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Puck's Bar, Toronto,Canada

A lone creaking chair shifted back and forth in the middle of a dimly lit tavern.

"Decisions, decisions" the man pondered to the disgust of the owner.

The agitated Puck turned to the indecisive man "Are you going to make a choice or do they just stare at their cards in America?"

A green hooded woman named Silver Fox by onlookers smirked "Hush now that's no way to treat your guest Puck, besides keeping your cards close to your chest isn't the worst method in the world. Would you like a drink?"

The indecisive man's legs eventually remained on the floor as his other four legs returned to their non creaking position "I don't drink. Also thanks sweetie but I can make sly remarks on my own."

The man folded as his once indecisive eyes had now suddenly become selective as he gazed across the round table towards a mechanically enhanced brute of a man "So tell me Kane, how's life back home?"

Garrison Kane counted his chips "interesting, someone has been making moves in your territory."

"Is that so?" the mysterious man enquired "I may have to look into that, but please...continue."

Kane chugged his vodka slowly before leaving out a gasp "You two have met before, they call him Deadpool."

"Wade? hardly" the man denied as his chair returned to its creaking state.

Kane monitored his cards "Believe what you want to believe assassin in the last four months you've been travelling Deadpool has killed triple what you have for half the price."

The man scratched his grizzled chin "Heh heh, I guess he's gotten more brain cells since we last spoke."


Daily Bugle, New York City

Deadpool stood furiously clasping his phone for a good minute before turning his head back towards the haunted window that now had a shivering pistol behind it.

"P...Police" an officer loudly stuttered "what are you doing up there?" he hesitantly demanded.

A smile crept underneath Deadpool's mask as he peeked down over the twenty one storey building before prodding his neck back up.

Deadpool took four backward steps towards the wall behind him "In the immortal words of Tom Petty"

"I'm free fallin"

A blaze of bullets decorated Deadpool's path as he twisted his body and lowered his legs until he found himself running down the Daily Bugle and reaching into his pocket.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Deadpool's second voice wondered.

"Making a phone call" Deadpool responded as his fingers dashed in the numbers.

"Shouldn't you like, jump first?" Deadpool's first voice suggested in a worried tone.

A moment of realism bounced off the seemingly mad man's mind "Oh yeah I probably sh...oh wait it's ringing"


Information Technology Lab, S.H.I.E.L.D Headquarters

A man with tinted glasses wandered aimlessly around the circuit of computers.

It seemed as though he was surrounded by every technology he had ever heard or read about.

"How the hell did I get here?" he whispered to himself in amazement.

"Simple, Jack" a coy man in a dark suit with combed over brown hair approached the bedazzled man "you earned it, my name is Agent Coulson, welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D"

"Wow" Jack replied "S.H.I.E.L.D really isn't just a bunch of people in black suits, how did you find out my identity so quick?"

Coulson chuckled "We pride ourselves on information and to be honest a codename like Weasel isn't the most believable name."

"I..." Jack attempted.


An awkward stare emerged from Coulson as Jack tried his best to maintain his confident look.


"Do you want to answer that?" Coulson said as his hands slipped into his pockets.

"I..." Jack glanced towards his phone "Oh, it's my Mom, sorry this will just take a moment."

Jack swiped his smartphone.

"WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASELLLLLLLLLLLL" Deadpool shrieked Weasel's ear drum into an almost deafened state.

"Hi, mom what's up?" Weasel said as he adjusted his tie and patience.

Deadpool continued "Nothing much, just jumped off the Daily Bugle and into a billboard before shattering my legs, but we're recovering."

Weasel turned towards the opposite side of the room "Now really isn't a good time Mom."

Deadpool popped back in his pelvis "oh, no problem I'll leave you alone sweetie just trace this number for me would you old sport?"

Weasel smiled "oh okay Mom It'll be there soon. Just please don't call next time I'm in a secret organisation"


Puck's Bar, Toronto, Canada

The mysterious man inhaled the smell of alcohol and crushed underused nuts as a spark of inspiration whisked through his head.

"Chips are looking a little low, as well as my interest, how about we make things a little more fun?"

Puck stroked his chin "the quicker I get you lunatics out of my bar the better, but what's your idea of fun exactly?"

The man explained "the winner of the next round gets all the winnings, the player with the lowest hand or folds has to reveal a secret."

"A secret?" Kane questioned.

"Very well then" Silver Fox smiled as she counted up her cards and enthusiastically waved her gun.

"I'm in."

"I'M IN"

"I'M OUT, but show me your damn hands."


Client's Bunker

A sole light led Deadpool through the seemingly pitch dark bunker.

Deadpool placed his pistol on to his client's head. "Sorry I'd to interrupt your Saturday morning cartoons but why did you want me to go to that address and who are you?"

The client calmly responded "you can put down the gun Wade. I heard you entering the bunker if I wanted you dead you would be dead."

"Why?" Deadpool demanded.

The client pointed towards his cramped window "I wanted you to go to the address and stop the woman who tried to kill both me and you."

"Tried?" Deadpool wondered "I thought you were at least a zombie."

The client renounced "No, the man she killed was a convict on his last day before execution. I gave him a choice, a chance at freedom as my decoy or to end up the same way he was going to. You failed to save him but that was the plan."

Deadpool got ready to pull his trigger as the client continued "I installed a high speed camera to catch images of her face, to confirm my suspicions and I was right, my God I was right."

The need to pull the trigger was both increasing and subsidising as Deadpool continued to investigate "Who is she?"

The client turned towards the gun that was facing him "For the past month I've been receiving anonymous letters with the same handwriting and just last night I received a uniform with an X symbol on the shoulder pads. She was a part of new team of X-men who were sent to save the original. Her name is Sway and she will do everything she can to kill both me and now you. Please I need your help, my name is Forge."


Silver Fox gently placed her cards on the table "Ladies first boys, I've got a full house."

Garrison Kane eagerly followed "Straight flush. and you?"

"Royal Flush" the man exclaimed.

Bullseye gathered up the chips "And don't worry about telling me that secret Foxy, I already know all of yours."

Silver Fox's eyebrow peaked "Is that so?"

Bullseye shoved the chips into a plastic bag "Yup, but you can have mine. The truth is, I was supposed to kill both of you, excluding the little one of course."

Kane and Silver Fox readied their weapons as Bullseye began to pour two shots "but our little get together was nice, here take these."

Bullseye handed the two shot glasses with a milky substance.

Kane began to laugh "if you really expect me to drink your poison assassin, then you are a fool."

Bullseye's cheeks bulged with glee "nope, see that's where you're wrong, this is the antidote, you've been drinking the poison all night."

The two crawled across the table before impolitely guzzling back the substance.

Bullseye patted Puck on the back "Thanks for the night little guy, oh and if you see Wade let him know that once I'm done having fun he's next on my list."


Next Chapter: Forgotten Faces


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@irishlad: Bullseye? But seriously Weasel. Love the little nerd especially when Deadpool bothers him. As for the cameos on the computer screen my guesses are; Tarantula, Iron Man, Kraven, Hooded Haunt, Hazmat, Hulk, Jester, Spiderman, Mockingbird, Cyclops, Frogman, Spider Woman, Hank Pym, Wolverine, Viper, MODOK, Howard, Hecate, Vision, Captain America, Punisher, Thor, Songbird, Deadpool, Dr Strange, Venom, Man Thing, Penance, Fantastic Four and Loki. A reference to all but one series in Mayhem save one I believe. :-)

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@impurestcheese Is that Bullseye? a good thing or a bad thing xD

All right except It's not Kraven, it's Rage :P

Damn it who didn't I reference? I tried to get in everyone :P

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@irishlad: A good thing of course. Tales of the Raft is the only thing missed. And I got 24 out of 25. I can live with that. :-)

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This was really good! Great pictures. They really added to the story. I also got tickled that someone is keeping tabs on Howard along with better known heroes.

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@wildvine: Howards in a Villain Sandwich between MODOK and Hecate. An unenviable place to be LOL

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@irishlad: NO DALLAS! But considering she's suspended/on leave you're forgiven :)

Really good. Need a tidy up with the lack of capitalisation but story wise it's good. Forge, as in X-Man Indian Shaman cyborg inventor Forge? Interesting.

Will link this via Bullseye 9 coming to a thread near you soon. (Anyone in particular you had as the client who hired Bullseye to kill the Canuck people?)

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@impurestcheese Oooooh, I used MODOK as the reference to Tales of the Raft since I couldn't find a cool enough MODAM pic xD

@wildvine Thank you very much :D

@batkevin74 Yup, want to develop him a little bit give him more of an edge so to speak.

I really wanted to put her in but I wasn't sure what you had/have planned for her so I left her out.

As for who hired Bullseye, the answer will be in your inbox :P

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@irishlad: It was Dallas, she hired Bullseye to kill them! She's gone off the rails! :)

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@irishlad: You should have used Hobgoblin. :-)

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@impurestcheese There you go, I not so subtly put in Hobgoblin just for you...and now your comments make you look like a crazy person :P

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@irishlad: Great continuation of the story. I'm glad many of my characters could be referenced.

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Awesome chapter!! I really can't wait to see what Bullseye will do to Deadpool!

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That was a pretty awkward phone call! No French but this was a pretty awesome issue!