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Marvel Iron Age

War Machine:

The Thanos Sanction Tie-in

“Black team take the Chicago Iron Hall, no prisoners!” barked Cut-Throat “Indigo team into Ferrum, take the ground floor! Blue team sweep the outside. If you spot the Supreme Commander call it in. Grey team with me!”

[Did Cut-Throat name them so they’d be scary or something?] War Machine’s on board A.I. asked, reading the signal from beneath Ferrum HQ.

“I’ve never even heard of Cut-Throat.” Weapon Twenty answered, flying full speed for the Chicago Iron Hall. “I’d rather be in New Latveria or Belarus.”

[I guess Black team will have to do. Chicago won’t last if the Iron Hall goes down.]

Weapon Twenty flew and saw smoke seeping from the Iron Hall. He was too late. Iron soldiers were engaged with Creed’s and Stalkers. Weapon Twenty scanned the area, the team defending the Hall were a small force while the rest of the army was engaged elsewhere in the city. [They’re getting slaughtered!]

Weapon twenty rocketed toward the middle of the battle, firing his flame throwers into a line of charging creeds.

Weapon Twenty shot back into the air and fired missiles from both shoulder mounted launchers. The explosion ripped the center of the group apart, sending the fiery limbs of several Creeds and Stalkers flying in every direction. The Iron soldiers who had been fighting the battle beforehand cheered in recognition and charged forward. They fired their repulsor beams into the remains of Black team.

[Some things coming from behind us fast!]

A terrible roar ripped through the air and before Weapon Twenty’s A.I could pick it up he was swatted to the ground. He left a large crater in front of what used to be the gates of the Iron Hall. “Whoa— what was that?” Before and answer could be given an intense energy blast knocked him out of the crater and into the sewer below.


Weapon Twenty’s vision went red and an invisible pulse cascaded the underground. [Duck!]

The War Machine did as he was told the same beam singed his helmet and demolished the brick wall in front of him. Weapon Twenty turned around and saw the creature as plain as day. It had the shape of a man, though its limbs were contorted and looked painful to move. The wings on its back gave it flight and it had the head of a pterodactyl.

[A sauron? Thought those were discontinued?]

The creature opened its mouth and prepared for another energy attack. “Max shields!” Weapon Twenty ordered as the sauron fired. The beam was deflected by the force bubble surrounding Twenty. Weapon Twenty got in close to the creature; the sauron tried swiping at him with both arms. “My turn.”

Weapon Twenty grabbed both of the sauron's arms and yanked them apart at the shoulder. Blood spurted out at the nubs. Weapon Twenty’s right forearm was enveloped in a digital haze and a large cannon took its place. [This is called over kill.]

Above ground the street shook and a large part of it collapsed near the spot where the black and red clad armored soldier crashed. The Iron soldiers were taken completely by surprise and the Iron Hall was sure to fall. The armored soldier gave them a fighting chance at holding this position and it would not be wasted. “Come on you apes! You wanna live forever?!” Shouted and Iron soldier as he pushed forward through the horde that attacked the Hall.

He turned to his men and for a quick moment he saw a flash of black and red fly from the ground and into the sky over the battle. He heard a tune that had to be at least two hundred years old projected onto the field.

Generals gathered in their masses Just like witches at black masses Evil minds that plot destruction Sorcerers of death's construction In the fields the bodies burning As the war machine keeps turning Death and hatred to mankind Poisoning their brainwashed minds Oh lord yeah!

Friendly shout out to and I hope this is okay I reread the whole of Thanos Sanction and didn't see anything about the Iron Hall in Chicago so I figured this little thing wouldn't hurt. I'll make changes if need be.

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Great job and Props for the Starship Troopers reference

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@joshmightbe said:

Great job and Props for the Starship Troopers reference

Caught me red handed. Thanks for reading.

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@Time_Phantom: I almost missed it

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@Time_Phantom: NICE! That's a beautiful tie-in, don't change a thing.

@Time_Phantom said:

“I’ve never even heard of Cut-Throat.” Weapon Twenty answered

Ha ha ha poor Cut-Throat, nobody's even heard of him. He gets really hammered...probably because he's an a$$! :)

All that AND Black Sabbath! Good stuff

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@batkevin74: Thanks dude. Sabbath just felt right for what I was doing here.

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@Time_Phantom: Very appropriate

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@Time_Phantom: Casually bumped