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I don’t know why I was really angry at this little old Chinese man, but I was! I was livid! I had just threatened to kill him and I barely even knew him..but I'd heard enough.

“You have just made a mistake boy” he croaked from the pavement, hatred welling in his eyes “And an enemy!” He pointed his right ring finger at me and it glowed. A beam shot out and Craig, who escaped the diner table, tackled me out of the way as it burnt a hole right through him!

“CRAIG!” I went to my friend who had a clean hole burnt through his stomach, it was almost cartoonish if it wasn't so real and horrid.

Craig looked at me and smiled and whispered “It’s okay” and his eyes rolled back in his head. I could feel my anger building and my hands clenched a red energy, my mouth began to form words I’d never learnt as turned towards the Mandarin who hand clambered to his feet.

“My ring” he ordered extending his gnarled fingers towards me

“Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!” I pointed at him and he was ensnared in bands of mystical red like hogtied cattle

“What trickery is this?” he yelled, struggling against them. He fired his ring downwards which only drilled a clean hole into the pavement

“It’s magic! Now I was possibly going to GIVE you this ring” I dangled his ring that I had in front of him “But after you try to kill me and my friend”

“I’d didn’t try” he rasped “Your friend is dead”

“Really?” said Craig as he stood up “Don’t feel dead. Maybe I’m a zombie. Brains!” He staggered comically towards the Mandarin “We better go”

“I thought that maybe some who has had two hundred years to contemplate and even rectify the mistakes they’ve made might be a little bit nicer. I’m going to keep this ring for a while” I turned to leave then saw a squad of Iron Army soldiers heading our way “And if they catch you they’ll probably dissect you to find out how you’re still alive and reverse engineer that destructo-ring you’ve got. North or South?”

“What are blabbering about boy!” he spat ‘When I get free…”

He continued to rant, I ignored and made the choice for him “It’s Warstar, Daniel Warstar; not boy! Now you look like a guy who hasn’t had enough penguins in his life. South it is…Conjurors Cone!” I waved my hands and he disappeared in a cloud of yellow glitter

“You didn’t…y’know” Craig pointed up to the Sun

“No!” I exclaimed “South Pole. He needed to chill”

Craig looked at me “Did you study the Peter Parker handbook of bad puns?”

“The what?”

“Never mind, we gotta jet” Craig started running; I follow up behind him as we darted through the crowd. We went back to my hotel and I packed up my gear,

“So what now?” asked Craig

“I’m not sure” I said “I think I’ve completed my vision quest…but who can tell”

“Well this may help you in your journey” Craig reached into his pocket and pulled out an ornate gold brooch

“Are you proposing?” I asked

“No! This was given to me by Stephen for safe keeping. I think it you should have it You showed me something I haven't seen in a while kid; heroism"

I tried not to blush “What is it?” I asked as I took it from his palm

“It’s called the Eye of Agamotto. It does magic as far as I know”

“The Eye of Agamotto” as the words left my lips the brooch hummed an ethereal sound and hovered into the air and then placed itself around my neck, seemingly coming to life. Suddenly my brain was flooded with images; I got dizzy and fell over!

“Are you okay Daniel?” asked Craig as he brought me some water “You went pale and fell over”

“Do you have a spare set of clothes?” I asked Craig, slightly unsure of what I was asking but knowing it was what needed to be done.


“I need to save a wicker chair from a sewer…and then I think I’m going to join an army” I said cryptically, which was confusing for both Craig and myself because I had no idea why I was being cryptic. Looks like I had another vision quest

South Pole

The Mandarin stood on the freezing, desolate plain of ice in the midst of a massive crowd of very vocal emperor penguins, still bound by the bands.

“WARSTAR!” he yelled into the frigid winds

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"Braaaaains" hahaha Awesome. Looking forward to more!

The Mandarin will have his revenge someday! :P

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@TheWholeDamnShow: Just a little dig at Marvel Zombies :) Oh the Mandarin will be back, they all come back

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@batkevin74: Great job

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@joshmightbe: Thanks man

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Bumped for referencing