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Rated MA due to violence and blood, there's some blood in this one. It's also a bit long but well worth it. Continued from: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-x-faction-part-2/721526/#9

Cam glanced over his shoulder and saw the large muscled man behind him “You wanna try and kill me huh? Well eat this!” Cam turned and fired a pulsed from his hands, a surge of blue electricity zapped out, ionizing the air and smashing into the big guy…who smiled and clamped his hands either side of Cam’s head.

“Thanks for the boost kid!” said the big guy who seemed to get bigger from the attack “I’m Crank! I absorb energy and you just pumped me up, big time!”

“How about a blast in the frontal lobe?” joked Drake as he phased into the tunnel and telepathically assaulted Crank, causing the big man to scream and release Cam.

“What’s going on Ghost?” asked Zephyr “You aren’t in position!”

“Down with Shocker, dealing with…” Drake stopped talking as the air around him started to solidify “Is it me or is it getting cold?”

“That’d be me” said the boy, his hands & eyes radiating waves of cold. The redhead with the tri-RPG took aim at them as the razor-bladed sliver chewing man watched and took in everything.

“Tank wants to know if you fools need him to come back?” crackled Tank over the radio.

“Stick to the plan Tank!” replied Cam as he fired up and energy shield.

“What was the plan again?” asked Ghost cheekily

“Guy’s there’s like a battalion of tin men above you” whispered Zephyr into her comms “Stark! This is getting worse”

“STARKING STARK HOLE!” roared Crank as he got up and charged at Ghost. Drake gulped and phased; the big man running through him and into Shocker’s back. Shocker’s shield exploded into a burst knocking the redhead’s tri-RPG up which caused her to fire her weapon, exploding the street above in a massive hail of bitumen which the young boy managed to throw up a shield catching the explosion mid-burst in what would look like art if it didn’t attract the attention of the twenty Iron Soldiers that were onsite.

“You better be worth it Salazar!” muttered the sliver man as he spat his toothpick out and shot up out of the hole, across the frozen explosion and into the sea of Iron Soldiers.

“Hey!” Ghost shot up after him.

Cam got to his feet as did Crank and the other two. “Stop looking at him Izzy, freeze him!”

“Oh this is starked!” groaned Zephyr as she focused her eyes and placed her finger on the trigger of her pulse rifle as she zeroed in on the eye socket of an Iron Soldier.


Tank stood in front of the St Louis Iron Hall. The massive building sat in the heart of the city, itself a veritable city. He’d been here before, as a child. Tank slapped his forehead as if trying to knock the bad memories out of his head. “Tank’s back starkers!” He ran full pace through the front doors and into the desk where three unarmoured members of the Iron Army dove for cover. Tank was just like his namesake, slamming and destroying everything in his path. He grabbed a scrambling soldier by the back of the head.

“Tank wants to know which level the armoury is?!” The soldier squealed as the big black hand slowly applied pressure “Tank asked you a question fool!”

“Su-sub level f-f-four” cried the soldier.

“Tank gotta make sure you aint lyin’” He stomped his foot down repeatedly on the floor, cracking a hole in the floor below. “Tank don’t like liars!”


“Attack formation omega!” The Iron Soldiers formed a perimeter and began laying suppressing fire, pinning down X-Faction and the other mutants. Ghost hovered in mid-air as several Hunter units circled above him.


“Stay ghosted Ghost” she replied “Where’s Cam?”

“Dealing with gun girl and freezer boy” he replied looking down at Shocker trading bolts with the ice generating kid and the redhead whilst evading the punches of the big man named Crank.


“Some nutcages”

“Anthony Salazar! You have been sentenced to death!” came the booming mechanized voice

“Oh stark!” Drake realised they were talking to him “Zeph, what’d I do?”

“Stay ghosted, stay in the air” she directed “I got you covered, we just need to give Tank time”

The razor-bladed man launched at some Iron Soldiers, slicing into one before getting a blow to the chest which sent him skidding back. Drake looked down at him, rolled his eyes upwards and flew down to him.“Take my hand!” said Drake. He hesitated before grabbing a hold, Drake phasing both of them “Stay close and don’t annoy me”

“I’m Razor”

“I don’t really care” said Drake as concentrated as several repulsor blasts shot through them.


Tank crashed into the next level, concrete dust and rubble in his wake. He glanced around to see a room full of pulse rifles, Iron Soldier suits and other weaponry. He smiled broadly “Tank appreciates your honesty fool”

“S-so I can go?”

Tank looked at the man, his smiled quickly evaporating. The soldier burst into tears knowing what was coming next.



Shocker hit Crank with another energy blast and watched him get bigger again “Stark!”

“Keep it up, I get stronger” laughed Crank smashing his fists into the ground “Izzy! Help Razor! Scylla; call Blackbird! We need out!”

Izzy made an ice slide and flew up and out into the mayhem. Repulsor blasts clipped him and he fell out of the sky. Ghost looked up “Oh stark me!” He flew up, dragging Razor with him. Repulsor fire targeted on him “Oh this is starking stupid!”


Three soldiers went down as bullets slammed through their sockets and into their brains.

“SNIPER!” The soldiers ducked for cover allowing precious seconds for Ghost to unphase, catch Izzy, then phase again. He flew up towards Zephyr.

“NO! Other way!” screamed Zephyr through her comms “You’ll give up my posi…well done stark for brains!” Zephyr ran as three Hunters swooped in on her.


Tank wiped his hand on his pants and began gathering up weaponry when the secura-door at the other end hissed and shot open. A large man entered the room.

“By order of the Supreme Commander, you are sentenced to death!” the voice was hollow, metallic and utterly chilling.

“Tank don’t give a stark!” he fired a shot from the pulse rifle hitting the man square in the chest, to no avail. He looked down at the slight scuff mark and smiled, like a shark.

“Oh you will!” He charged at Tank. Tank dropped his armful of guns and charged also. The two smashed into each other like a sick car crash.

“Tank’s gonna rip you a new one fool!”

“Many have tried, all have failed” the man’s hands begun spinning like razor sharp helicopter blades “I am the premier killing machine of the Supreme Commander. I am Iron Cl…” Tank smashed the man in the jaw; he stumbled and wiped the blood from his mouth. Tank looked down at his hand; blood flowed from his knuckle from hitting the adamantium coated monster. He shook his hands loose and reformed his hands into fists before stepping in and smashing several blows into Iron Claw’s head.

“Tank don’t care who you are fool! Tank’s gonna rip your head off and kick it like a starkball!”


Crank grabbed Shocker by the wrists, lightning bolts shooting into the air “We just wanted to save Salazar you stupid stark!”

“There…is…no…Salazar!” grunted Shocker against the strain “That…guy who…brain blasted y-you…he’s my…teammate Ghost! This…was just a…ruse…so we could…get…our Tank…inside their…Iron Hall!”

Crank looked at Cam; deep into his eyes “Oh” He slowly released his grip “Well, we may have starked up!”

“You think?!” Cam shook his arms to get the feeling back “Zephyr sit-rep?”

“Kinda busy!” came the reply from the radio

“Ghost? Ghost?”

Little busy hereholding razor boy and an unconscious freezer boywhilst trying to stay ghosted and avoid Hunters and soldiers came Drake’s telepathic reply Little help?



Tank smashed a pulse rifle across Iron Claw’s face, the weapon splintered into pieces. Iron Claw lashed out with his whirling razor blades, slicing a thin line across Tank’s chest. Tank looked down at his shirt in horror.

“All bleed before Iron Claw. All die!” laughed the metal psychopath.

“Tank don’t care about blood! Tank care’s that you ripped Tank’s favourite shirt!” Tank gritted his teeth and roared “MY MOMMA GAVE ME THIS SHIRT!”

Iron Claw was taken aback by the sheer raw emotional outburst as Tank leap at him and slammed fists, knees, elbows and head butts into him, no style, no form, just a tornado of emotional rage as the large black man wailed on the Supreme Commander’s pet. Iron Claw lashed out splitting open Tank’s forearms but Tank just kept coming.

“MY MOMMA GAVE ME THIS SHIRT!’ screamed Tank as he shoved his thumb into Iron Claw’s eye and pressed, trying to get his hand wrist deep into his skull. Iron Claw’s blades sawed into Tank’s wrist sending gore, flesh and blood over them both, as still Tank pressed harder “TANK’S GONNA KILL YOU!”

Iron Claw slashed up catching Tank’s chin and splitting it to the bone, blood gushing from the underside of his neck. Tank clamped his hand on the wound as Iron Claw stumbled backwards. Tank looked at his hands, growled and grabbed another pulse rifle. He stepped in and broke it over Iron Claw’s head as he smashed his elbow across his nose. Iron Claw raised his hands making a whirling barrier of blades. “JUST COZ TANK’S BLEEDING; DON’T MEAN I’M FINISHED WITH YA!”


Holo-diary entry: If I don’t make it out of here, I hope someone uploads this to a holo-column and it inspires some…

“Are you gonna fight or talk to your box?” roared Crank as he pulled the arm off an Iron soldier.

End holo-diary

Shocker fired off a wave of surging electricity, the normal Iron Soldiers shorted out, the Hunters just ignored it. But they had other problems, Izzy had woken up and hail the size of bricks was raining down on them. The scene was chaos. St Louis shook to its foundations as energy, elements, machinery and bullets flew about the normally peaceful city. The sky above the ‘warzone’ was covered in shadow as a large grey ship shimmered into view. Scylla hung from a sling underneath it in a quad machinegun turret.

“Taxi service anyone?” she laughed as she pulled the trigger on the guns sending a metal storm of bullets, ripping through the Iron Soldiers and Hunters like hot knives through butter. The bomb bay doors opened and Zephyr leapt in. Ghost shot up with Razor and Izzy. Crank grabbed Shocker.

“Let’s go living lightning”


Iron Claw spat a metal tooth onto the floor, as a worried looked came across his face. He’d faced Scalphunter, Cut Throat, X-23, even hordes of Creeds; but nothing like this angry black man who just wouldn’t stop. He was bleeding from his neck, arms, chest, legs from several deep lacerations but still he came at him, each time angrier and landing more hits upon Iron Claw.


Iron Claw looked at the tiny panel on his wrist with two buttons behind dura-plas. One was to call back up to his location; the other was a personal one-way teleport to Chicago. Neither had even been used.

“Tank, where are you?” Cam’s voice echoed through the armoury.

“Tank’s where he should be fool!”

“Eta three minutes”

Tank smiled “We got three minutes before my friends get here. They’re just like me!” Tank picked up a rifle in each hand, wielding them like clubs “But until then, I’m just gonna keep smacking THE STARK OUTTA YOU!”


X-faction stood on one side looking at the others on the other side of the bomb bay. Scylla climbed in and shut the doors and tapped the hull “Let’s go Blackbird”

Shocker stepped forward “Thank you”

Scylla looked him up and down “You gonna try and hug me?”


“Okay!” said Scylla “And you’re welcome”

“Shouldn’t they be thanking us?” asked Ghost “I mean freezer face and slicey would be dead if I hadn’t save their starks!”

Cam shushed him over his shoulder “Let it go Drake”

“Oh stark no!” snapped Zephyr “These idiots caused all this, we’re lucky to be alive!”

“Wanna go bitch?” snarled Razor stepping forward

“Back off!” Cam’s eyes flared with a sizzle and pop of electricity, the air around him ionizing.

“Care to try that on me?” warned Crank as he stepped up cracking his neck.

“How about I put you back to sleep you giant stark!” warned Ghost as he stepped up to Crank.

“UPSTARTS!” An electronic voice ripped through the bomb bay “ENOUGH!”

“Yes Blackbird” all four said in childlike unison.

“Umm what was that?” asked Ghost looking around.

“That was me. I am Blackbird. You’re inside me. We have arrived at the St Louis Iron Hall to retrieve your friend”

Cam started “How did…”

“I monitored your radio transmission. Being a sentient ship, I can do that. Now let’s rescue your friend and we’ll take you back to meet Scott”


Tank threw Iron Claw a wall, the Chechyen killing machine panted like a whipped dog. The adamantium that encased him was invulnerable but the beating was taking its toll internally on him.

“GET UP!” roared Tank as he stumbled towards him, the blood loss finally catching up with him. Iron Claw got up and smiled.

“This has been fun,” Iron Claw wiped his mouth “But now you die!”


Bullets cut through the ceiling opening a huge hole. Scylla hung from the gun sling and extended a hand down to Tank. “Let’s go big man”


Holo-diary entry: This other group is called the Upstarts; Razor, Scylla, Izzy, Crank and Blackbird, who is a sentient ship…crazy! They’re led by a guy called Scott who we’re going to meet…if he turns out to be like that nutcage Exodus...

Tank’s pretty badly beaten, never seen him like this. But on the plus side we kicked the daylights out of St Louis! Safest city in the America’s my stark! We’re coming into land…we went west, maybe we’re in Mexifornia, I don’t know really.

Also Scylla pulled up this weird tube thing when we rescued Tank…I think it had a person in it.

End holo-entry


Rooftop of the St Louis Iron Hall

Iron Claw knelt, his head bowed deeply. Before him stood The Supreme Commander who paced backwards and forwards like a frustrated tiger in a small cage.

“Don’t bother explaining, you pathetic animal!” spat the Supreme Commander, Iron Claw shuddering at the words “I pulled it from your mind as you grovel at my feet like THE WORM YOU ARE!”

“My lord, I…”

“SILENCE!” he slammed the adamantium man flat to the floor with his telekinesis, his armour humming with mystic & runic symbols to match his anger “This…outrage will not go unpunished!”

General stepped up to the Supreme Commander and saluted. The Commander looked at him derisively “What?”

“Damage report sir” the man tried to hide his nervousness as he handed over a holo-pad.

“Bah!” The Commander sent the pad flying off the roof “What do I care if soldiers die? I have more. What I don’t have is complete subservience from this WORLD!”

The General went to speak then shut his mouth. The Supreme Commander looked him in the eye and then entered his mind. It was deathly silent, the general stood perfectly still trying not to sweat or cry. The Supreme Commander screamed and the general’s head exploded, followed by a telekinetic tearing in half and flung to either end of the room.

“They have my daughter!” screamed The Supreme Commander as he stormed off and headed towards Warforce One that hovered beside the hall “I AM GOING TO SHUNT THIS PLANET INTO THE SUN! LOCK DOWN EVERY IRON HALL!”

(links into http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-distain-part-16/728661/#9 )

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This is great. Although, I've noticed you made Cam more powerful than I did. But keep it up.

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@BlackReaper: Well his powers are changing due to his exposure to chlorine, maybe a secondary mutation. Glad you liked it, using all your chapters previous and forming it into this new animal called The X-Faction :)

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@batkevin74: I also like what you did with Crank.

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For some reason, I loled at BRAK-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT

In the middle, the quick type talking is good.

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Great job, Tank seems to be developing into quite a bad ass

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@joshmightbe: Yeah he's got a few secrets, so will the Upstarts hopefully

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