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The car engine remained running as the headlights lit up a shadow filled New York City.

Deadpool gazed into the roof of his scope.

"Come to Papa" Deadpool silently commanded with a crouched stance on top of the Daily Bugle.

The chatter from the downstairs printing press echoed upwards towards Deadpool ears, not that it mattered he made sure to lock the door behind him.

"What are we doing here again?" a bothersome voice emerged from inside Deadpool's head.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE?" a second voice denounced.

"I have alzheimers" the first voice explained.


"There, see was that so hard?" the first voice gleefully announced.

"Shhh" Deadpool whispered as he lowered the 7.62 calibre sniper rifle towards the arced window.

The client shifted forward with a shielded piece of paper that he slyly moved behind him as he leaned back against the pane of glass.

"Oooh oooh what does it say" the first voice enquired with excitement.

Deadpool zoomed in on the scratchings "Uh oh."

The man's head twitched to the left to reveal a quarter of the woman's pale face, it was all Deadpool needed to squeeze the trigger.

"Bye bye Ms. American Pie" Deadpool whistled as the bullet swerved rapidly across New York City.

The unstoppable speed of the projectile carried a ferocious accurate thump that was suddenly stunned mid-air as a glimpse of the woman's pupil bulged.

"uhh was that supposed to happen?" the first voice pondered from inside Deadpool's head as the fired bullet stood frozen from within the window capturing both the smoke and acceleration.

Deadpool cocked, locked and reloaded firing three straight bullets, but each one slowed down as soon as they entered the room.

Everything within the mysterious four walls had seemingly lost its ability of motion.

A flick of the woman's dark hair waved as she casually placed her hands on the man's shoulders and shifted his head in front of the frozen bullets.

"Not today sweetheart" Deadpool rushed for his pistol that knelt next to his grenades and C4's but it was unattainable. His muscles began to cease as well as his pace. The mercenary forced his head slowly towards the arced window to find the woman had vanished and the client was trembling at the six critical golden bullets.

"Hush now" the woman taunted from behind Deadpool's halted ear. "We wouldn't want any more bullets fired at your client now would we?".

Deadpool attempted to make a word, a vowel, anything but all he could do was listen to the woman's playful nefarious tone as a word would take almost a decade to speak.

The woman rubbed her two fingers together "Tell me mercenary why did your client have an empty book? Why did he do what he did? what does it all mean?”

Deadpool's jaws remained clung together by the hands of time.

“It's alright” The woman briefly chuckled “Even if you could talk you wouldn't tell me...no, you want to kill me don't you? Oh I'm sure you can and I'm sure I can't kill you, at least not yet. It must be fun being invincible, not having to worry about death. But I bet you in all that liberty, it must be pretty lonely watching others leave. You could say it's only a matter of time before you...snap"

The woman snapped her fingers as time abruptly returned to normal and the six bullets flung through the client's skull.

Deadpool watched on with dismay as the blood impolitely decorated the beige walls of the room.

The woman spoke with an assertive tone "I must go now my job is done. Don't worry you'll return to normal too in about five minutes I wouldn't want our blind date to be spoiled when the police arrive. If you hurry over you might still be able to get about twenty dollars from his pocket."

The shrill of the sirens announced Deadpool's return to normal motion, he reached for his equipment and dashed towards the door.

VVVT VVVT the vibration from Deadpool's phone.

Not now.


Why now?


Who was it?


"Hello?" Deadpool asked as one hand gave into the temptation while his other hand reached for the door handle.

His eyes hesitantly rolled over towards the splattered body that was being investigated thoroughly by forensics.

"Hello" a man responded.

"Wait...you're" Deadpool attempted.

"The client" the man explained "you have to get out of there, come to the address I've texted you but be careful you have no idea who's watching."

"What? but I thought you were dead" Deadpool muttered.

The man announced "All will be revealed tomorrow."


Next Chapter: Forged Alliances

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@irishlad: Who is the mystery woman? Good job and it's nice (I guess) to see DP back in action

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@irishlad: I'm sure the mystery will be explained later. :-)

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@irishlad: Cool, but should the word rifle be in this sentence "Shhh" Deadpool whispered as he lowered the sniper towards the arced window.

Otherwise i envision him lowering an ACTUAL sniper down :) Must do some more Mayhem myself

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@irishlad: Finally, we have a Deadpool series! Well done

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Awesome!!! Finally we get a Deadpool story!

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