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(Rated M-MA, all owned by Marvel, I'm just playing etc etc)

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So I get home to see my family with the rest of the Fantastic Force, which by the way we were really neither! But my ancestors did reap some revenge when I conjured the ghost dance on that Asgardian wolf guy, which is good. Then my life went into overdrive, AGAIN! I took Kaine Reilley aka The Scarlet Spider, out for a vision quest because Walter the rollerskating horse came into my head…yeah you think it’s crazy, try being me!

Anyways I end up in Nevada helping a horse faced guy who looked like if Magni & a horse had kids; his name is Beta Ray Bill and he is such a nice guy, who calls me his red hammer brother because I now possess an Asgardian hammer which has given me a killer body. I had a nice body before but now it’s like buff and hums with power, I kinda turn myself on!

So Bill & I ended up in New Latveria and took on a man of my dreams…well not in that way, my vision quest man Thanos. He was after some trinkets called the Infinity Gems. I did what I try to do, solve problems with talking, reason and non violence.

“Excuse me Mr Thanos?”

Thanos looked up at me as I floated down “Are you my next victim?”

“No, no I’m not. I’d really like to talk to you to see if we can solve this peacefully”

Thanos broke out into laughter “Peacefully?”

“Yes sir”

“I think I’ll enjoy killing you”

“What will you do when everyone’s dead?” I asked

Thanos stopped “What?”

“What will you do when everyone’s dead? It’s a pretty simply question. I mean, according to this” I tapped the Eye of Agamotto “You once killed a third of the universe…to impress a girl? Really? You killed a bazillion people just to get a girl to like you?”


“No, I’m just asking questions. Let’s say you get the Infinity Bracelet back together again, what will you do? Kill EVERYTHING just to try to impress her again? What if that doesn’t work?”

Thanos eyes bore holes into me.

“I’m not making fun…well I am a little, but mainly I‘m just trying to understand why you’ve travelled across the universe, just to kill everything to get a girl to like you, who wasn’t impressed last time you did it?”

Thanos stood silent, his shoulders, ever so slightly slumped.

“I’m tired of fighting Mr Thanos.” I said “I’d really love if you and I, could work out a compromise or something, and then you went back to wherever you come from and maybe I can find a nice boy to go out on a date with, because all I’ve done so far is just bounce from conflict to conflict”

“You wield a hammer” stated Thanos



“I believe so” I shrugged

“A storm god killed my son”

“I’m truly sorr…oh Great Spirit protect me!”

From that point on, I was pretty much bitch slapped about, beaten…he even pulled my hair! But at the end of the day Dr Doom saved the world from Thanos by sacrificing himself in what I could work out was a magical version of a suicide bomb.

Since then I’ve been hanging in the court of Queen Ms Danvers as her magical advisor. It’s been boring! I’m free to do whatever I want, since the only real magical things going on in New Latveria are weapons owned by Ares, Jason & Perun. Several SHIELD agents want to take the ice ring I got from the Mandarin and reverse engineer it, but I don’t think that’s a good idea at all. I do use it to make ice cubes for the ball held in the castle when the freezers broke though.

Ares keeps giving me strange looks, like I’m a threat to his alpha male spot. And I could be, if I was my brother I’d be Ms Danvers minister of war with my magical eye, magic ice ring and enchanted hammer; but I’m not and I really don’t like fighting. So Ares can glare all he likes…maybe he likes me and is afraid of his sexuality?

Queen Ms Danvers has asked me to cast some spells of protection on the castle, but I’m unable to, because of enchantments Dr Doom had already put on the place. Best I could do was make it rain over the castle and that gave me a nosebleed!

But the one good thing about New Latveria is Grigori. He’s well, he’s my boyfriend! He’s a soldier who use to serve Doom in the New Latverian Army and now serves Ms Danvers. He’s tall, built, mousy brown hair and…good with weapons. But like all good things in my life, I get another one of these visions and my life seems to be about to go crazy!

“Hello Daniel”

“Dr Strange. Am I asleep?”

“I don’t know Daniel”

“You mystic guys sure love being cryptic. Would it kill you to just be straight down the line?”

“Very well. You are to gather the candidates for the Winding Way. The Sorcerer Supreme will be chosen”

“Cool! That actually sounds like fun”

Dr Strange shook his head and began to fade away.

“Hey Doc”

“Yes Daniel?”

“You’re dead right?”


“So how do you keep coming back to talk to me?”

“Magic Daniel, magic”

“DANIEL!” I open my eyes to find Queen Ms Danvers and Ares staring at me like I’m retarded. She isn’t very happy, she seems angrier now “Did you hear what I said?”

“Actually no, I was…”

“Child” Ares mumbled under his breath.

“Hey!” I pointed at Ares “Was that really necessary? Do you feel better for trying to get me angry or feel small?”

Ares face had a scowl etched on it and was about to launch into something when Queen Ms Danvers interjected “I need you to go to Bertoki”

“And where is that?”

“Border town. Keeps changing sides when the battlefront moves. From what I know it hasn’t been on our side or the Iron Army’s side for any longer than a month before we or they, take it back.”


She smiled, not a big one “See, this is why I like you Daniel”

“Thank you, your Miss Queen-ness” I stuck my tongue out at Ares, who actually recoiled in well either shock, disgust or reigning in a desire to kiss me are my guesses. “Can I ask why?”

She opened up a holo-pad and showed me images of the city, protected by a wall of force.

“That’s a Shield of the Seraphim!” I told her “And I only know that because the eye of Agamotto just put the answer in my brain”

“Another reason I keep you around”

“Like a…” Ares started but Carol shot him a glance that caused him to bite his tongue. I can see why he and Darius hate each other; they’re both starks!

“Sure. I needed to go there anyways, coz you know when I zoned out I had a vision about, well it’s hard to explain but I need to meet someone there and someone in Indakistan and a few others. I don’t think I’ll be back Queen Ms Danvers!”

She smiled and kissed me on the cheek “You’re a good kid Daniel Warstar. Good luck”

I looked at Ares and just went for it, planting a big sloppy kiss on his cheek “Miss you big guy!” He didn’t know whether to explode with rage or charge out of the room ha ha ha! I spun my hammer and recited a spell “Wings of Odin. Winds of Watoob. Take me to Bertoki”

So now I’m outside the city of Bertoki. Lined up on the New Germany side is a veritable army from the Iron Army. Iron Sentinels, troops, war trucks, they’ve got a massive show of force. On the New Latverian side is an equally impressive force. In the middle is this, now island of the city of Bertoki surrounded by a magical shield being generated by someone inside the city. All these people are potentially going to die for a piece of land about three miles by three miles. I contemplate casting a spell to make them all go home, but that’s not my place. People have to make their own bad decisions; it’s not up to me to force their minds to think differently. I could, but that would make me no better than the Supreme Commander.

Utilising the hammer’s powers and with a little push from the Eye of Agamotto, I conjure up one hell of a storm to give me cover as I try to work out HOW to get into the city of Bertoki.


Wonder how the city of Bertoki got like it did? Well check it out: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-tales-from-the-empire-part-22/738261/

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Links directly into this!

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Links directly into this!

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