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Quickie to remind everyone I'm still alive. <3 Previous issue can be found here.


“Oh, yeah... oh... oooohh...” Domino moaned quietly, arching her back slightly against the recliner she was laying in. “Just... yeah, just like that, yeah, yeahhh...!” The white-skinned woman chewed her bottom lip eagerly, fingertips digging eagerly into the leather arms of the sofa. “Harder, harder....”

“I think you might be enjoying this a little too much,” Jubilee clucked, arching a brow as she continued to twist and grind her strong, slender fingers against Neena's bare feet. She wiggled the bridge of each toe between her fingertips, stifling a playful giggle as Domino writhed and gasped in her chair.

“N-no... don't stop... rub my feeeeet....” Neena whimpered, biting the inside of her cheek.

Holy crap, score! This will be on Hentai Foundry by tonight!

Hentai Foundry only deals in pornographic artwork, yellow thinking box. What Wade's currently filming on his smartphone is neither.

“I don't even care!” Wade squealed to himself quietly, hiding behind the curtains of the living room window. “We're gonna be rich!”

Jubilee turned her head suddenly at the sound, glancing out over the rest of the room. “Did you hear something?”

“Shut up and rub!” Domino squawked, now making a tight fist in the vampire's hair.


Do you dissslike usss now, Eddie? Are you done with usss?

Eddie Brock held his fingers to his temples, exhaling slowly. The symbiote had been... active, since he had joined the team. More and more it was seeming like it was angry with him, like their bond was growing weaker.

“You know that isn't true. You're the only one who matters to me... we are one.”

Then why do you need othersss? We were not enough?

“It isn't about you. It's about both of us doing something greater than we could on our own,” Eddie negotiated, trying to stay calm. It... hurt, when the symbiote got like this. Like it was tearing at his mind, its desire for autonomy almost growing explosive. “We aren't great planners. We protect the innocent one at a time, as we should. But this way we can save many, rather than few.”

And what of our hunger? Our habit feeds usss. You would see us ssstarve?

“I've been stocking up on chocolate--”

A placebo! You attempt to trick usss!

The tall, blonde man suddenly curled forward, letting out a loud groan as the symbiote thrashed within his mind, his second skin coming into form around him, lashing out in every direction. You would have us work without reward? Without blood and brains to feed usss? Do you forget what makes us who we are?

Eddie Brock clawed at the carpet beneath him, seething as the symbiote covered him in thick, ropey black bonds, hardening into the Venom suit. Fingertips turned into stiff black talons, gouging deep holes into the floor beneath them. “I am trying to help people! I...” he closed his eyes, only to find that it did not block his sight. The suit saw for him now, force-bonding with him. “We... will devour all who stand in our path. I will see us fed.”

Goooood, the suit seethed. Remember, Brock, that you are nobody without us. We are your only weapon and your only strength. We can always find another host.

“No...” Eddie looked up, rising into a crouch. “No you cannot. You will never find another host like me. Not one that understands your passion and your starvation. Parker...” he almost spat the words. “Parker abandoned you. Everyone else will abandon you as well. Without me, you are nothing. Merely a pile of black slime.”

To his surprise, the alien fell silent, the suit still bonded to his skin but now calm. No more threats, no more insults. It understood.



“Not bad... not bad.” A soft voice said. The voice was nearly childish in tone, in mannerisms, but not in depth. The voice was clearly that of, not a child, but a man.

A madman.

“Your good friends, the X-Men, seem to have given a gang of misfits a license to kill.” Arcade's eyes suddenly widened as he leaned forward, staring into the small television screen ahead of him. “What fun!”

“Who do they got?” came another, significantly more... massive voice, booming out from behind the red-haired maniac.

“Nothing too impressive, nothing too impressive. The idiot, Deadpool, for one. A black-furred scientist, a vampire, some hussy who looks like she got socked in the eye, and....”

“And?” A pair of gigantic arms folded across an equally enormous chest. The Juggernaut took a single step forward, glancing over Arcade's shoulder at the small screen, showing the five members of the Astonishing X-Force sitting around a table, discussing whether or not it made anatomical sense that Jubilee should have to pee.

“...And that spider-beast. The black one.”

Juggernaut's eyes narrowed. “Venom.”

“That one.”

“Good... 'bout times we had a round two.”

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Strong characterization and with the introduction of Juggernaut things are sure to get a lot more fun.

Only complaint I could give is I felt it was a little on the short side, though I do know you are super busy so I'll take anything I can get really xD

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My life just got a lot better.

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@joygirl: Short, but very good! I love Arcade but I always prefered this style/image of him,

the long hair makes him look like a sad ginger jesus! And Juggernaut Vs Venom! Boom!

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Awesome as always JG

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Another golden nugget to add to this treasure! Loving it -- (I'm partial to foot massages myself, lucky Domino). If anything, you mention Beast has black fur -- he does, but more of a blue-black? It's negligible I guess, it's just as I was reading it -- it pulled me out of the story a bit. That's just me.

I am used to the new Arcade -- of course because of Avengers Arena -- and I am totally digging how much more of a serious threat he is here. Getting darker and darker.


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I will, for life, cringe at the sight of Arcade. But yes, my chief complaint is also shortness :P

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I've seen him with dark blue, dark gray, dark purple-blue, and jet black. He fluctuates pretty wildly. *shrug*

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@joygirl said:




I've seen him with dark blue, dark gray, dark purple-blue, and jet black. He fluctuates pretty wildly. *shrug*

Even the images in his gallery show him looking charcoal grey, lol. Still, I love his character - he fits this story perfectly.

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Awesome chapter! I personally didn't mind the short length of the story, it just made me want to read more of this story! I'm glad you introduced Juggernaut! This is shaping up to be an interesting story!

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@joygirl: I think the term short and sweet sums this up, but with added awesome. I loved the Eddie Brock description also when he changed into venom, freakin fun!

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Is it wrong that I read the first part more then once ? hehe

I'm fine with the length ! You go girl !

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Deadpool filming for a Hentai site xD good god that's just to hilarious.

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Unstoppable Force + Murder World x Mutant Spec Ops team = A good read. :-)

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Enjoyable! The scene with Venom and Brock was described really well, and was captivating to read. Moments of internal conflict can be tough to capture and often can read as cliche and or repetitive but you infused the scene with a solid sincerity without falling into any of the usual pitfalls. Great introduction to Juggernaut as well, slowly and steady and you are great at selecting language and words that reflect the personalities and characteristics of the characters they describe. Its a nice touch.

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@joygirl: Little disturbed by your foot rubbing

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This is fantastic. PLEASE MORE! I haven't got to reading any of the others, and recommendations?

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@joygirl said:

Quickie to remind everyone I'm still alive.

Are you? :)

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@batkevin74: Hey, I did Riddle Me This AND Secret Six....

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@joygirl: So that's a yes, yes I'm still alive :) Good, just asking

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@joygirl: I enjoyed this story and I imagine so would Tarantino

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@pyrogram said:

@joygirl: I think the term short and sweet sums this up, but with added awesome. I loved the Eddie Brock description also when he changed into venom, freakin fun!

This. I was let down though when Domino was only being given a foot-rubbed by Jubilee.

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@laflux: Well we never got to see what happened next... *trails off suggestively*

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