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Shadowland, November 3rd 2011

Christopher Barren lay on the floor. The dust that used to be his friends and allies lay around him. His body still ached from where the demon's motorcycle had burnt him and there was a large chance he would never fully recover. However there was only one thing that kept him awake through all the pain. He WAS alive.

"The reports were true! They're all dead!" A voice said from somewhere Chris couldn't see.

Chris tried to speak but only felt pain from his mouth. He slowly raised his hand in the air to show the other Hand ninjas that not everyone was dead.

"Forget what I said! Someone else is left!"

Strong hands grabbed Chris' torso and raised him into the air. He felt something drip from his body and nearly gagged as he realized what had happened. He was bleeding to death. The Ghost Rider's motorcycle must have caused more damage then he thought. Chris watched as he was carried up the palace's staircase before fading into blackness.


November 4th...

"Christopher. Lord Daredevil is here to see you."

Chris raised his head on the make shift hospital bed he was lying on. His wounds across his body still ached as his stitches threatened to fall apart. The black figure of Daredevil walked next to the bed and looked down at the Hand ninja.

"master... it is... an honor..."

"Likewise Christopher. I'm completely shocked at what these 'heroes' did to you. Your going to be scarred for life."

"...i'm sorry... master..."

"Why apologize? You've done no wrong."

"i've... failed you..."

"No Christopher. I'VE failed you. I failed you by not training you well enough to fight. I need more powerful people to serve me. To SAVE this city."

"like... how you once saved me?"


"you... saved my family... from... bullseye..."

Christopher faded back into unconsciousness. The strain had been too much for him. Being awake had been too much for him. The Hand doctors had insisted he be put out for the surgery. However Chris had refused. He wanted to be strong. He wanted to be like Daredevil.


December 25th

Chris ran across New York City's snow covered rooftops. His wounds had formed into scars just like Daredevil had said. With the help of ancient Hand magic Chris had been made worthy again. Chris had been improved in almost every way possible. His strength, reactions and speed had all been improved. He'd undergone extensive training with White Tiger. Until everything had changed. A group of heroes including Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Elektra had assaulted Shadowland before taking down Daredevil and the rest of the organization. From the remains Wilson Fisk had taken over. Then something much worse had happened. Bullseye attacked the base, killing a few dozen of Chris' fellow Hand members before taking complete and utter control of all of the Hand. Chris had fled. He would never ally himself with the man who'd murdered his sister. No. Now he had the power to do something about this murderous psychopath. Chris had pledged himself to disrupting ALL of Bullseye's plans.

At least that's what he'd told himself. He'd lasted longer then a month which was pretty impressive. However he'd finally bitten off more then he could chew by trying to kill Bullseye himself. He hadn't made it past Typhoid Mary. And now? he was running for his life while being pursued by two Hand Elite.

"HALT BROTHER!" One of the elite shouted from somewhere behind Chris. "You must pay for your crimes!"

Chris continued running until he tried to jump over an alleyway. Halfway through the jump he felt something trapped between his legs. Chris fell towards the ground before landing in a New York City dumpster.

"Brother. Do not make this any harder then it has to be!"

Chris slowly got out of the dumpster and stepped out.

"I am sick of running. I am sick of hiding! It is YOU who've betrayed the Hand! YOU who have betrayed it for petty thieves and Psychopaths! It is PATHETIC! You used to be warriors!"

"Brother." One of the Elite said as he pulled his sword out of it's sheathe. "Watch. Your. Tone."

Chris pulled his own sword out.

"If I'm going to die. It will be whilst preserving the honor of our once glorious clan!"

Chris screamed as he charged towards the two Elite.


March 212nd 2013, New York City

"So... what are these rumors about Thor being imprisoned on the Helicarrier?" A police sergeant said as he dipped his doughnut in a cup of coffee.

"No idea man. Hey. Have you heard about what Dallas is doing? She's goin' after the Punisher or someone like th-"


The two cops turned towards the desk to see Chris stood there in his Hand Ninja armor. He held a battered and bruised thug towards them.

"Greetings officers, I'd like to report this man for attempted rape."

"...What the hell?!"


Chris sighed before teleporting out of the building. He quickly leaped on top of the massive letters that marked the police station before scrambling up the side of the building. He sat down on the edge of the rooftop before pulling a newspaper and a container filled with water out of his satchel. He took a drink before looking at the headline.


Chris spurted out his drink as he saw the headline's picture. It showed several superhumans stood proudly. Something about a new superhero team. However what interested Chris the most was the two people at the front. Luke Cage and Iron Fist. The two people who'd managed to infiltrate Shadowland and take down Daredevil. The two people who'd surely do it again.

Chris stood proudly on top of the rooftop before taking a deep breath of air. Below him he saw a bus heading towards JFK airport. Without a word Chris leaped off the roof before silently landing on top of the bus. Seattle was about to get a new resident.

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The bit with evil Daredevil was great and I see you're doing some cross promoting for Avengers East Coast :P

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@ekrolo: He's totally joining the team!

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A bulls eye chapter with no bullseye... Nice I like what you've done there. Tell him to pack an umbrella

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@jatoe48er: Umbrella? Is he going to get wet somehow?

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@impurestcheese: seemed to rain a lot in sleepless in Seattle , disclosure, an officer and a gentleman,fabulous baker boys ,Harry & the hendersons, the ring and the Shawn Kemp story. That's my full education of Seattle same as its always sunny in Philadelphia ......

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@jatoe48er: Well it has a maritime climate just like where I live. When it rains it pours but otherwise it's dry. Personally I blame Sirocco, Seattle's resident storm summoner.

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@tommythehitman: Okay a chapter without the main character...as I re-read/refresh myself with your Bullseye, this chapter is the weakest of your run so far. Nice Dallas reference though :) I'm guessing it all comes in together next chapter

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