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Shadowland, 3 years ago...

"This whole place will do very nicely." The Kingpin muttered as he surveyed the scene that used to be the Hand's main hall. A massive hole in the wall showed the extent of the previous battle between Daredevil and the Hand vs the combined might of several street level heroes. Including Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Punisher and Elektra. The hole in the wall was accompanied by several dozen red robes. The remains of Hand Ninjas that had fallen in the battle.

"Place could use a bit of decoration..." Typhoid Mary muttered as she stepped into the room accompanied by Lady Bullseye and half a dozen Hand Elites.

"Yes. Get to work on that straight away. Bullseye I want you to assassinate the leaders of every gang in Hells Kitchen. After what Murdock has been attempting there won't be many left. JUST the leaders. I'll need much more cannon fodder for what I've got planned."

"Sure thing boss." Lady Bullseye said as she left the room. Typhoid Mary left with her. The Hand Elite stayed in their positions against the wall. The Kingpin walked over to the hole and looked out over the city. He saw much violence on the streets below. Many fires raged across the city's rooftops, all caused by HIM. The Kingpin turned and stared at the dead body in the middle of the room. Bullseye had been the one to push Murdock too far. By destroying that tenant building Bullseye had pushed Daredevil over the edge and caused him to start Shadowland. A division of Hand Ninjas under Daredevil's rule directed against the crime in Hells Kitchen. Bullseye had once again tried to kill Daredevil, killing a dozen or so Ninjas before Daredevil stabbed him through the chest. Realizing that his Hand Ninjas were nothing more then useless cannon fodder Daredevil had decided to resurrect Bullseye and warp him into a warrior for the Hand. The process had been disrupted by the heroes which ended with Daredevil revealing he'd been possessed by the demon known as The Beast of the Hand. Daredevil appeared to commit suicide in order to save his friends and himself. Now... the battle was over, and the Kingpin was in control. All thanks to the former assassin.

"Wilson Fisk. We are not surprised to find you here..." A voice said from behind the Kingpin.

Fisk turned to see 3 people dressed in the robes of the Hand. Behind them all of the Hand Elite lay unconscious on the floor.

"I take it you're the Hand's Shadow Masters?" The Kingpin asked.

"We are." The Shadow Master in the center said. "If you've heard of us you must realize we could have easily have killed every single person in this building including yourself with a snap of our fingers."

The Kingpin smiled. "If you truly believe that then you've clearly know nothing about me."

The Shadow Master smiled revealing several sharp, pointed teeth. This was clearly a man who could give someone like Wolverine a run for his money...

"We like you Fisk. We believe the Hand is in good hands with you. Which is why we're leaving."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

"With us we'll be taking Bullseye's body."


"Murdock has failed us. We clearly underestimated him and his allies. We won't make that mistake again. We require a new puppet in order to further our goals."

"And what might that be?"

"Oh Mr Fisk." The Shadow Master chuckled. "If we were going to tell you we'd have to kill you, and I trust you wouldn't want that."

"Fair enough."

The Shadow Master's each took a step back before disappearing in a cloud of smoke along with Bullseye. Fisk turned and looked back out of the hole. Today was very interesting...


Jigoku-Chu Castle, Japan, Ancient Sanctum of the Hand...

"The body has been prepared in accordance with the ancient rites, All that remains is the final incantation!" One of the Shadow Masters said as they sat down around Bullseye's body. The Hand Priest raised his arms up into the air and started to preach his unholy verse.


Bullseye's eyes opened wide and he jerked up into the air. He quickly looked around the room at the strange people staring at him. He had no idea what was happening, all he knew was that... he'd died. Somehow he was back. Maybe it had something to do with the old man in the robes standing over him. He pulled a knife from his boot and quickly grabbed the Priest by the neck. He placed his knife at the exact area that would cause the Priest to die instantly.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE?!" Bullseye screamed. The people around him didn't seem to care about the life he held in his hand. They looked familiar though. Kind of like those weird ninjas that Daredevil had been hanging around with before... Daredevil killed him... he'd been murdered. Even though he was alive. Everyone thought he was dead...

"Calm yourself slave. We mean you no harm. Unless you force us to."

"SHUT IT!" Bullseye yelled. He slowly dragged his knife into the Priest's neck causing his knife to slightly cut it. "I WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!"

"We've brought you back to life. We want you to work for us."

"To do what?" Bullseye slightly loosened his grip on the knife. He wasn't entirely convinced, but he was interested.

"Long ago it was predicted that super humans would arrive on this world. That is why the Hand created The Beast. To destroy the beings that can threaten our order. The demon that now inhabits your body. We've recently realized that now is the time."

Bullseye's eyes widened as he realized what the man was saying.

"So... you've put some kind of monster inside of me... to do what I already love doing?"


"You didn't need the demon." Bullseye said as he let the Priest go. He put his knife back in his boot and sighed. He wasn't sure about this.

"We have a target we want you to assassinate. Prove to us your worth the trouble of controlling."


"Wilson Fisk."

Bullseye looked shocked for a second before smiling.

"He's dead already."

To be continued...

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I like that you used a real Marvel story to start off your series, kind of like what I did with Hawkeye. Thought I did feel like the exposition you had there could have been told in a more natural way, it sort of broke the flow of the story for me but besides that it was pretty damn good.

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@ekrolo: Thanks man. I loved your Hawkeye.

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Man how many murderous fiends are there in this Mayhem group. Between Scourge, Punisher, Bullseye and the mysterious murderer in Issue 3 of J11 there won't be enough people left to fill a Quinn Jet. Great story though and nice to see another villain based story doing the rounds.

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@impurestcheese: Thanks! Those characters are why the human race will go extinct.

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks dude! What is it with me choosing precision characters?

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@tommythehitman: Cool! Curious to see what happens next. Will have to get on a PM again (as I am flying blind at the mo) to find out what is and isn't continuty, and this crosses with DD as well. Good work

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