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Continued from:

X-Faction Part 1:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-x-faction-part-1/666067/

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And Thunderbolts

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This will be both X-Faction Part 7 and Thunderbolts #8 and will continue from there (8 and 9 respectively). These events happen just before the Battle of Asgard Pt 1


Kenosha, heading north

“The Iron Soldiers seem to be holding” stated the sentient ship Blackbird to her occupants

“RUN!” yelled Cam “We’re outnumbered Blackbird! We need to get as far from here as possible”

“Understood Cam,” replied Blackbird and the sentient ship roared off into the sky “Do you have a random mileage like last time?”


Sky over North Dakota

Dr Imck Prince rushed into the cockpit of the Thunderbolt’s transport “I need this ship cloaked!”



The pilot flipped switches “We lose speed when stealth mode is engaged sir”

“Do you lose radar?”

“No sir!”

“Then put us in stealth mode and follow THAT blip that is heading towards Greenland!” snarled the scientist pushing his fingers onto the radar screen.

Sky over Hudson Bay

“I have never seen so many Iron Soldeirs” said Alyssa, trying to calm down “It’s like they were preparing for war or something”

“Maybe daddy called everyone to get his favourite little test tube brat back!” snapped Drake

“I hate my father!” snapped Rachel again

“TANK SAYS ENOUGH!” the big man sepearted the two “If Tank has to keep playing umpire, Tank will just smack your heads together, dig?”

“I dig you big guy” mumbled Drake

I thought you were on my side

Tank balled up his fists and glared at Rachel “Tank’s gonna give you three seconds to get out of his head girl”

“Okay everyone settle down!” said Cam “Blackbird, where are we headed/”

“As per instructions I am running. Currently heading towards Greenland”

“Anyone know anything about Greenland?” asked Cam

Thunderbolts Transport

“Where are they headed?” asked Dr Prince hovering over the pilot’s shoulder

“Trajectory and speed indicate possibly Greenland, maybe into the Arctic Circle sir”

Dr Prince tapped his lips “Noahus!”

“Yes Dr Prince”

“Check all the Thunderbolts for capabilities in freezing and sub-zero temperatures”

“Yes sir”

Ferrum HQ, Chicago

Stryfe sat in his Chairman’s office. Scalphunter stood quietly kicking his feet into the carpet.

“So this is the Staff of One?” Sitting on the desk was a length of ornate wood.

“Yeah boss! It’s like a magic wishing tree”

“So why didn’t you wish me dead?” he glared at the gibbering mutant.

“To be honest boss, I we’re going to have it out, I kinda want to ram a sword through your throat” Scalphunter then clamped his hand over his mouth “I can’t believe I said that”

He looked at him and telekinetically snapped his neck and then slapped him flat on the floor “One day Gerald you’re going to go too far. The troops are assembled for the raid into Asgard. You have your orders, I am heading to Bismarck now…” He stopped and looked at the stick and telekinetically brought it to his hand “I hate magic, but it is very useful…wishing you say”

“Jth beee corful un wot ooo say” groaned Scalphunter from the floor as he healed up.

He spun the Staff and slammed it onto the ground “I wish my daughter was here in front of me”


“…and it’s cold!” stated Rachel looking at Cam.

“You really are quite odd” smirked Cam “But thanks for the complete history of Greenland Rachel”

“You’re wel…” Rachel suddenly was bathed in light and shot out of the side of the Blackbird. The sentient ship screamed like it had been injured.


“Didn’t do anything Cam” he replied as he clung on for dear life as the ship spiralled out of control.

Thunderbolt Transport

“Sir, the ship we’re trailing has just been…well hit?”

“Did you fire on it?” asked Dr Prince

“No sir. An object shot out the side of it and now the craft is heading for a crash landing”

“Let’s hasten that shall we” laughed Dr Prince “De-cloak and fire upon the ship. I want it immobilized completely so they can’t escape. Noahus, how goes the team?”

“All ready for cold weather operations except Tsunami sir, the Atlantean physiology is just not responding quick enough in the small scale drills I’m running”

“Tsunami stays, the prepare the rest” ordered Dr Prince


“Tank don’t wanna die in no dumb plane crash!”

“Hold on!” yelled Blackbird as she ploughed into the snow, bouncing and tossing her occupants around like dolls. It skidded and bounced before ploughing into a snow drift. “Is everyone Oahhhhhhh!” The ship screamed as two explosions rocked the hull.

“What the stark is going on?” yelled Drake

Alyssa squinted and looked through the hole in Blackbird “Ferrum transport, looks a carrier or super-fortress”

“Tank’s gonna break it!”

“We need to get away and if we can, help Blackbird” said Cam

“I-I’m fine” said Blackbird “Take cover, they’re firing again”

More explosions ripped through Blackbird as X-Faction was blown about like leaves, even Tank.

Thunderbolt Transport

Dr Prince stood in the bomb bay and watched as Behemoth, Scarlet, Thunder and Saracen leapt out and down to the crippled ship.

Dr Prince activated a comms-link “Chairman?”

“What is it?”

“I am about to retrieve your…the…Supreme Commander’s daughter”

There was silence and then laughter “Ahh Dr Prince, I have retrived my daughter, by most unusual ways. Destroy those who took her and then head to Sari in China where you will be be liasing with General Hjwang for a little problem eventuating in the Chechyen DMZ”

Dr Prince scratched his head “Sir?”

“Are you deaf Prince? Do you not understand?” The comms went dead. Dr Prince looked puzzled and typed into the Thunderbolt array: DESTROY


The Thunderbolts surrounded the downed Blackbird as X-Faction hid inside.

“Cyborgs, four of them…Stark!, I think they’re the ones from Kenosha” Zephyr said adjusting her goggles.

“Tank’s gonna rip them a new one!”

“That’s not a plan” said Cam “We need to find Rachel…”

“Ahhh no we don’t” said Drake “She’s gone! Let her go!”

“Rachel is part of X-Faction, Drake” said Cam forcefully

“Was, was part of X-Faction” scoffed Drake “And now she’s not! Can we concentrate on US and not the weird cloned bitch of the bad guy huh?”

“Drake’s got a point” added Alyssa

Cam shot her a glance before pulling on his shocker mask “We pick one. I’ll light him up, Tank takes the legs, Dra…” Cam was silenced as Saracen ripped open the roof of Blackbird who screamed.

“Targets acquired: DESTROY!” The large omni-laser on its forehead burst to life firing on them. Tank dove in front taking the blast, saving his friends. Scarlet, Behemoth and Thunder tore through the remains of Blackbird to get at them.

“Tank?” Zephyr saw him lying in the snow sizzling.

Drake prodded him with his foot “Big guy?”

“Is he okay?” asked Cam as his fingers crackled with lightning

“Targets still active: DESTROY!” This time four massive lasers opened up on them. Drake threw his hands out catching Cam & Alyssa as the world went red.

Thunderbolts Transport

“Targets vapourised Chairman, some pieces of their ship I have taken for further anaylsis. Dr Imck Prince out” Dr Prince wiped his brow after giving his holo-report, his eyes seeing that the Iron Army had indeed mobilised and ventured up into Asgard. He shook his head, wasn’t the Bifrost Cannon sufficient?

“Estimated time of arrival in Sari about six hours Dr Prince” said the pilot

Take your time, I am in no rush”

Underneath Greenland

X-Faction opened their eyes to be standing in a metallic room. Drake had phased them down as the blast him, saving them all and dumping them in this room.

“Where are we?” asked Cam looking around at the ice-encrusted antique equipment “It’s like a laboratory or something”

“How amazing am I?” chuckled Drake “The Ghost saves the day..AGAIN!”

“You okay Tank?” asked Alyssa as she helped the big guy to his feet.

“Tank’s mad! Tank needs to smash someone”

Both Cam pointed at Drake who was wandering around with his hands in the air.

Alyssa pointed at a frozen flag “What country is that the flag of?”

Cam shrugged as he began looking around “This looks like some sort of mad scientist base, from like the Stone Age”

Tank and Drake wrestled in the background as X-Faction checked their surroundings.

Holo diary entry

We’re in something called a Nazi Research Facility. There’s a frozen skeleton of a guy in a uniform but other than that the place is an ice tomb. The lights and heat still work coz we found the nuclear reactor that powers this place. But we found something, we seem to finding things all the time.

It’s a person…well it’s technically a thing. It’s a hairy pink humanoid thing called N3. From what we’ve found and can work out, it’s a cybernetic clone of someone called Namor. N2 was used during a war, N3 was left here, waiting orders.

Tank suggested we code in the Supreme Commander’s details and have this thing go attack him like a guided missle, Drake agrees with him. I’m not sure how a hundred year old cloned weapon will do…but thankfully we don’t have to decide right now. We’ve founded plenty of food, so now we’ve just got to work out our plan of attack.

I wonder what happened to Rachel.

End holo-diary


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Cool, I'm eager to see what happens with Rachel and the Namor clone

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@joshmightbe: Yeah Rachel's got her part to play.

As for the Namor clone, I was amazed there was already one way back way when! The avenging Atlantean son is back...sort of

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@batkevin74: Awesome, do You think it is time to bring in "Crimson Skull" To make his way into HYDRA? Or has this already happened, and I just missed out?

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@DickGrayson: Hydra has been inactive for a while Stryfe pretty much stripped it for parts

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@DickGrayson: Yeah Hydra, like AIM, Stark Industries, OsCorp, Roxxon etc were merged into becoming Ferrum in around 2030-40AD. There may be a splinter group who have survived all this time. As for Crimson Skull, he's from your Blades story right?

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@joshmightbe: Ah, My apologies.

@batkevin74: No, You are thinking of the Crimson Fangs. The Vampire cult. I am talking about the "Red Skull" Based character you where planning on introducing in a USAgent and Corporal America Crossover. But I could be talking nonsense.

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@DickGrayson: Forgot all about him, totally forgot...

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@batkevin74: What do you say we bring him back into the game?

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@DickGrayson: If want to rebuild Hydra go for it, also their is an active Baron Zemo in here, he's just been laying low for a bit

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@DickGrayson: Red Skull was pretty definitively killed but you could bring in a descendant

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@joshmightbe: It is a new Red Skull. Not the same one.

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@DickGrayson: Cool, we may even have a ready made conflict since Zemo is using a few old Hydra bases to work from.

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@joshmightbe: Then it can wait for another day, It was just a thought, no official idea. Thanks for clearing it up.

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@DickGrayson said:

@joshmightbe: It is a new Red Skull. Not the same one.

Yeah if I remember he was the guy who got hit in the face with chemicals at the start of the original USAgent story. He nothing to do with Red Skull, just hideously disfigured like he was and swears revenge (something like that). Just remember the more you invent the more to keep track of, it gets hard as I speak from experience! :)

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@batkevin74: Haha, Yeah I think I just need to slow down, I already have some plans, as you know.

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@DickGrayson: You can go for it I love villain vs villain stories and given the original Zemo's relationship with the original Red Skull their descendants are pretty much destined to hate each other.

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