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Chicago, Ferrum HQ

The chairman sits at his desk while listening to an intelligence report. The soldier reads aloud, "Apparently the Stalkers have abandoned Sinister, in fact we've completely lost track of them."

The Chairman interrupts him, "How many have gone missing?"

The soldier clears his throat,"All of them Sir."

Stryfe's eyes go wide, "There are thousands of them, how the hell did you lose all of them?"

The soldier nervously answers, "The last reported sighting of them indicates that they may have been teleported somewhere, tracking suggests they are more than likely off planet."

Stryfe stands towering over the now visibly frightened soldier, "And I'm just being told of this now?!"

The soldier now trying desperately not to burst into tears, "I'm sorry Sir, I just learned of it myself today."

The Chairman sighs and sits back down, "Any news on the whereabouts of Essex?"

The soldier slowly answers, "He is definitely in hiding but not from us. Reports indicate he's completely terrified of something called Thanos. We're working on finding out what that is exactly."

The soldier stops reading when he sees the chairman's expression, for the first time in this soldiers recollection the Chairman was frightened.

The Geofront

Doom inspects his troops followed by his General who asks, "Who can be so powerful that even my lord fears him?"

Doom snatches the man up by the throat," I fear nothing."

He then drops him, " Fear isn't the issue, but one cannot be too careful when it comes to him."

Doom sits in his throne, "I want every weapon on this island fully operational at optimum levels, and you will triple check them a single misfire and I will execute 5 of you at random. Am I understood?"

The men all bow and say in unison,"Yes my Lord."

Doomstadt, New Latveria

Augustus Holland sits across a table from Agent Fry, "How big was the fleet?"

Fry looked up," At least 30 ships according to Molly they weren't friendly either, she said it was death incarnate."

Holland sighs, "Yup sounds about right."

Fry chimes in, "I'm sure we've seen worse."

Holland takes a serious tone, " No, we really haven't."

Suddenly a young agent enters, " The Supreme Commander of the Iron Army just called, he wants a word with Col. Danvers."

Holland grunts, "Probably wants a status report on Doom."

The agent replies," Dr. Doom is on the line too, they want to call a Summit."

Holland and Fry share a stunned expression as Fry states, "This can't be a good sign."

Thanos' command ship near the moon

An insectoid creature steps up to Thanos, "We've made the required improvements to the animals and have been able to reproduce them at a quicker pace than the Earthling was capable of, your army is ready for deployment whenever you're ready master."

Thanos grins, "Give Damos the coordinates, we'll be sending them within an hour."

Minsk, Belarus 40 minutes later

Damos stands at attention as thousands of Creeds appear before him. He steps up to them, "When I give the order kill everything between here and Doomstadt."

Sewers of Chicago

Cutthroat listens to a status report telling him the best places to infiltrate Ferrum HQ and the newly constructed Chicago Iron Hall, he looks on the hundreds of Creeds and other Stalkers waiting for the order, "Okay boys, on my mark, rip this city apart."

The Rocky Mountains

Lash sits in a large saddle on the back of the largest of the 70 Makluan clones as he looks out on his legion of Stalkers and awaits the order to wipe out everything west of these mountains. He stares impatiently at his communicator and sighs.

(To be continued)

All set up and ready to go

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nice work and every ones iron age is going to be crazy

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@RedRobinTimDrake: That's the plan

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@joshmightbe: Wow! Nice, very nice. A big thing is a brewin.

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@batkevin74: Part 1 will be up soon then you can do part 2 if you're still wanting to co write

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@joshmightbe: Sure! We'll play musical writing, you do part 3 of Hawkeye (then kick it to who'll kick it back to me) and I'll do Part 2 of Thanos! Love it! I've got the final WInter Soldier which crosses over with Ghost Rider, a chapter with Warstar & Scarlet Spider, a possible one-shot thingy using the cyborgs created by , a story with General Helfitta & Mr Sinister and finally some new chapters on Distain, Magni & Corporal America

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@batkevin74: I have an idea for Hawkeye 3 but it requires me to put the twin thing to the side for a chapter if thats ok by you

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Very nice man, the Thanos Sanction is shaping up nicely.

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@Project_Worm: Part 1 is up if you're interested

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Holy crap! I love this!

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@joshmightbe: I shall read this & part one and formulate part 2 and kick it to you for approval! )

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@DickGrayson said:

Holy crap! I love this!

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@GR2Blackout: We're up to part 7 on this and is working on part 8 also has a War Machine tie in

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I am so far behind in the Iron Age, just when I think I catch up, Thanos turns up :)