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2 days after the last issue, Shadowland

"Tell me Fisk. Why do you think I'm keeping you alive?"

Wilson Fisk lay bound on the floor. Across his entire body lay large amounts of cuts and bruises. Ever since he'd recently been defeated he'd been left down here to rot and be tortured at Bullseye's leisure.

"I...I have no idea Lester... why?" The kingpin mumbled as blood dripped from his mouth.

"Because by killing you it would imply that I'm still obeying those Shadowmaster dudes I killed recently. Thing is Fisky... now I'M in charge."

Fisk's eyes seemed to widen with a look of horror as he realized what Bullseye was saying.

"Lester... release me... and I promise to leave you alone and never desecrate your doorstep ever again..."

"Yeah... yeah... shut up Fisk. You're never getting out. You're never going to see the light of sun again unless I feel like it. How's that feel? It's what it was like for me whenever I tried to work for any of you criminal "masterminds"."

Bullseye turned to walk up the stairs but stopped just before leaving.

"Oh... and Fisk. Have fun."


3 days after the last issue.

Bullseye walked into a large round room. Inside were a few dozen red robed hand Ninjas kneeling humbly on the floor. While stood above all of them was their trainer dressed in Hand Elite black.

"Ah. My lord. What do you require?" The trainer asked as Bullseye walked towards him.

"You. Your the man in charge here right?"

"Ah. Yes my lord. I oversee all of the new recruits training."

"Good. Then that means your the last one I have to kill."

Bullseye pulled out a sai and stabbed the trainer in the throat with it. He watched as the man's eyes widened before rolling backwards before his body collapsed on the floor.

"New recruits. From my past experiences with the Hand I've learned something. From what I've heard about your predecessors you were defeated by a bunch of street level losers like Luke Cage, Spider-Man. Hell even Wolverine. This is clearly not your fault. It is your now dead trainers fault. So... from this point forward I will now be overseeing and... improving your training. From losing to the likes of Iron Fist I'll teach ALL of you how to hold your own against Iron Man. Soon... I'll make the members of the Hand living gods. How's that sound?"

Every single new recruit and guard in the room stood up and bowed. Bullseye smiled.

"Then let's get to work..."


2 Years after the last issue, Fear Itself...

"Sir! The monster approaches!" A Hand scout stood upon the rooftop shouted towards Bullseye.

"Well... that saves me the effort of having to find him..." Bullseye muttered as he witnessed the destruction all around him. He shrugged. He'd seen worse. This barely made the top 10 list.

"Have someone bring me my weapons. Also have them prepare the Elite. We're going to need them."

The scout bowed before sprinting across the rooftop and entering through a window. Bullseye watched as a large lumbering monster slowly walked down the high street. Dozens of bodies and large amounts of debris littered around the creature's path. Bullseye watched the creature slowly advance towards Shadowland before leaping off the rooftop and landing in it's path.

For a second the being known as the Thing's face looked surprised at the little man that had just appeared before it. However it's surprise was quickly replaced with laughter.

"Laugh it up why don't ya?" Bullseye muttered.


"Yeah... I have no idea what you just said. I assume you're mocking me."

"Has the Thunder God resorted to sending people without any abilities to try and stop me?"

"Pfft! Trust me I'd rather let YOU kick my ass before I worked for those losers. Sorry big guy but there's more to me then meets the eye."

The Thing raised the hammer above his head before sending it back down so quickly not even Quicksilver would have been able to react to it. The force sent Bullseye flying backwards into the side of the Shadowland building.

"Puny mortal..."

"ow... okay... that hurt..."

The Thing turned round to see Bullseye standing up from the crater, Only this time his eyes had turned red, he had horns sprouting from his skull and his fingers had morphed into claws.

"What are you?"

Bullseye stood up and wiped blood from his nose. He clapped his hands and half a dozen Hand Ninjas appeared around him.

"My name's Bullseye. I'm the one who's going to firstly kill you. Then all of your little hammer friends. Sound good?"

The Thing gritted his teeth before yelling and charging towards the group as he raised his hammer above his head. Bullseye and his group drew their swords and leaped towards the unstoppable behemoth.

"It's killing time boys!"

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@tommythehitman: SomeThing wicked this way comes. So very Bullseye to try and take on the big bad but well that's Lester for you.

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@impurestcheese: Ah Lester. Well he has a... can I really call it an advantage? I mean he stands a chance for... two reasons!

1) He's got a few dozen Hand ninjas just as skilled as he is without the whole demon thing.

2) He's got a power that lets him take down super humans. Which is why I'm planning on traveling to Apokolips. It's safer then the Mayhem Verse.

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@tommythehitman: And you wanted Eugene to fight Your bullseye? That's one fight I'll have to leap well out of the way .... Lots of jumping back and forth in times, I like it , it adds to the grandeur of the tale and surrounding events.

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@tommythehitman: Hmm sounds like an unstopabble fiend and that's a problem because you can never really sympethize with a hero with these abilities and never route against them because all his adveseries get crushed. :-[

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@tommythehitman: Frog-Man dude (leap out the way) was my bad pun. This will message will give you a bump and me some shameless promotion on Frog-man. Did I mention Frog-man .......; )

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@jatoe48er: Crap. I still need to read Frog Man. I'll get right on that!

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@tommythehitman: I don't think you have any idea how much I absolutely love bullseye.... and then YOU, you, of all people, you were the one to write the bullseye fan-fics...... get me a goddamn tissue over here!

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@gumflabica: How do you feel about me making him the most powerful being on Earth?

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@tommythehitman: in my book, he already is. i could write a fan fic where he kills superman with a toothpick sized shard of kryptonite.

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@tommythehitman: or have him drain a cosmic entity with a strip of rulk's skin...

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@tommythehitman: Hmmmmm super Bullseye...I like it, but I'm not 100% mainly coz I liked Bullseye the way he was, but your new direction has merit. Just make sure Kingpin survives coz he ends up in Scourge where Dallas insults him at the restaurant and he's back to being the big old crime boss the cops can't pin stuff on. So Shadowland rolled straight into Fear I....of course it did, its Marvel! :)

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@wildvine: Please stop reading. I think this is where I start to get really bad...