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Forge's Bunker

Sway flicked on the camera and glanced around the room before her eyes eventually fell on to a broken Forge "Oh, come now there's no need to be such a pup about it, I'm sure Storm will love you after she hears you both saved her life and got her the job in the X-Men after we died."

Forge acknowledged the woman's taunts "How?"

Sway chuckled "Now that would be telling and I'm usually not the type to reveal my grand evil scheme just in time for the hero to arrive, now go on say what you have to say."

Forge mulled around the circle of the camera before making his decision.

He adjusted his chair as he spoke into the lens "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Forge and I am an X-Men."

"Go on" the woman nudged as Forge continued.

He cleared his throat "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Forge and I am an X-Men."

"I'll kill her if you..." Sway grunted as a single tear rolled down Forge's face, his head rose to watch Storm sleep as he reiterated "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Forge an I am an X-Men."

Sway slammed her fist at the desk "That's it, I'm going to kill the b...who's there?"

"Awww" a familiar voice moaned "You ruined the joke, I was supposed to say knock knock first, it's okay though, this one will have you in pieces...hi pumpkin pie."

"You..." Sway uttered as she froze Forge still with the woman he loves beaming back at him.

Sway marched forward with disgust as she prepared to sprint and pick Deadpool up with her unstoppable power.

"Whoops" Deadpool shrilled with a flash to the left and a graze from his blade across Sway's face.

A wiggle of a toe moved in Storm's blanket.

Sway felt the trickle of blood roll down her face and slowly clapped into the pitch dark room "Interesting mercenary, your pace is quicker than I remember."

Storm's knee bent upwards and her eyes began to widen, Forge would leap into the screen if he could but he was a man both stuck and fighting against time.

Wade lunged behind but was quickly engulfed in the woman's clutch.

Sway's hand wrapped tightly around Deadpool's throat and with every pulse she squeezed causing his legs to flail for a while before eventually hanging still.

Storm placed her foot on the wooden floorboard.

Sway ripped away Deadpool's mask to reveal his scarred face "You are as revolting on the inside as you are the outside. But no more childish remarks or playful fun, It is true you can not be killed mercenary but you can feel pain."

Sway grabbed Deadpool's katana from his grasp, shifting it up along his spine and down again, Deadpool could feel his nerves shifting and changing up along with a collective scream of agony and despair.

Storm was jolting on the ground as the darkness and light began to collide within her soul.

"A...A" Deadpool tried to exhale something against Sway's powerful clutch.

"It's alright mercenary you may speak now, what is it?" Sway acknowledged the Merc's mouth as she leaned in allowing him to speak.

"Door closed" Deadpool remarked.

"What?" the woman stumbled backwards to find the teleporting Doorman attached the nullifier around her neck and her powers were fading.

As the shackles of time were removed, Forge quickly limped towards the television screen as Storm's heart rate slowly returned and she found her feet once more with heavy breaths "There you are Ororo" Forge spoke softly as he swirled his right index finger around her face that emanated from the screen before falling backwards and laughing as he listened to her words "It must have been a nightmare."

"You could say that" Forge responded to the square box in his empty dark room filled with regret, she was frightened and confused but she was safe.


The following day in Deadpool's Headquarters


Deadpool reluctantly woke from his heavy snoring "I swear to God if that is another mysterious caller, WHAT?"

"Uhhh, boss" Doorman spoke with a concerned tone.

"Yeah? are you still protecting the citizens of New York City and my door?" Deadpool fell back into bed holding on to his aching head.

Doorman stuttered "Y...yes sir it's just, that's the thing, I think we have a new client."


Seagate Prison, Georgia

Sway stood inside a special glass encased power dampening cell as she watched the man walk towards her.

"Forge, you're back again so soon?" she taunted but Forge replied with nothing other than a cold stare.

Sway slammed her palm off the glass repeatedly "Knock, knock anyone home? Fine, I'll bite. Why are you here?"

Forge walked a step towards the woman he once cared so much about "To make sure you were actually here, because the last time I believed you were where you were supposed to be you were gone."

A grin rushed up along Sway's face "Ah the escaping death trick, good times. I admire you Forge, I really do, I thought after watching you all these years you were a man easily read...I even considered you a samurai."

"I'm flattered" Forge replied bluntly.

"Don't be" Sway fired back "It is said a samurai will kill everyone with a pointed blade on every star if he must. But for those he loves it will be forever sheathed, he gave that quote to me." Sway reflected "Poor Ororo it's a sad day when someone like Deadpool is her saviour and not the one who claims to love her."

A suggestion of guilt whispered in Forge's heart but he quickly denied it "He?" Forge enquired.

Sway toyed with her hair "Oh, you mean in all that information you gather and alter for the world's news, you never found out how I escaped death?"

Forge held an unrelenting gaze at Sway's words "No."

"It was quite easy" Sway explained "All he needed was for my body to be fresh for an hour."

Forge interceded "But it was a week before we managed to retrieve your bodies."

Sway nodded "True, but that's not how my powers work."

Forge's clasped jaw began to lower as Sway continued "My powers didn't want me to die, so the blood that was escaping continued to refill and my cells continued to reset the whole way through."

Sadness crept over Forge's face "My God".

Sway shrugged "It's alright, until he took me from the morgue and made me better I wasn't alone. My mind replayed the last seven minutes of my life over and over until I lost count. I even hated the sight of Petra could you believe it? He made me better though."

A confused Forge demanded "Who? Who is he? TELL ME!"

Sway thought of the man's face with both happiness and fear "You have your secrets, I have mine."


A fatigued Deadpool emerged from his room to find a little blonde girl standing before him with a once sad but now glaringly happy face.

"Hi" she simply announced.

Deadpool looked out at the Doorman and gave him a harsh look before returning to the little girl who looked anxious to say something.

Deadpool huffed and puffed "Okay, before you even start talking I want you to give me simple yes or no questions got it?"

The girl jumped with glee "OKAY...I mean Yes!"

The interrogation began.

"Are you a demon spawned from Blackheart?"


"Mini Bea Arthur sent back in time to tell me I'm the key to the future/ murder me?"



"No...but I like his brother."

"Are you a snake dressed up as a..." Deadpool attempted before seeing the little girl's once beaming face turn to a gloomy,sad one.

"Kid?" Deadpool asked before the little girl wandered into the room next door.

"My name is Katie, please watch" she said gently as the video played of a disgruntled man.

For far too long has this city been corrupted by these super powered beings, betraying God's will. It's time to take a stand. Which is why I've taken these three. Look at their faces they believe they are Gods themselves just like the Tony Starks of this world. But it shall end one way or the other for Yahweh, he is our God there is no other besides him. The deed rests on your shoulders now little girl, a choice. Bring this to the people of New York and awaken them or watch your brothers and sisters have their sins eaten.My name is Stan Carter though if you wish to call me by my superhero name I suppose Sin Eater will have to suffice.

Deadpool paused the image "Who are the kids?"

Like an elastic band of emotions Katie returned to an enthusiastic state "They're my brothers and sister Jack, Alex and Julie...we're the POWER PACK"


Seagate Prison, Georgia

Forge turned to leave before glancing back at Sway who sat alone in her cell "I understand I'm not a good person and sometimes we all do things we thought we weren't capable of doing but my secrets are what keeps this world safe. If the world knew what I know and especially what happened on that day, that I abandoned my own kind. It would send everything we ever built up as a mutant race back to the way it was. I hate myself for it, every night I go to sleep I see the two of you watching but I can turn the other way knowing that by keeping my one eye on the world and the other on the past I can save just that one more."



Next Chapter: Devourer of Sins

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http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-mayhem-scourge-5-1460266/“You’re about as useful as the Power Pack!” remarked Dallas.

And lo & behold the Power Pack appear! :)

Good story

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@irishlad: Three Marvel Mayhem Stories, Two Power Pack Mentions and One Deadpool in a single day. Really loved this especially the interrogation. Can't wait for the next issue/Tales of Asgard. :-)

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Now Doorman appears. Maybe the Cheese prophecy of the GLA coming to Mayhem is true.

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@wildvine: All we need now is Flatman, Squirrel Girl, Big Bertha, Mr Immortal and Dinah-Saur and we've caught em all.

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@batkevin74 Haha, holy crap was that 8 months ago? times flies xD also glad you liked it :D

@impurestcheese That's a fun day, I need to flip over to Tales of Asgard mode now and start writing, sometimes it's hard going from one to the other though since I kinda wanna keep going with Deadpool xD

@wildvine Maybe it will, maybe it won't we'll have to see :P, did you like the Forge explanation for keeping tabs on everyone?

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@irishlad: Yes, yes you do. You have that thing you were going to do.

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@wildvine He collects and alters information from time to time without the world knowing, so in a way he's responsible for Mayhem since the history that is written in Marvel Comics may not be the correct one, if that makes sense.

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@irishlad: The Power Pack! Ha ha ha. Is it mean that I would like you to kill them? :)

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Awesome chapter! So what happened to Storm is still apart of the current universe? Because if so, I could mention about Storm having nightmares in my next chapter for Astonishing X-Men. Also, glad to see the Power Pack back!

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