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Shadowland, 3 Years ago

"Ya know Fisky..." Bullseye said as he stood over the injured body of the Kingpin. "You're really not that tough on your own. Without any of your bodyguards." Bullseye looked back at the unconscious (but badly wounded) bodies of Lady Bullseye and Typhoid Mary.

"I must... admit... Lester..." The Kingpin said as he tried to stand up but failed because of the dagger piercing his side. "I underestimated you..."

"Yeah... excuses won't work Fisk." Bullseye raised a dagger he'd robbed from a guard earlier. "This is for that time you replaced me with Elektra!"

"Yeah... I think not bub." A voice sounding like gravel said from the room's entrance. "In fact... I think you oughta put the dagger down and save me the trouble of having to fight ya."

Bullseye turned to see Wolverine stood right behind him.

"WELL! If it isn't everyone's favorite deranged midget!" Bullseye yelled. "What did the rest of the X-Men have to take a dump or something?"

"A meta! We must destroy him!" A strange voice in the back of Bullseye's skull said.

"Bub. You just earned yourself a world of pain!" Wolverine said before popping out his claws in the familiar SNIKT sound. Wolverine lunged straight at Bullseye screaming all the way.

"See Wolvie." Bullseye said as he ducked under Wolverine's claw strike. "Usually we'd be evenly matched. However... this time I've got a pretty big advantage."

"Oh yeah?!" Wolverine slashed again, Bullseye stepped backwards before replying with his own dagger strike. "And what's that bub?!"

"This!" Bullseye felt a searing pain throughout his body as the demon living inside of him burst out and corrupted his body.

"Holy..." Wolverine muttered as the horrific scene unfolded before him.

Bullseye looked at his hands. He could feel the power emitting from his body.

"Trust me Wolvie... holy is NOT the word I'd choose right now!"

Bullseye landed a punch right into Wolverine's face sending him flying through the concrete wall and landing on the street below.


Bullseye turned to see a group of Hand Ninjas kneeling before him.

"Huh... so that's what that feels like."

"My lord." A Hand Ninja said wearing ceremonial like robes. "What do you wish for us to do?"

Bullseye thought about it for a second.

"I want you to take tub of lard over there into the dungeons along with his little ninja buddies."

"And... and you sir?"

"I'm going to Japan."


Jigoku-Chu Castle, Japan, Ancient Sanctum of the Hand...

"WHAT TREACHERY IS THIS?!" The Hand Shadowmaster screamed as Bullseye walked in. "Fisk still lives you incompetent fool!"

"SHUT UP!" Bullseye yelled causing the entire room to go quiet. "Ever since I started out I've been ordered around by people like you!"

"There are no people like us!"

"Wilson Fisk, Songbird and Norman Osborn. All of them have commanded me at some point. From what I've seen your all the same and I am SICK of people like you!"

"What you say is heresy! It is madness!"

"So all the way here... I was wondering... seems the Hand worship me now since I've been possessed by that spirit thing. Seems for the first time in forever I'm in charge. First order of business as the new leader of the Hand? I'm killing all you schmucks. Second? I'm taking this piece of crap group you call The Hand and making it into something! Third? I'm getting a sandwich and watching the latest episode of Jersey Shore."

"What makes you think you can beat us?"

"What makes you think I haven't already won?"

The Shadowmasters glanced around the room nervously.

"Quick or slow? Take your pick."

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Bullseye with powers! That's it I'm moving planet. Breakworld, Palavan, Geonosis hell even Halo all of them are safer then Earth now. Brilliant advancement of the story and well done in creating a character that makes Emplate seem harmless:O

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Fun read man. Good job, End made me laugh :P

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@tommythehitman: interesting direction with Bullseye. Can totally see him leading the hand but with powers ? He's gonna open some whoop a$$. Don't go back for round 2 Mooney, run!!!

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@jatoe48er: Oh Mooney will be back, Hopefully he'll bring some back up like... Galactus?

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