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This follows on from http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-daredevil-vs-warstar/653747/#3

I got the hell as far away from that iron clawed bastard as I could, I was in no shape to deal with him. Jumped on a hover tram and I was away. By the way did you know that New York City’s hover trams are basically incredibly slow, mobile homeless shelters? No, neither did I until I got on and was punched in the face by the most ridiculous smell! I could’ve vomited and it would’ve only improved the smell

When I got off at the harbour and was promptly accosted by an Iron Soldier who obviously had nothing better to do

“I-Dent card!” he bellowed as he chewed gum inside his helmet like a cow chewing cud

“Where do I get one from?” I asked him


“I don’t have one” I said “I’m from Arizona and out...”

“Don’t wanna hear your sob story”

“I’m just trying to...”

“Shut it!” he grabbed me by the collar and thumped me up against the wall “Every starking day I get whiny stories and every starking day I beat the hell out of a dozen people! Now either you cough up some credits or I break all them pearly whites!”

‘You’re robbing me?” I stared at my own reflection in his visor, imagining his stupid grin

“I’m tax collecting hillbilly”

“You’re supposed to protect people!” I began to lose my temper “Seriously asides from being a tool of oppression, you’re supposed to serve and protect!”

I had more but he then smashed me in the stomach

“You’re making a scene sir” it was soooo patronizing. He grabbed me by the throat and pinned me against the wall “And now we do this the hard way” His repulsor whirred to life

“Okay” my fingers tingled and I grabbed his chest and parted his armour off him like parting a curtain. This overweight unshaven guy in a frilly thong stood there completely dumbstruck looking at his protective shell that was no longer protecting him. I grabbed him and slammed him into the wall!

“What are you wearing?”

“Um...it’s my wife’s”

“You don’t have a wife!”


I shook my head “Asides from the fact the sight of you will possibly turn me straight, let’s talk about what your job actually is! You are supposed to protect people. Even though you’re part of this great global tyranny your job has to entail more than just robbing citizen’s of their lunch money, doesn’t it?”

“Yes sir”

“Oh don’t get sarcastic. A few moments ago you were all tough”

“A few moments ago I had my armour on”

“And god don’t I wish that was still true!” He quivered like jelly “You’re a policeman! You serve and protect! Sure you can be a bit of an ass but at the end of the day your job is to make the city run smoothly. How does robbing people make your job any easier?”

He looked at me like a deer in the headlights, a stupid overweight thong wearing deer!

“Why am I wasting my breath on you? You’re an idiot! I should use my new found magic powers to give you a brain tumour!” I raised my hand, purple electricity coursed over my hand and he whimpered “Or maybe I’ll just change your brain chemistry so you’ll be a nicer person”

He cowered like a scolded puppy. I held my hand over him tauntingly and then realized I was doing to him what he’d been doing to everyone else for goodness knows how long

“Stand up”


“I said stand up!” This guy was trying my patience. He slowly stood up and looked me in the eye “I’m going to give you some advice. Do with it what you will. One; lose some weight! Two; stop being such an ass! Three; get a new job because you suck at this one!”

“Yessir, yessir”

“Why don’t I believe you?” I looked at this fat freak and shook my head stepped back “Go home”

He scampered away and I stood there watching his disgusting body wobble out of view. I don’t drink but I think I’ll learn. I ambled down the street and I found this cheap place to crash for a while, it was basically a comfy place to do drugs and bang hookers...it said so on the sign! I signed in as A Pache, it made me laugh but it was totally lost on the stoned space cadet you took my credits and handed me a key. I got into the room that made the word filthy inadequate. I went to try to cast a spell to clean it up but was too tired. I avoided the bed and flopped into the couch and promptly passed out


Iron Claw stood on 52nd St pacing like a tiger in a cage. Four Iron Soldiers stood nearby blocking the street off as two Ferrum technicians analysed the invisible barrier containing The Supreme Commander’s personal killing machine. He’d been inside for three hours.

“What is the hold up?” snarled Iron Claw

“Technically there is nothing here sir” said the Junior Technician as he ran a scanner over the barrier

Iron Claw slashed his claw at the man’s face “Actually there is!” He jumped back thankful there WAS something protecting him from what certainly would’ve killed him

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I like the direction this story is heading

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@joshmightbe: I'm trying to have Warstar make an actual difference and do heroic things as opposed to just fighting bad guys like most comic book heroes these days. When was the last time Superman did something heroic...scrap that the new 52 ruined him, Batman but did make Aquaman better. But yeah I decided to try something and make a hero

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He's just wearing a thong while he's inn his armor? YUCK! That's nasty dude! Another good story

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@tomdickharry1984: Well each to their own I say...but yeah he's a bit yuck that fat ole bastich! :)