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Just before dawn, city limit of Kenosha, Wisconsin

The Supreme Commander scowls at a battalion of some five hundred Iron Soldiers “I HAVE BEEN EMBARRASSED!” His words cut into the Iron Soldiers like a knife “Not once; but TWICE, I have had to come to the aid of my enemies! NEVER, EVER! Will it happen again! Do you understand me?”

“Sir yes sir!” came the rousing reply

“Today we are going to eliminate a city that has become infested with filth! With scum! With sympathisers! And worst of all…” he glared at the masses and boosted his last word with a psychic push “SPIDERS!”

The soldiers booed and hissed on cue, angry and riled up.

“The city of Kenosha has offended me!” He rose into the air telekinetically “Everything inside the city shall be crushed, killed and destroyed!”

The soldiers cheered louder.

“Last census had Kenosha with a population of 253,486 people. I expect a corpse or skeleton to correspond to that number. For every one unaccounted for, TEN of you will pay the price. Do you understand?”


“Iron Sentinels ring the perimeter. Iron Army you have you orders” He looked down at his personal killing machine “Iron Claw”

The savage from the Chechyan DMZ bowed “Yes my lord”

“Get rid of this eye sore!”

“Yes my lord” Iron Claw led the battalion into the city, flanked by Behemoth, Thunder and Scarlet. The Supreme Commander floated, arms folded, awaiting the carnage to unfold as the sun crept over the horizon.


A woman carrying a child ran up the street, Iron Claw in eager pursuit. The woman’s flight was short and ultimately pointless, as Iron Claw skewered her and her baby before raking his other hand across them to finish the job.

“Bring that down!” he ordered and Thunder grabbed the side support column of an apartment block, Behemoth grabbing the opposite corner, and together they pulled, the building collapsing upon itself like an accordion.

“Search the rubble!” Scarlet nodded in compliance and fired up her sensors, bathing the still settling debris in X-rays and thermo-imagery. Scarlet pointed to a large slab of concrete and fired a massive sonic burst, pulverising it. Three mortally wounded people lay there, broken from the building collapse but alive.

Iron Claw smiled and walked over to them. He fired up his blades, that spun like razor sharp helicopter blades and decapitated the injured trio.

“Thunder! Flatten all the rubble” ordered Iron Claw “Behemoth, with me. Scarlet, take down that building”

The cyborgs complied: Scarlet smashing into an office block and taking out the support colums, Behemoth trudging beside Iron Claw as he headed up the street and Thunder pounding the large bits of brick and concrete into fine dust with his adamantine mace.



Thunder looked down to the source of the ear piercing scream. A little girl, bloody and injured, lay across her unconscious mother. Thunder scanned the pair. He raised his adamantine mace above shoulder height.

“Please…don’t” pleaded the little girl.

Inside the Thunder shell, a tear rolled down Hercules cheek.


Evening, The former city of Kenosha

The Supreme Commander looked at the mounds of bodies stacked up, along with the small pyramids of heads and skulls littered about the place. The once bustling city was virtually flat.

“This…this is how we deal with spiders!” he roared



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Nice touch with the tear from Herc I think at some point Thunder and Jason are going to have to meet.

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@joshmightbe: Ares, Jason, Magni all have a date with Thunder I hope. An old fashioned god smash :)

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@batkevin74: I'd just like to see both Ares reaction to his Brother being used like that, despite their relationship that's gonna scar that Olympian pride and Jason's reaction to the fact that his father has been alive all this time while he grew up alone with no idea who he was. All in all its probably not going to be pretty

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Damn... Iron Claw is brutal. Nice job dude!

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@joshmightbe: We do 'not pretty' prety well :)

@NlGHTCRAWLER: He sure is. When you're the premier killing machine of the psycho who's running the world, you have to be. More Iron Claw action soon

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@batkevin74: Stryfe has had it too good for too long, so he's finally reverting back to the vicious bastard he used to be.

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@joshmightbe: Just wait and see next chapter BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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{Inside the Thunder shell, a tear rolled down Hercules cheek.} Awww that's a bit sad, very nicely done. Very violent chapter

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@4donkeyjohnson said:

Very violent chapter

No more violent that your average comic book :) Up to chapter 6 now :)