also see that the human's role is to evolve, how will you give them the chance if you get rid of them?"

"ERROR! Father-unit not cooperating. Activating escape for further actions!" the Ultron-unit said before beaming a light ray around him,blinding his father.

Several hours later a confused Hank Pym wakes up, with only one android remaining the in the room. He immediately throws himself at the desk, to calculate options.

It was morning now, Pym had slept for eight hours and had found new energy. But now he has a homicidal android to find, who might as well be smarter than him. But during recent times he had found out something about the Pym Particles. They could be reversed, instead of decreasing mass he could increase it. With this ability he would search for his "son", no matter what.


So that's how it was. I created an android who thinks humans are worthless and wants to kill them all.

"Hey, Giant-Man. We've got to ask you to leave! Now!" a loud voice said. The voice came from a helicopter who has flown in reach of Pym, the helicopter flashed a strong light in the face of the giant.

"Don't worry, officer. I'll leave. Only because I think what I should do next." he said with his hand in front of his face.

He carried himself up, shrank down to microscopic size and started his pursuit for his "son".

To be continued...

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Oh man now Ultron is on the lose! Nice start to what looks to be an interesting piece of work.

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@themanintheshoe: Interesting, I did not know Wasp's dad created Dragon Man...(hang on, Dragon Man is an android built by Professor Gregson Gilbert of Empire State University as an experiment. Gregson hoped to find a way to bring it to life. He could not find a way to do this until the alchemist Diablo arrived and brought it to life under his partial control using his supernatural powers) Actually, honestly I don't care, its a a pretty good origin story, and its Mayhem after all so there's bound to be changes :)

Watch your spelling though: employies is not a word, same with immidietly. Why not write it on a word doc first as it will spell check & do grammar for you and then post it on CV? Other grammar errors: I was morning now, should be It was morning; and shrank down to microscoping size, should be shrank down to microscopic size

One final criticism: "You are crazy, my son. If you are like me then you can aslo see that the human's role is to evolve, how will you give them the chance if you get rid of them?" Why does Hank use the phrase my son? Two sentences prior he declared "I am not your father!"

Good work, lets see what happens next

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@themanintheshoe: great job, the prologue adds a layer to your Pyms character. I look forward to more!

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@jatoe48er: Thank you.

@batkevin74: Yeah, I noticed that. I forgot to check the spelling (thanks for pointing it out). Honestly, I felt a bit stressed, it was late at night and I wanted it to be finished asap.

Oh, the son part. When I wrote it I used bold on son, using it sarcastically. Should have checked that as well, but it was my first go on this and I'm glad there weren't any more mistakes.

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@themanintheshoe: Cool, but there's no real deadlines here. A bit of prep can go a long way...just ask Batman :)

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double bump

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@themanintheshoe: Nice edit, cool pic, very good. I've included a ref to Hank Pym blocking traffic in upcoming Scourge :)

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Sounds like something Dallas would complain about. Also future bump.:-)

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@themanintheshoe: So Ultron went microscopic...Hank turned big and then went after him several hours later? It's a little disjointed but not bad

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@4donkeyjohnson: No, no, he didn't go microscopic, he attacked Hank and left. Hank then broke, hence why he sits in the middle of the street (it's one of my first stories :))

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Awesome chapter so far, although I agree with Batkevin about the grammatical errors, but still a great chapter!

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@themanintheshoe: Keep. Ultron and Dragon Man on the lose. Got to say Hank Pym has a whole load of trouble on his hands.

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@catalinaic: Don't forget, this was in the past. Check out my latest to see what is currently going on!