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Continued from http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-warstar-part-7/655780/

I had the greasiest breakfast I have ever eaten. It could’ve only of been greasier if I’d ordered fried grease in a bowl of lard coated in liquid fat! But it was so tasty and cheap, but kinda what I’d expect for empty carbs, fried cholesterol and a tonne of sugar

“Good?” asked Craig

“This is amazing!” I said with a mouthful of food “It’s so bad for me, but I don’t care”

“Best in the city” said Craig as he downed his coffee

“So do you know what this is?” I placed the ring on the table

“Wow a Mandarin ring!” said Craig as he examined the ring “Only heard about these. Let me tell you tale young Daniel”

I couldn’t help but smile, he looked about forty but he was way over two hundred

“Tony died and Dr Strange tried to kill Stryfe, better known now as The Supreme Commander. Stryfe was all enchanted and Stephen wasn’t able to touch him, even with all his power. So Stephen took his revenge out on The Mandarin who had helped Stryfe make the world the beautiful place it is today. Stephen cursed the Mandarin to feel all the pain the Iron Army caused and cast his ten rings to corners of the earth. If he could retrieve all his rings, he’d be free of his curse and die. If he couldn’t he’d live every day in agony and pain until he did”

‘A bit of a Mexican 22”

“You mean Catch 22” Craig laughed “I forget how much language has changed sometimes. Nutcage, Starking, I-Dent”

“By the way thanks for this” I held up my new I-Dent card

“No problems, it’ll pass muster but on a close inspection they’ll see its fake” said Craig

“So the Mandarin walks the earth, in pain looking for this and nine others” I said

“As far as I know. I’m betting that over the last two centuries he’s gotten at least one maybe two back, he always was a canny old bastard back…in…the…day” Craig trailed off looking out the window

“Are you okay Craig?”

“Take look across the street at the weird Asian guy”

I looked where Craig had described and there was a wizened old Asian man glaring at them

“Is that?”

“Mandarin” I said as I scooped up the ring

“What are you doing?” cried Craig as he grabbed my wrist

“I’m going to give him back his ring” I said, my arm tensing under his grip

“Daniel, he’s a bad guy! A villain! He’s partially responsible for the way the world is!” said Craig as he stood up, his grip continuing

“We’re all responsible for how the world is” I said as I placed my other hand on Craig’s wrist to attempt to release his grip

“He deserves it!” stated Craig

“ENOUGH!” I glared at Craig and the patrons began to stare at us “Craig, I’ve only just met you and you seem like a nice guy but if you keep this up I’ll knock you across the room”

“Daniel as someone who is older, wiser and more involved in this, if you try and give that ring to him I’ll put you in the ground” Craig stared at me, his eyes showing he wasn’t joking

“Bit late for Spider Man for you to grow a spine” It was deliberate, inflammatory and got me exactly what I deserved for saying it to Craig; a smack in the face. I fell back into my seat but I didn’t release my grip on him. I pulled him down and across the table “Shame being immortal doesn’t come with strength” I used my eyes and magic’d the table to wrap around Craig, trapping him in it as I took the ring “I’m sorry I’ve said some mean things, it wasn’t out of spite or malice"


“And you’ll be here to rectify after I’m gone Craig if it all turns to manure” I said as I left the diner

I crossed the street and walked up towards the old man “Are you the Mandarin?” I asked

“I am” he croaked, his eyes were bloodshot, the lines on his face a mix of age and scars

Maybe it was Craig’s story or the way he reacted or just because it was the right thing to do; I punched the man square in the face knocking him off his feet and onto his ass! He looked up from the pavement at me, slightly shocked

“You want this?” I asked “Well best you start telling me why you deserve this you heartless bastard!” I dangled the ring in front of him “And if it’s not to my liking; I’ll teleport you into the sun!”

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great chapter

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Thanks man! Warstar is fun