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People think that this life is terrible. Well they probably have it pretty good compared to me. They’re probably not Native American, not a mutant and not gay. See on the great totem pole of life I’m somewhere near the bottom

I can trace my lineage back to the Meetings of the Great Eights that occurred when Black Crow called to save the people of the plains. He had gazed into the holy smoke and saw a time that would be worse for our people, and that’s saying something coz we’ve been treated like dirt since the white man got to the America’s. Black Crow convinced the Great Eights that by combining, to forget the past to preserve the future, that we would have a chance. Apache, Cheyenne, Inuit, Keewazi, Navajo and Sarcee would now be one tribe, The Tribe. Many cords to make one united unbreakable rope. They left the white world and relocated to the Puma’s secret land in Arizona to begin anew.

But the outside world could never leave them alone, like the days of the Indian Wars you kept encroaching. And in something you’ll never find in a history book was the Nation of The Plain’s Last Stand of 2029.

My ancestors assembled in Montana to show the Iron Men that we meant to have a place in the future, even if it cost them their lives. Forge, Warpath, American Eagle, Shaman, Red Wolf, Puma and Wyatt Wingfoot were the war party. They took the ironic position on the old site of the Battle of Greasy Grass and took on the might of the Iron Men. I wish I could tell you that the spirits of Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were with them that day...It was a slaughter! My ancestors fought to protect their future; their sons and daughters hidden in the secret land in Arizona along with their partners: Echo, Talisman, Moonstalker, Mirage, Snowbird, Witch Woman.

Over the next hundred and eighty years we hid and selectively interbred, like a eugenic tapestry. But soon, the sound of the Great Spirit called and its call was unmistakeable. My generation was to emerge from the safety of our hidden land and join the future so OUR children may one day have a future.

My name is Daniel Warstar. I am of the Tribe from the First Nation Of The Plains. I am a mutant. I am also gay.

My powers are a mystery to me and to most others as I can do just about everything, but nothing really well. My brother James Warbear can summon the powers of the animals. My sister Lori Warbird can fly and summon bolts of thunder. My cousin Daniel Twowing has strength.

My vision quest has led me to New York in search of a ring. The ring may have to wait as I’ve just spotted a tac-sphere hovering near the Bloomberg Tower and its sounds like there’s some kids up there. I get to make my debut in a costume based on my ancestor James Proudstar and carrying his knives into battle.

Great Spirit, watch over me


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(Warstar is an original cretaion by me, set in the Marvel Universe, descended from Marvel Universe characters...so they own them, I own him...I think. But if push comes to shove, he's all yours Marvel, I'd just like a mention.)

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@batkevin74: good intro

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Great Spirits!

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He he he "See on the great totem pole of life I’m somewhere near the bottom" is that an unintentionle joke about his, yknow

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Nice job bro! I'm half Native American so Warstar is already pretty damn awesome in my book. (I dont really have a book)

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@tomdickharry1984 said:

He he he "See on the great totem pole of life I’m somewhere near the bottom" is that an unintentionle joke about his, yknow

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Bumped so I can remember where & what I'm doing with him

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Just in case you wanted to use Forge or Warpath, they're both dead by 2029 which is before the April Incident

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Thanks, but I wasn't going to use either of those guy.

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@TheCannon:Okay, sweet

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Bumped, because I'm really proud of this character and he deserves a wider reading. Maybe this will also inspire me to get back into my Iron Age writing

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Ahhh the Iron Age. I have missed these (you should ALL get back into it). Gay mutant Indian hmmmmmm give him a peg leg and he'd hit every sterotype :P This really well written, bit sad too when the Apache heroes go out to fight but not come home. Good work

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