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{Rate MA due to violence, implied sexiness and just to make sure. With thanks to for rekindling my Iron Age passion, for being my writing partner in crime and who gets the task of bringing this baby home and who’s world we play in)

Part 4: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-wakandan-expedition-part-4/678200/

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The Swordsman & Master Izo

The synthezoid man and the ancient drunk carefully pushed through the thick Wakandan jungle, looking for their companions. The jungle was quiet, still and seemed to actively watch them.

“I really hate this place” stated Izo pushing vines and large leaves out of his way.

“As you keep saying” replied the Swordsman cutting a path

“Any idea where the rest of our group is?”

“No…” The Swordsman stopped and tensed “I have a bad feeling”

Izo looked at him “You have feelings?”

A wry smile rippled across his dura-steel & plastic face “Very droll Izo”

Suddenly from beneath their feet, five panther creatures burst from the ground, howling like banshees from hell and set upon them.

“I hate this place” muttered The Swordsman as he plunged his sword into the chest of the nearest panther.

Piotr & Leanne

Leanne ruffled her hair; a smile from ear to ear as she gazed down upon Piotr Schmidt, himself in a state of undress. He grabbed his SHIELD uniform. She playfully kicked his foot.

“Don’t get dressed” she teased.

“As much as I would like to do THAT over and over again Leanne” Piotr stood up and pulled his top on “We have a mission, we have missing comrades, we…”

“Ssh” Leanne planted a kiss on his lips “Asides from being as cute as stark, it’s your sense of duty that really gets me…”

“Little help!”

Leanne shrieked and they spotted a bleeding Montrinque Halestrom dragging herself across the jungle floor, a trail of blood in her wake.

“Oh stark!” exclaimed Leanne.

“Got room for a third?” chuckled Montrinque

Piotr pulled a medi-blanket from his belt pouch and covered her “Where’s Gallows? Izo?”

“You smell like…” she smiled at the handsome New Latverian agent and looked at Leanne “So, how was his way of the flowering manhood?”

Leanne huffed and turned away. Piotr set the medi-blanket antiseptic cycle. “The others?”

“No starking idea!” coughed Montrinque “Damn starking panther jungle tried to kill me! I’m going to turn this whole place…to…ash…” She drifted off as the medi-blanket did its job.

“She’s lost a lot of blood” said Piotr as he got up and went to Leanne



“She spoiled our moment Piotr” Leanne sidled up to Piotr’s chest “I’m annoyed is all. I don’t want her dead…maybe badly beaten”

Piotr softly kissed her forehead “I know. We aren’t beaten yet. I look forward to having many more moments with you”

“Are you trying to seduce me Mr Schmidt?”

Montrinque looked at the scene before her as she faded in and out of consciousness “Oh brother…”

Triskelion, Colorado

Carol Danvers looked at the holo-map of Africa. Her hands were clenched into fists.


“Sorry Director Danvers still no contact from the team”

“Well, try again!”

“All I’m getting is sta…”

“Try! Again!”

The Swordsman & Master Izo

Master Izo slammed his fist through the jaw of the panther creature before him before he grabbed its ears and drove his knee into its nose; shattering its head into rubble.

“What are these things?” yelled The Swordsman as he cut the paws off another panther.

“Don’t know, can’t see them” laughed Izo as he blocked a series of slashes from another one “How many left?”

“Three” The Swordsman swung his sword and cleaved the panther in half “Correction, two”

“Now who is being droll”

The Swordsman smiled and engaged the nearest creature as Izo dealt with his opponent. Soon the jungle was quiet again.

“Don’t say it” said the synthezoid.

Izo smiled and grabbed his wineskin. His expression changed as he felt the claw marks in it, its contents long gone.

“Oh you just made this personal” growled Izo

Piotr & Leanne & Montrinque

Leanne gritted her teeth and concentrated on her fist, trying to summon up the Darkforce. All that happened was it sparked like a broken lighter. “Oh c’mon!”

She looked over a Piotr who was in the process of picking up Montrinque. Part of her wished he just left her there.

“We head back towards the temple” said Piotr “It was our objective before it went crazy, hopefully the others…”

“Brains and looks” giggled Leanne “Anything you can’t do?”

“Oh get a room” groaned Montrinque as she wriggled out of Piotr's grip and onto her feet “Just stomach turning”

“Oh great, you’re awake” Leanne rolled her eyes

“How are you feeling?” asked Piotr

Montrinque steeped out of the blanket “Sore, angry” Her eyes flared up with heat and she fired a blast from her eyes into the ground. The ground rumbled and the landscape seemed to flinch at the attack.

“What did you do?” yelled Leanne

“I think I found a way to beat this starking country!” Montrinque fired up two plasma balls in each hand. Piotr and Leanne stepped back as the heat intensified. Halestrom slammed her hands together and projected a massive column of fire from her hands, eyes and mouth searing a hole into the ground.

Wakanda screamed!

The ground shook and from it erupted hundreds of panther creatures, surrounding the trio.

“Burn you stark!” screamed Montrinque as she poured on the heat.

“Oh this really starking sucks!” muttered Leanne as she managed to form a feeble black blade around her fist.

The Swordsman & Master Izo

Master Izo and The Swordsman felt the ground rumble. The whole country seemed to scream.

“There, towards the temple” said The Swordsman pointing off into the jungle “I am picking up the bio-signal from Agent Schmidt’s SHIELD uniform”

The ground shook with ferocity and several dozen panther creatures erupted from the earth, surrounding them.

“It has been a pleasure serving with you Master Izo” said The Swordsman, bowing his head in respect

“Don’t be an idiot” said Izo “Run!”



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And now it's up to me to bring this all to a big finish. I think I can do such a thing

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Can't wait to see how this all turns out.

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@Time_Phantom: Oh yeah! Death, fire, blood, panthers you get the finale! Wooo hoooo!

@joshmightbe: Neither can I! It's all in T_P's capable hands

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Oh geeze I'll try not to disapoint. I'm mean I've been told I'm good at putting down an ending. Lets see what I can do with this.

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It's a ropllercoaster! Cant wait to see what/how it all ends! :P

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Part 6 is finished, just sent it to ! for approval.

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@Time_Phantom: Approved! Awesomely approved! Get ready people for the climactic finale!