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Timeline: This takes place after Marvel Mayhem: Astonishing X-Men / Thunderbolts #5: Faces We Once Knew and Marvel Mayhem: Learning GenX Style #9: Deals and Contracts

Chapter 11: The Return of the Mojoverse!

The Mojoverse…

Mojo, the ruler of the Mojoverse and who is responsible for the mayhem that plagues the universe, sat down by the TV screens and gazed intently at the ruins of an old Spanish Mission where Emma’s school once lay.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…that little school has been destroyed by the…unfortunate events before. Oh well, the ratings have shot through the roof and the audience wants more mayhem with our merry mutants! So, let’s make things even more interesting by luring the other X-Men here, shall we?” Mojo cackled evilly as he pressed some buttons on the TV controls.

Meanwhile, in the woodlands…

A large blue portal appeared in the middle of the woodlands and eight figures fell out of the portal and landed roughly on the ground.

“Ow! What a rough way to travel!” said Shadowcat, as she rubbed her sore bottom.

“Where have we landed?” asked Nightcrawler as he slowly stood up.

“Blackheath said that the portal will take us to the woodlands, so I’m guessing that Emma’s school is not too far from here,” said Cyclops.

“Then we should head to the school right away. We can’t be sure how much more danger Emma and students will get into,” declared Storm.

“I agree,” said Colossus, as he walked next to the others.

“It’s a shame that we had to leave so soon, just as Doctor Chen was mentioning his theories on dimensional rifts to me. It would have been very helpful in our future endeavors,” remarked Beast.

“Like that’s going to be important in the long run, bub,” said Wolverine.

“Oh, I don’t know mon ami. I could think of some ways to use those dimensional rifts,” said Gambit slyly.

The rest of the X-Men shook their heads and Cyclops asked, “Hank, can you locate the coordinates for the school grounds?”

Beast took out a small tracking device and said, “The coordinates have been located. We should head south from here and make it to the school in about ten minutes.”

The X-Men then headed south around the area, determined to reach Emma and her students as soon as possible.

Later on…

The X-Men continued walking through the woods for a few minutes until they spotted a large, old Spanish Mission in the clearing.

“And we finally made it!” said Shadowcat cheerfully.

“I hope everyone in the school is alright,” said Colossus in a concerned tone.

“There’s only one way to find out. Come on!” said Cyclops as they headed straight for the school.

The X-Men opened the doors quietly and Beast called out, “Hello? Is anyone in here?” There was no answer and the mission remained silent.

“I don’t like this. I’m picking up a weird scent and it seems like there’s been a struggle going on here,” said Wolverine.

“A struggle? But, everything looks in order here, Logan,” said Storm.

“That’s the thing. Everything looks normal, but it don’t smell normal,” said Wolverine.

“Well, would you look at that,” said Gambit as he approached a large screen TV on the wall.

“What is it?” asked Nightcrawler.

Gambit fingered with the controls on the large screen TV and the television came roaring to life. He then said, “Maybe we can figure out what’s really going on by using the security camera on this here TV.”

“Great idea, Remy! Let’s interface the coordinates and see what we can come up with,” said Shadowcat, as she pressed some more controls on the TV screen.

Several images quickly popped up on the screen and some of them included random images of various people doing activities that were a tad confusing and disoriented.

“Are these some kind of TV shows?” asked Colossus.

“Could be, but it’s hard to tell what’s going on. These images are impossible to decipher. Let’s see if we could fix these images,” said Beast as he pressed some buttons on the screen.

The images were then organized into a straight line and everything started to become much clearer to the X-Men as the images showed the students doing various activities that are shown in styles reminiscent of various TV shows.

“Is…that ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ on TV?” asked Shadowcat.

“It can’t be. It looks like two of Emma’s students are fighting vampires and the leader of the vampires is…Jubilee?” said Beast in a confused tone.

“Nah, that can’t be Jubilee,” growled Wolverine.

“And are three of the students running away from the M-Squad?” asked Nightcrawler.

“Oh god…why is Emma fighting her sisters in this steam punk world?” asked Cyclops.

Then, the X-Men saw one last TV show that featured Richard and Yvette and their mouths opened wide in shock.

“Boize Moi…” breathed Colossus.

“Oh my goodness,” said Storm.

“Now, that’s some ‘steamy’ television there,” commented Gambit.

The X-Men continued looking at the screen in silence for a few moments until Shadowcat spoke up, “OKAAAYYY…but where are the students and Emma located at? It’s weird that they are suddenly in several TV shows like this.”

Suddenly, a slight ringing sound echoed in the X-Men’s minds as a message was being sent telepathically to them.

“Scott…X-Men…the students and I have been kidnapped by Mojo. We are trapped in the Mojoverse…send help immediately,” said the voice.

“It’s Emma! And Mojo must have found some way to kidnap them while we were gone!” said Nightcrawler.

“I knew something rotten was going down,” growled Wolverine.

“If they really are in the Mojoverse, then I expect that Mojo will figure out that we are already in the mission,” said Cyclops grimly.

Meanwhile, in the Mojoverse…

Mojo laughed manically as he saw the shocked looks on the X-Men as they received Emma’s message.

“EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! Everything is coming together as planned! All it took was to tweak up the little message that that telepath had sent and to create an imaginary school and the X-Men took the bait easily! Now, to make things much more interesting… SPIRAL!” Mojo called out.

Spiral materialized out of thin air and said, “What are your orders Mojo?”

Mojo turned to his lackey and said, “Our little TV shows of the mutant students fighting for their lives are keeping the audience highly entertained! But, our ratings will shoot through the roof if we can get the X-Men involved in our shows! Go out to the ruins of the school and bring me four members of the X-Men to the Mojoverse! That will make the crowd go wild!”

“Yes Mojo,” said Spiral as she quickly created a portal and jumped through it, determined to accomplish her goal.

Meanwhile, at Emma’s school…

After witnessing the TV shows that Emma and the students were forced into, the X-Men sat down in the main room, trying to come up with a plan to rescue Emma and the students.

“What should we do now?” asked Colossus.

“We wait for Mojo to make his move. Hopefully, we’ll be able to rescue Emma and the students by then,” said Cyclops.

Suddenly, a portal appeared inside the school and Spiral stepped out of it and smiled wickedly at the X-Men.

“Mojo wants you to participate in his games. Let’s not disappoint him now,” said Spiral.

“Lady, you got a thing coming if you think you gonna just waltz in here and take us to that crazy place,” growled Wolverine.


Wolverine charged at Spiral and started slashing at her, while Spiral defended herself with her many arms laden with swords.

Gambit then pulled out his deck of cards and said, “Mind if I join you, mon ami?” Then, he threw his cards at Spiral; but Spiral jumped out of the way and the cards hit the ground, exploding as they made impact.

Colossus then threw a large table at Spiral, but Spiral ended up cutting the table in half with her swords and the two pieces fell to the floor with a loud bang.

Then, Shadowcat phased through the floor and tried to grab Spiral’s legs from below, but Spiral jumped away at the last second and landed on the far side of the wall.

Cyclops then shot his laser beams at the wall that Spiral was on, but Spiral jumped away and the beam ended up bursting a hole through the wall.

Then, Beast charged at Spiral and managed to grab her and threw her into another wall, but Spiral flipped at the last second and leaped from the wall to punch Beast in the jaw.

Storm then caused a small windstorm to appear in the mission and she threw Spiral against the wall.

Nightcrawler then teleported himself on top of Spiral and managed to teleport him and Spiral outside of the mission.

“Tell me what you have done to Emma and the students, or I will drop you from this roof,” growled Nightcrawler.

“Aww…that would be spoiling things wouldn’t it? Besides, you won’t be around much longer to witness the games!” said Spiral and she grabbed Nightcrawler and threw him down on the roof, causing them both to fall through the ceiling.

“ENOUGH OF THIS! Mojo wants his contestants to appear in his games and he’ll get them!” yelled Spiral and she created four portals that hovered over Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus and Shadowcat.

“NO!” Gambit, Storm, Beast and Nightcrawler all cried out at once as they ran towards Spiral and the other X-Men. But, the other four X-Men disappeared out of sight.

“We lost them!” yelled out Gambit as he punched the ground in frustration and small red electricity briefly shot out his hands.

Suddenly, the Spanish Mission where the X-Men were standing in disappeared before their very eyes and they were surrounded by ruble and ruin.

“What…what just happened?” asked Storm in a shocked voice.

“I think that the school was an illusion made by Mojo and he must have destroyed it while he kidnapped Emma and the students. And we fell for it,” said Beast exasperated.

“That monster!” Nightcrawler said through gritted teeth.

“Let us hope that the others will survive Mojo’s horrible games,” said Storm.

The Mojoverse…

Cyclops, Wolverine, Shadowcat and Colossus all fell to the ground roughly, as they were teleported into a large arena with a large group of people cheering at them.

“OOMPH! We just keep getting into more trouble everyday!” said Colossus as he slowly got up.

“You said it,” said Shadowcat who rose up with Colossus.

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Allow me to introduce you to our newest contestants for the Mojoverse games…THE X-MEN!!! For your own viewing pleasure, you will see the X-Men perform daring and dangerous stunts to save their fellow mutants from the dangers of these games! Will they save them or will they die a horrible death if they fail? Find out in the annual Mojoverse Games!” Mojo cackled gleefully.

Cyclops quickly got up and yelled up at Mojo, “What have you done with Emma and the students?!”

“Tsk, tsk…that would be spoiling things, wouldn’t it? But oh well, the things I do for the fans! Your friends are fighting for their lives in various games that I have set up in five random zones, which four of those zones are already filming their efforts while one of the zones is empty! I’ll make you all an offer, just to make things even more interesting: I’ll give you all a chance to save your friends from these games if you can find them in all the zones I have laid out. Succeed in rescuing them and I’ll let you all go free; but if you all fail, you will stay in the Mojoverse, forever being contestants in my little game shows! So, what do you say? Do we have a deal?” asked Mojo slyly.

The X-Men looked at each other and Wolverine snarled to Cyclops, “I don’t trust this freak. I think he’ll swindle us if we do rescue Emma and the students.”

“But we got to rescue Emma and the students or they’ll be stuck here forever,” said Shadowcat.

“I agree, but we must be careful in this world. There is no telling what kind of tricks this monster will pull on us,” said Colossus.

Cyclops nodded in agreement and he yelled up to Mojo, “Alright, we accept your challenge!”

“GOOD! GOOD! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!” Mojo yelled out amid the wild cheering and the search for Emma and the students was on.

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@rabbitearsblog: Checked out. Ah BTVS I have such fond memories. Interesting (if not unexpected) crossover. Can't wait to see more.

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@richgenx: No the crossover between X and Gen X.

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@rabbitearsblog: Checked out. Ah BTVS I have such fond memories. Interesting (if not unexpected) crossover. Can't wait to see more.

Yeah, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was such a fantastic show! There's more to come!

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I'll start typing up the next part tonight. I may even have a moment of whimsey to go along with it.

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@richgenx said:

I'll start typing up the next part tonight. I may even have a moment of whimsey to go along with it.

Alright! A moment of whimsey...?

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@richgenx said:

I'll start typing up the next part tonight. I may even have a moment of whimsey to go along with it.

Alright! A moment of whimsey...?

Yes. I might type up a little moment of whimsey for after the main story is posted. It all depends on what I can pull off. It would be the first comment after the story, if I can pull it off.

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@richgenx said:

@rabbitearsblog said:

@richgenx said:

I'll start typing up the next part tonight. I may even have a moment of whimsey to go along with it.

Alright! A moment of whimsey...?

Yes. I might type up a little moment of whimsey for after the main story is posted. It all depends on what I can pull off. It would be the first comment after the story, if I can pull it off.

That would be great!!!

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A little friendly bump!