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Stark Tower, 3 Years Ago

Marc Spector sat in the lobby to the building that one of his rival business men had created. He'd been sat uncomfortably for the last 15 minutes and he already wanted to run around screaming.

"Just ditch the guy and go kick some tail." A voice in Marc's head said.

"No. I can't do that." Marc muttered. "I need to show these guys that I'm NOT crazy. Otherwise they'll try to lock me up. Again."

See Marc Spector wasn't exactly the stiffest branch on the tree. He had a pretty big dose of schizophrenia. Marc used to have 4 identities. The first Marc Spector, his true identity. The second Steven Grant, billionaire. The third Jake Lockley a rugged cab driver. The final and 4th identity was the most important of them all. The reason why the others had been created. Marc was a superhero. Other people in the hero community sometimes called him names like "Mooney Looney" however the citizens of New York City and the rest of America knew him as...

Recently Moon Knight had been invited to join Captain America's "Secret" Avengers but only on the case that Marc takes medication for his schizophrenia. It wasn't going so well.

"Hello Master Spector. Master Rogers is ready to meet you."

Jarvis the Avengers' butler stood at the open doorway. Marc slowly got up and walked past him.

"Will you require anything sir?" Jarvis asked.

"No thanks Jarvis. I'm not really in the mood for anything right now anyway."

Marc walked into the room and heard Jarvis close the door behind him. The room he was in was at the very top of the Stark Tower. Meaning he was in the Avenger's conference room. However the only Avenger in the room with him was Steve Rogers. AKA Captain America.

"Hello Marc." Steve said. "Take a seat."

"I'll stand."

Steve sighed and sat down in a chair marked with a star. Technically he wasn't Captain America anymore. At this moment in time he was in charge of Global Security, pretty much making him "head of the world" as many people had nicknamed him.

"Now look Marc. I know you don't like me."

"Meh. Your alright."

"I don't like you. However... your one of the best men I've got."


"You've infiltrated Shadowland before."

"I really don't think swallowing lockpicks is going to work this time Cap."

"There's a rumor that Wilson Fisk has taken over the Hand. I want you to keep an eye on him and tell me if he's planning anything."

Marc stood up and smiled.

"Y'know before I joined up with you guys every few nights I'd be lucky if I took down a drug deal or something. Since I joined up with you guys I'd be lucky if I didn't go a night without Galactus or some freak invading the Earth."

"Are you... are you Lockley now?"

Marc walked out of the door and patted Jarvis on the shoulder.

"Whatever it'll take to get the job done Cap!"


New York, Hell's Kitchen, Shadowland

"Figures. Give a psychopath an opportunity and he'll sure as hell take it!" Bullseye muttered as he looked over the rooftops of Shadowland. "Then again. Who am I to talk?" Bullseye picked up a pebble off the floor and aimed it at a Hand Guard stood on one of the building's rooftops. He threw it straight towards the Guard's throat shattering his Adam's apple and passing through the other side. The Guard turned to dust as Bullseye picked up his weapon.

"A sai? How original."


Bullseye turned towards the voice shouting at him. A woman covered in tattoos and not much clothing stood next to several Hand ninjas.

"Wow. Nice clothes chick." Bullseye said. "Love the tats."

"Wait. It's you?!"

The woman seemed shocked for a second.

"Who? Me? Yeah. I'm Bullseye. Let me guess I killed your family at some point and now you want revenge?"

"Actually quite the opposite. You saved me as a child."

Bullseye smiled.

"Now this is getting interesting. Say your pretty hot and I'm clearly your hero. Whadda ya say we...?"

"What team up?"


The woman thought about it for a second.

"Ah what the hell. Working for Fisk was getting old anyway."

She pulled a dagger from her belt and quickly killed all of the ninjas behind her in one swipe. They collapsed around her as Bullseye walked up to her.

"So what do you wanna do now?" The woman asked.

"Well if you wanna be my sidekick I'm gonna have to come up with a name for ya. How about... Broadseye?"

"The name's Lady Bullseye."

"It ain't very original."

"Just leave it for now."

"Well... this is awkward."

"Let's just do what you're here to do."


"I don't know Fisk. Lady Bullseye hasn't reported in for the last 10 minutes." Typhoid Mary said.

"I know."

"...That's it?"

"Lady Bullseye's betrayed me. Bullseye's back."

"How do you know all this?"

"I have spies every where."

Moon Knight stood in a corner wearing Hand Elite robes. It hadn't been the easiest way to get in but it had worked. He heard the door next to him open and fell on the floor as he felt a dagger hit him in the chest. He tried to move but decided against it when he heard who was talking. Typhoid Mary and the Kingpin prepared themselves as Bullseye and Lady Bullseye pulled out their weapons.

"Ah. Lester. It's been awhile."

"Hey Fisk. Ready to meet your maker?"

The Kingpin laughed as he pulled his cane from his back.

"Please. We all know which direction you'll be going..."

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This is really interesting, I'm liking it.

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Very nice story :)

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@tommythehitman: Hmmmm, Lady Bullseye just turns on a dime? Really? I know it's just a story but it just seemed way to convenient she just jumped ship. I liked it but there's some shaky elements

@irishlad Okay I need to be included on a MM PM or something, so I know who'se got what and what is or isn't continuity! My fault I managed to delete myself off the previous one

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@batkevin74: The reason for LB changing so quickly will be explained in the next few issues...

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Broadseye........ It gave me a good chuckle. Moon Night is one of my altimeter favourite heroes, can't wait to see what ya do with the Lunay Mooney.

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This was cool. It was like three stories at once. Moon Knight, Bullseye, and Kingpin. Very cool story, and as always, I dig your style .