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Bertoki is surrounded by a Shield of the Seraphim. I can see a small figure near the centre of town, surrounded by people. One of them is the source. My problem is the both the New Latverian army and the Iron Army are shelling the place, trying to crack the shield as if it were a nut.

As the information flows to me from the Eye of Agamotto, a Shield of the Seraphim can withstand strikes from demonic lords and is based primarily upon the will of the caster. So a novice’s shield though whilst strong can crack under enough force; an experienced caster could effectively prevent the Great Spirit himself from breaking in.

I raise my hammer and combine it with a spell. The sky darkens, clouds roll in and seconds later a furious storm lands upon Bertoki. Hopefully wet weather, freezing rain, high winds and booming thunder will keep both sides from doing themselves and each other any harm until I can work out how to get into the city…why don’t I just teleport?

Ahhh brain freeze! The Eye forces images of splatting, death and general unpleasantness meaning obviously if you try to teleport in, you die! Great! I walk towards the shield to study the moat that’s been made as well which now makes Bertoki an island. Does the shield go under?

I step into the watery trench and dive down. Yup it’s a sphere! All I’ve managed to do is get wet and not in a good way! I slap the shield in frustration and MY HAND PASSES THROUGH IT!

“No way!” I put my hand through the shield like its well nothing. Either whoever cast the spell wants me inside, I’ve cast something to get me inside, or Shields of the Seraphim aren’t all that great!

From what I can see Bertoki is held together by sheer stubbornness! The city is crumbling, walls pock marked with bullet holes and laser burn. Walls covered and recovered in New Latverian and Iron Army markings. This city has been a chess piece, moved back and forth with no real regard for the inhabitants. It’s kinda depressing! It’s also eerily quiet; the shield keeps out the sound, weird. I reach the town square where a small boy hovers in the air. He can’t be older than maybe ten I guess. His face is strained, he’s sweating and he looks like he hasn’t eaten because all his effort is going into the shield. The crowd gathered around him is tense.

“Ummm hi!”

The crowd turn. Some fearful, some angry, most confused by yours truly; a Native American infused with Asgardian power with a hammer, an ice ring and big yellow brooch around his neck.

“I’m here to help”

A woman pushed her way through the crowd, practically falling at my feet clawing at me “Please! PLEASE! Help my Kushie! A week he flies!”


“Kushtrim Bajuk, my son! Please he’s just a boy!” Tears stream down her face.

“I’ll try” I walk towards Kushtrim, he looks tired “Hey there!”

“H-hello” the words are barely a whisper

“Would you like a hand?”

He nods.

“Okay people! I need you all to step back!” I wave my arms to disperse the crowd. They’re like stupid sheep. One side moves away the other side moves in. So I slam the hammer down and let of a big impressive light show which finally gets them all back. I then use the ice ring to make a small fence around us.

“Okay Kushtrim I’m going to take over your spell, but to do that, I need you to let go”

“C-can’t! I’m… protecting…the city”

“I can see that, and you’re doing an excellent job. But you need to eat and sleep. So if you let go, I can help”

He looks at me, his eyes wide with terror and sleep deprivation. I don’t think he knows how to.

“Kushtrim, I need you to take a deep breath for me in five seconds. Okay. Five, four, three, two, one, breathe!” The little boy takes a deep breath as I cast the Mists of Morpheus in his face; he slips into a slumber and plummets to the ground. Then it all goes starking crazy! The barrier drops, the storm I conjured roars to life above ripping the silence, rain pelts down, I catch Kushtrim, just as them Iron Army idiots decide NOW would be a good time to bombard the city with missiles.

“Oh let’s hopes this works!” I spin the hammer and thrust it skywards as the words jump from my lips “By the seven rings of Raggadorr! By Cyttorak's crimson bands! I send thee through the unseen door! Go where I command!”

A haze of purplish-blue inhabits the air and suddenly they’re all gone, even the rain, like a I cut that piece of the sky out and shunted it into a few feet from the sun, which is where I intended…I hope I don’t cause more problems, better than dumping that kind of on say the ocean or Chicago…man this hero stuff is hard!

I summon my own Shield of the Seraphim to guard the city and turn to Kushtrim and his mother. He’s dead to the world, cradled in his mother’s arms.

“What did you do to him?!”

“I let him sleep. He really needs it”

“Thank you”

“Don’t thank me just yet Mrs Kushtrim; you may not like what comes next”


I spend a few days in Bertoki until Kushtrim recovered. My shield is holding but I do wonder for how long after I’ve gone will it last? Does Bertoki just get a fortnight’s reprieve from all the stupid fighting and invasion before it starts again? I consider creating a column under the city and sending it skywards, but then my guess is that they’ll blow the column out from under it solving virtually nothing. Man this is hard, no simple solutions. Easier to crawl back into bed with…oh my stark I just left without saying a word to Grigori! Man he’s gonna be starked! Dammit! Seems being a hero and having a life completely separate things!

My brain has been filling with imagery again when I sleep. More cryptic weird stuff than makes really no sense until I’m obviously where I need to be, which from what I can work out is China. Images of skeletons on fire, chopsticks, dragons, a pumpkin full of lava and a mountain covered in Chinese symbols…

“Excuse me mister?”

I turn to see Kushtrim, looking way healthier than when I first met him, standing before me holding a small red velvet bag. “Yes Kushtrim”

“I met a horse, in my head. He said you were going to take me far away from my mother”

“Well only if you want to.” I explained “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want”

“Will my city be safe?”

I looked at the boy and shrugged “I don’t know. I’ve cast my own version of your spell but I’m really not sure if it will last if I’m not around to keep it going”

“Walter said this might help” Kushtrim pulled a small stone from the bag that floated up into the air

“A Norn Stone!” I couldn’t believe I actually knew what it was before I got magically told by the Eye “My Aunt has one of those”

“If we make this the basis of the spell…”

“It should work!” I smile at the boy “Do you want to help?” His face lit up “Because I really don’t know what I’m doing and I’ll take any help I can get”


Queen Carol stood on the battlements of Castle Doom looking across Doomstadt. It really was a beautiful city; she could begin to see why Doom fought so hard to protect it all these years.

“Your majesty?”

Carol turned “Seriously? When are you people going to STOP with…” She looked at the nineteen year old who probably didn’t know any better “What is it?”

“Report from Major Evander ma’am” As he shakily handed over a holo-pad.

“Major Holly Evander, your majesty” stated the striking strawberry blonde on the holo-pad.

“And?” Carol glared at her, a little bit jealous of her beauty and youth.

“You wanted to be updated on Bertoki ma’am as per your ord…”

“Get on with it then!” Carol snapped then pausing at what a bitch she was being.

“The city of Bertoki remains enveloped in an opaque spherical shield, resistant to all the weapons we and the Iron Army have at ou…”

“Are you shelling the city?”


“Are you idiots shelling a city, simply because it has a barrier around it? Are you stupid? Cease and desist! NOW!”

The young woman was taken aback by the dressing down “Yes ma’am!”

“Anything else?”

“A message from someone called Daniel ma’am. He said he’s going to China and did you want anything?”

Carol smiled and flicked off the holo-pad “Daniel Warstar, what are you up too?


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Can we assume Ghost Rider is making a come back soon? He's in china and he's a flaming skeleton

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@joshmightbe: Someone's picked up on something! :)

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@batkevin74: My grammar sucks but my comprehension is usually spot on

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@joshmightbe: Ha ha ha!

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@batkevin74: Might of the makings of an Iron Age Midnight Sons team there

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@joshmightbe: Where is Morbius btw? I keep threatening to use him

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@batkevin74: He's still on that boat with the speedster and the guy playing host to Mephisto and Ares' dogs

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@joshmightbe: Hmmmm may do something with that if I'm able to