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"Ow... okay. Fight the pain Marc." A voice said inside Marc Spector's head. "Come on. Cap's counting on you. Everyone's counting on you."

"We all know which direction you're going..." The Kingpin said as he pulled out his cane.

Marc Spector lay on the floor with a knife stuck in his chest. The body armor he was wearing underneath his Hand robes hadn't done much to protect him. He raised his head and saw Bullseye throw a dagger at the Kingpin.

"It's been awhile Fisk!" Bullseye said.

The Kingpin slightly turned his cane causing the dagger to be impaled in it's side. He casually turned it to his side and pulled it out.

"You've lost your touch Lester. A year ago that would have killed me."

"You think I care what you have to say?!" Bullseye shouted clearly irritated. "I'm going to kill you Fisk! I'm gonna kill you for all those times you thought I wasn't good enough to be your assassin. Then I'm gonna kill the rest of your Ninja friends."

"I think not. Lady Bullseye..."

Lady Bullseye pulled a scalpel from her boot. She placed it behind Bullseye's neck. Bullseye grinned as he realized the situation he was in.

"Really how did you NOT see that coming?" She asked.as she pushed him forward.

"Honestly? I was hoping it was real." Bullseye said with a smirk on his face.

"Typhoid Mary. Take Mr Lester to the interrogation chamber. Find out what the Shadow Master's plans are..."


"Seriously. How are you still putting up with this?" Mary asked as she lit Bullseye on fire again. Bullseye screamed until the burning stopped again.

"I honestly have no idea gal. Why don't you come closer and find out?"

"That's earned you another burn."

Bullseye screamed again.

"Just tell me."

"Look this is gonna last for hours. Why don't you just accept that I'm gonna get out of here and then kill all of you? If you let me go now then I'll kill you quickly. Ish."

"Yeah... right."

Mary placed her finger at her temple as if to burn Bullseye again. However her entire body went stiff and she collapsed on the floor.

"Bout time! Hey Mooney!" Bullseye yelled.

Moon Knight stepped out from the shadows. Somehow even though his costume was plain white, Bullseye still had trouble spotting him.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Moon Knight asked.

"I could ask you the same question."

Moon Knight walked over and punched Bullseye in the face. Bullseye laughed at the entire scenario.

"I don't have time for games. TALK!"

"We both know that's not going to happen."

"I have ways to make you squeal."

"Yeah. So did Mary. How did that go?"

Moon Knight was quiet for a second as he pondered what Bullseye had just said.

"Also you've gotta teach me that disappearing trick! It's really awesome!"

"I'll be back. Let's see how long you last with a few hundred volts of electricity going through your body."

"Won't work. Metal skeleton. Also how's the chest doing?"

Moon Knight disappeared into the shadows. Bullseye sighed.

"I'm missing him already." Bullseye muttered.

Bullseye pulled one of Moon Knight's Crescent Dart's from his hand. When Moon Knight had punched him, Bullseye had quickly taken one of the dart's from his belt. He cut through the rope that had kept his arm's tied to the chair and stretched as he stood up.

"Phase one of the plan is over. Time for the stealthy part!"


Avenger's Tower

"This is getting messy." Steve Rogers said. "Now that Bullseye's back there's bound to be a high body count."

"Too bad Daredevil's gone. He was one of the few street level guy's that could keep up with Bullseye." Tony Stark said.

"Which is exactly why we need to shut down Shadowland." Peter Parker muttered. "This is already getting out of hand. We need to settle this before it gets any worse."

"No. The public are already afraid of us. Wilson Fisk still has supporters out there. If we just march into Shadowland, then we're going to have a major problem on our hands. We can't just do what we want anymore." Steve said.

"Again another reason why it's bad that Daredevil's gone. He'd know exactly how to take this guy down. Hell he'd know exactly how to take down most of the major crime bosses in this city." Tony Stark said as he poured himself a martini.

"You want me to handle this Cap?" Wolverine asked. "I could just assassinate him and blame it on one of those freaks like the Punisher or Deadpool."

"No. That's NOT how we operate Wolverine." Peter said. "If we take that route then we're no better then the people we're trying to fight."

"Then... what's our option Cap?" Tony asked.

"We... we'll have to wait this one out. For the sake of reputation..."

Wolverine shrugged and walked out of the room. Everyone watched him as he went.

"So... he's not going to... is he?" Peter asked.

"He probably is."

"If he does then it'll be all on him. Effective immediately Wolverine is no longer a full time Avenger, unless he proves he can resist being the lone wolf that he always is."


Wolverine stabbed into the Quinnjet's activation panel. The jet lit up showing all signs of working. Wolverine grabbed the controls and flew out of the Stark Tower hanger.

"I don't care what those guy's say." Wolverine muttered to himself. "Kingpin's gonna die and I'm gonna make sure of it..."

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This is awesome! Really good! I'm going ot have to step my game up with Nick Fury #2!

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@redhood13: I'm looking forward to it. In fact looking back on it I kind of want Bullseye to cross over with every single Marvel Mayhem title I've read. Hell if I could find a way I'd have him fight @jatoe48er's Fabulous Frog-Man if I could find a way.

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Why do I have the feeling I'm going to see Bullseye gunning for revenge against Songbird and the other Thunderbolts.

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Ha little nod towards Punisher! Lol

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@tommythehitman: Okay, all this happened in Shadowland right, three years ago, coz I am writing Spider-Manand this well puts a minor spanner in my works

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@tommythehitman: Okay, all this happened in Shadowland right, three years ago, coz I am writing Spider-Manand this well puts a minor spanner in my works

I'm writing Spider-Man, as I asked @irishlad if it was okay to since whoever was writing him bailed, so putting Spider-Man in the Avengers three years ago puts a minor spanner in my story, that's all! Nothing I can't work around, just so I know was all

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@batkevin74: It could just be like he was hanging out with them since it's right after Shadowland

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@tommythehitman: Which is why we kinda need a generic timeline of what Marvel events have happened and are set in stone like Fear Itself, Shadowland etc so continuity is kept

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Cool double cross, except it was anticipated, and incorporated into the plan. That's called thinking on your feet. Lol

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