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(This is a co-project with about some Iron Age history. It links to SIlver Sable, Master Izo, Carol Danvers, Wakanda and expands on the cryptic references Sable has dropped several times through my stories in Son of Thor and Corporal America. Read, enjoy and above all please comment...I can't get better if people don't comment)


March, 2190AD, Triskelion, Colorado

Montrinque Halestrom flicked through the files on her data-pad as she sat in a room of the S.H.I.E.L.D base hidden from the world. The far wall was a mirror; she knew people were on the other side watching her, but she didn’t care. She was getting paid and paid well for this mission. She tapped open a file:

*The Swordsman. Synthezoid created by Ferrum scientist Dr Ragnar Stromm from files appropriated from Phineas Horton, Reed Richards, Allistar Smythe, Abel Stack and Samuel Saxon. Creation of synthezoid was unauthorised and shut down was violently. Synthezoid went rogue

“Great!” mumbled Montrinque “A robot”

* Leann Thompson. Possible mutant. Able to generate a dark energy that can be used for transport and offence.

“Pretty; young” she sneered in obvious jealousy as she flicked through photos of the beautiful silver haired girl.

*Pitor Schmidt. Generational New Latverian SHIELD agent. 32. Weapon and demolitions expert. Seventh degree Chief Master of Hwa Rang Do

“Hmmmmm” Montrinque eyeballed the handsome, toned pictures of him “Have to love a man brave enough and pretty enough to dedicate his life to a martial art called Way of the Flowering Manhood”

The door of interrogation room slid open and Carol Danvers walked in accompanied by an old man drinking from a wine bottle.

“Montrinque” said Carol with a slight head nod of respect as she took a seat

“Danvers. Who’s the geezer?”

“Master Izo, Halestrom”

“He’s a last minute addition”

“He’s not in the data file” said Montrinque anxiously

“She thinks you’re a spy for Doom” stated Izo taking a swig of his wine. Both Carol and Montrinque glared at the blind man “Well it’s true. You want to make sure she doesn’t sabotage the mission and you’re just here because Doom wants you to prove yourself”

“How…” started Montrinque.

“Ancient mystic secret” laughed Izo

There was a knock at the door. Carol headed to the door and opened it “Excellent timing Kylie”

“More intel Nixon hacked from the Ferrum data base” said Kylie Martell handing her a data-card.

“Thank you Kylie. Also I need…”

“Me to suit up for Wakanda?”

“…no. Kylie; I need you to check where Swordsman is”

“Fine” Kylie spun on her heels and stormed off. Carol rolled her eyes and turned back to the room.

"Halestrom? Is that a spelling mistake?" asked Izo as he took a seat


"And your powers are fire based?"


"So why are you called after a cold weather pattern?" Izo sipped his wine, and though he couldn't see he could feel the actually heat generating from Montrique's eyes. Carol rubbed her temple in frustration, this mission was off to a great start.

(Part 2 will be brought to you by very shortly)

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Well I don't know how shortly. At the earliest tonight... latest tomorrow morning or at some point in the next day. So soon and yes please comment!

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@batkevin74: Is that Hwarang Do means? Really? That's funy!

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Nice group you got here but for a second I thought you had a Hellstorm in there. Great job

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@tomdickharry1984: Yup that's the translation of Hwa Rang Do

@joshmightbe: That would've been VERY interesting :) created her and she's kinda awesome

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Your turn to read and comment on something of mine (yes it's Marvel Iron Age but I think you know the basics of the world, plus its part 1, good place to start)

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@batkevin74: nice!

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@primepower53: Thanks

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Nice work. I would of commented sooner, but I missed it.

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I actually read it before I put it in the archive a few days ago. Good job.

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@batkevin74: Brilliant!!

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@TheCannon: No worries, thanks

@AweSam: Thank you

@CapFanboy: And thank you

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Bumped, thought ihadn't read it yet, seems i have, oh well :P

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@tomdickharry1984: And finally, thanks

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Great job dude!

Reading the rest right after I drop this comment!

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@TheWholeDamnShow: Woo hoo! It's good! Well I'm biased, but has written some awesome stuff and will be bringing our expedition home with chapter 6 soon, enough time for you to read the other parts :)

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@batkevin74 said:

@TheWholeDamnShow: Woo hoo! It's good! Well I'm biased

hahah I bet.

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@TheWholeDamnShow: The ending has just gone up :)

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@time_phantom: Ancient history bump, which may help with secret project :)