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Matthew woke up in a pool of blood, screaming out, he hopped up, only to notice that he was actually in a pool of blood.

He ran up the steps out the pool, and looked around him.

It was a wasteland, no one was roaming around, cars were nowhere to be found, buildings look old and gray.

He reached into his pocket to grab his phone, but it was gone, the only things he had on him were the clothes on his back.

He yelled out into the sky, “Wasp! Arick! Anyone!”

From above, like an angel, Arick flew down in front of Matthew.

Matthew felt relieved, “Thank god. What’s going on?”

Arick turned away, “You are trapped in your psyche. “

Matthew looked confused, “How?”

Arick grinned to himself, “That’s for me to know, and you to find out. Your goal is too escape, you have been granted superhuman abilities that will allow you to have a shot at getting out. Your first challenge awaits you in the pool. See ya.” He dispersed into a golden dust.

Matthew walked towards the pool, like a vacuum, he was sucked under the pool of blood and went into another dimension it seemed, it was like hell, demons walked around and forged in a red, fire like dungeon.

In front of him, a red headed woman with a long red spikey dress walked towards him, instead of speaking, she threw a fireball at him.

As if it was a reflex, a orange aura surrounded him, the fireball crashed into it, splattering over the dungeon, demons ran in fear, disappearing into the walls.

The woman summoned fire, she made it into hard constructs and threw them at Matthew.

Matthew ran away from it, he tried to flee through the walls, but it was no help, the fire approached him, all of a sudden, he had a mild migraine, then teleported behind the woman.

It was like someone was giving him commands in his brain as he walked on air and sent a roundhouse kick her way while purple rings surrounded him.

Matthew’s body spiked with electricity, the woman crawled on the ground, but she was no match for Matthew’s static shock.


The scene changed, he was back in the wasteland, except for there was a door in front of the pool.

Arick’s voice was heard in Matthew’s head, “Your first task has been accomplished, you have seen your full potential, now utilize it to survive. Good luck.”

Matthew tried to tell him to wait, but the voice was gone. He walked towards the portal.

“I don’t know how the hell this happened to me, but I must say. It’s nice to know that Wasp and I can fairly duel.”

Lab, The Victorian

Arick held his hands on Matthew’s forehead, Alfred stood to his side.

“How is he?” Alfred was worried about Matthew, who knows how stable he really was, especially after all the chemicals they pumped into him.

Arick stood up, “Just fine, he is quite gullible.”

Alfred laughed, “Well, you do have him under your control.”

Arick screamed out and held his head, Alfred held him and asked him what was wrong, but Arick couldn’t her him, his mind was being attacked.

It was someone he’d met before, he couldn’t exactly make it out, at least until the voice.

“You should know you can’t kill me with a bullet!"

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Now I'm gonna to the character creation contest, I promise :D

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@YoungJustice said:

Alfred laughed, “Well, you do have him under your control.”

Arick screamed out and held his head,

Ha ha ha! Few spelling errors but this slowly building

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Cool chapter

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Is Arick good bad or in between? Maybe I've missed something if so let me know

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@joshmightbe said:

Is Arick good bad or in between? Maybe I've missed something if so let me know

He's bad, just a trickster, he likes to manipulate.