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One Wall Building, Vancouver

Dr Imck Prince stood next to General John Gretzky as they surveyed the massive tower in the centre of the city.

“My problem is,” said the General thumbing the age old scar on his cheek “Inside the tower is the Iron Army relay centre for this quadrant. Also it houses a Ferrum lab that was working on some sort of biological thing the Chairman requested.”

Dr Prince “Have you had Hunters…”

“I’ve had teams go up and fly in and all have been killed or driven back”

“What was he calling himself again?” asked Dr Prince as he typed commands into his holo-pad.

“The Hobgoblin”

Dr Prince chewed his bottom lip “Any connection to the goblin gangs that roam the wilderness?”

“No information on that doctor”

“Well this shouldn’t take long” smiled Dr Prince as his Thunderbolt transport took to the sky “I’ve very glad I caught your holo-feed John before it wide”

“So am I” replied the General “The Commander is on the warpath! I’ve tried to keep the situation as quiet as possible, but it’s only a matter of time before he finds out”

Dr Prince looked up as Behemoth, Scarlet, Thunder, Tsunami and Saracen leapt out of the transport above the building and slammed into the building like giant wrecking balls. The building shook on its foundations.

“The Iron Army relay for this quadrant is in that building!’ stated the General “What do they think they’re doing?”


A side off the building blew out as a man on a primitive glider flew off. Tsunami and Saracen jumped out after him; Tsunami clipping the glider as Saracen grabbed the man by his cape. The two massive cyborgs plummeted to earth like stones dragging the screaming man with them. Dr Prince ushered General Gretzky backwards. “Just in case”


The city shook as they hit the ground from their one hundred and fifty foot drop, combined with the fact each weighed about two tonnes.


When the dust settled the five cyborgs circled a very dead, broken and burning corpse of the dissident known as the Hobgoblin.

“What the stark have you done?” gasped the General as he looked up at the tower that wobbled from the stress near its base “The repair bill…”

“Is none of our concern,” replied Dr Prince “Thank you again general for allowing us to have a live fire exercise, our hunt for the fugitive Exodus, was proving elusive and tedious. This way we kill two birds.”

The General glared at Dr Prince, his fists shaking with rage “Glad I could help doctor”

Dr Prince walked over to his cyborgs as they waited for the transport to collect them.

In the air over North Dakota

Dr Prince and his junior Noahus Tucker checked over the cyborgs in the bomb bay as they flew back to Chicago.

“Any more glitches?” asked Dr Prince.

“As yet, no sir” replied Noahus as he ran a diagnostic on Scarlet.

“Good, because if…” Dr Prince saw an alert on his holo-pad and clicked it. His face opened up into a broad smile as he typed into the pad. A holographic image of the Chairman appeared before him.

“Chairman, we are currently in the air and approximately eight hundred miles away from the target, which is heading in our direction”

“And?” the Chairman’s tone was one of apathy.

“Sir I have the Thunderbolts onboard”

The hologram smiled “I shall to hold back on sending everyone after my daughter”

Dr Prince looked puzzled and went to speak but thought better of it “Very good sir”

“Fail me Imck and you’ll wish you’d never been born!”

“Yes sir!” and the hologram winked out.

“What’s going on?” asked Tucker

Dr Prince looked back at his holo-pad and tried to process the information in his head “I, I think that the Chairman; AND The Supreme Commander…are the same person?”


Dr Prince pinched his nose bone “I’ll explain later, we need to prep our troops for a rescue and destroy mission”


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Cool, Now the question is how will Prince use this info?

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@joshmightbe: Well that remains the question, if of course, they do their job and capture/kill X-Faction in the next chapter whilst rescuing Rachel. Dr Prince may have to work very hard to keep his head on his shoulders