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It's been almost five years since the incident with Chemistro.

Ever since, Luke has still been avoiding his past. He's still on the run.

And something big is going on.

Something very big.


Nearly the whole prison was in panic.

An inmate, Daniel Rand, had escaped.

He had been there for years now.

"<I want him found, and then killed! I'm fed up with him, he's been hear long enough!>" the warden told nearly all the guards.

Outside the prison, Daniel Rand had almost escaped.

There was just one obstacle to freedom....

The ocean.

There were no boats. No way to get across, besides swimming.

Daniel closed his eyes, and dived into the ocean.

He swam as fast he could, but couldn't make it.

He fell into the depths of the cold, dark waters...



Suddenly, he woke up in a strange place.

"Oh, God, where am I?" he asked.

Suddenly, a person Daniel had never met in his life entered the room.

"Why am I here? Who are you?" he asked.

"My name is Davos." the man said. "But I am better known as the Steel Serpent."

"Well, that answers one question, but why am I here?" Daniel asked.

"I found you by a river." Davos answered. "I took you in here after that. You've been out for a few days I guess."

"How come I didn't drown?" Daniel asked.

"A mystery, I guess." Davos answered. "But it must have been for a reason."

"Well, nice meeting you, but I really gotta go." Daniel said, getting up and walking out the door.

When he opened it, he saw that there was almost nothing around. He was deep in the woods. Far away from what he thought was civilization.

"Well, I think it'll take you a long time to get back to you're home, but if you start now you have a good chance." Davos said.

"UGH!" groaned Daniel in frustration. "I don't even know where on Earth I am, I've been asleep in some weird guy's cabin deep in the woods for days without even knowing it, and I just got out of prison!"

"I don't know anything about prison, but it hasn't been days. I just assumed you've been unconscious for a while now, and I found you by the river just a few hours ago." said Davos.

"You still haven't answered me!" yelled Daniel. "WHERE AM I?"

"Where are you? Nature. That's where." answered Davos.

"I'm stuck in the woods.... with a hippy." said Daniel. "Hooray."

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@GR2Blackout: Nice. Glad to see the series back. I look forward to more.