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(Want to see where the cyborgs came from? Well read 'Mockingbird the Avenger' for more details)

**Five months ago, Project Thunder Staging Facility

The giant cyborg Thunder stood inert on the tarmac, beside it the other cyborg units Behemoth and Scarlet. A team of Ferrum scientists swarmed around them like busy ants, checking, testing, poking and prodding. Doctor Imck Prince, the senior technician on the project watched the proceedings with a keen eye.

“Have we worked out why they activated?” he asked as he looked at his data-pad.

“No…” said Noahus Tucker, the junior tech, as he consulted his own data-pad “They just turned on”

“Machines don’t just turn on” stated Imck “There’s a glitch or a bug in their systems…”

“Or someone turned them on”

Dr Prince looked at his junior curiously “That someone could be them, trying to fight the programming”

“The program is sound Dr Prince”

“True, but these are people remember, not machines, and we’re essentially making people, super powered people into machines. The brain is a fascinating organ and is possibly fighting the infection if you will”

“So what should we do Dr Prince?” asked Noahus

Dr Prince tapped his data-pad as he thought “We start over again” Dr Prince typed orders into his pad and soon the hive of activity stopped “Okay people!” he addressed the scientists “We’re starting again with the reprogram of Behemoth and Scarlet. Strip it down and relay it”

“What about Thunder?”

“He’s pretty much perfect” smiled Dr Prince “If we recode his combat training, he’ll be wielding that adamantine mace and combat ready by the month’s end, which should be within acceptable parameters for the Chairman”

**Four months ago, Project Thunder Staging Facility

Thunder, Behemoth and Scarlet stomped up the gangplank onto the troop transport. Ferrum scientists followed them onboard along with the contingent of Hunter soldiers of the Iron Army.

“Are they ready Noahus?” asked Dr Prince.

“As ready as a month’s worth of round the clock testing, recoding, reprogramming, rewiring and testing” replied Noahus flicking through screens on his data-pad “We’ll soon see after this mission to Turkey”

“Thunder’s mace?”

“Operational and indestructible” said Noahus “Amazing stuff that adamantium”

“Adamantine!” corrected Dr Prince “It’s a shame we don’t have anything to melt or mould that mythical metal. Imagine a division of invulnerable Iron Soldiers…”

“Transport is loaded!” stated an electronic voice from Noahus’ data-pad.

“Proceed?” asked Noahus

“Proceed” said Dr Prince “Let’s see if we are as clever as we think we are”

The senior and junior technicians watched the large flying fortress take off and head off to cause death and destruction.

**Three months ago, Project Thunder boardroom

“…and which is why I’ll need the data you’ve taken from Thunder” Dr Maxwell Warren smiled smugly in his pressed suit.

“That is my research!” protested Dr Prince “You can’t just…”

“I can! And I have the backing of BOTH the Chairman and the Supreme Commander” Dr Warren scooped up his data pad “So have that to me by the end of the week Prince” And with that he strode from the room. Dr Prince looked at his junior, Noahus Tucker, and shook his head.

“Forward EXACTLY what he asked for” said Dr Prince “To the letter. He’ll get what he asked for, nothing more, nothing less” He looked at the holo-flyer of Warren’s proposal: A Slayer class armour. Coated in a pure carbonadium shell piloted by Mark III Legionnaire super soldiers. “Starker has basically stolen my idea, my project and cheapened it”

**Two months ago, Ferrum Research and Development, New York City

Desmond Fisk shook Dr Prince’s hand “Welcome to New York Dr Prince. Can I get you anything? Water? Tequila?”

“Nothing, thank you” Dr Prince took a seat “I’m just here to deal with a mutual thorn in our sides”

“Dr Maxwell Warren. Born in Mexifornia in 2158 to Alexi and Maxine Warren” Desmond rattled off Warren’s life “Educated through the Ferrum rising star programmes before being tapped by Dr Essex himself to move up the ladder”


“I heard you got your budget cut on that secretive Thunderbolt project of yours” Desmond smiled

“And yours also. Especially when Warren found out, you had a technician strap on a flamethrower and try to burn down a school while attempting to capture Spider-Man”

Desmond’s smile drained from his face “How can we help each other Dr Prince?”

**One month ago, Project Thunder boardroom

“You’re smarter than I gave you credit for” chuckled Dr Warren as he paced around the desk.

“Thank you Dr Warren” replied Dr Prince sipping his coffee “But I don’t think you came all this way to compliment me”

“I need the data on the other two!”


“What do you mean, no?”

“You stole my research once and I’ll be damned if I hand over any more research to a stark kisser like you!” Dr Prince smiled as the wall slide open and in thumped Thunder, Behemoth and Scarlet; the cyborgs made from former Avengers. “Project Thunder is operational” Dr Prince slid a file across the desk

“What is this?” growled Dr Warren

“It’s a blood test proving you’re a mutant!” smiled Dr Prince “Coupled with surveillance photos of you attending not only a Spider meeting but that you’re a Thorite. There’s a transcript of calls between you and your New Latverian handler. If you ever come here again I shall release this to your local Iron Hall and then to the Chairman and the Supreme Commander. And considering his mood, he’ll possibly pull your head clean off without checking that these are true or not”

“I’ll get you” warned Dr Warren “Someday, I’ll get you back for this”

“Thunder, Behemoth, Scarlet. Please escort Dr Warren back to his chopper”

**Three days ago, Project Thunder launch area

The Chairman of Ferrum stood looking at the three cyborgs before him, a small smile on his lips. “Well done Dr Prince”

“Thank you sir” Dr Imck Prince bowed humbly

“They will head back to Chicago with me”


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I'll have to revisit this feud between the doctors at some point

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@joshmightbe: They're all a bunch of backstabbers! :)

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Bump because its good and it has a bit of a tie in to Hawkeye

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Awesome job!

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@NlGHTCRAWLER: Thanks man, part 2 just went up if you're interested

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Very good, I am behind in my Iron Age. Nice work

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@4donkeyjohnson:Thanks for reading :)