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Elko, Nevada

Daniel looked at Beta Ray Bill “What is a Thanos?”

“Thanos is, as you said a giant prune. He once wiped out a third of the universe last time he got a hold of the Infinity Gems” said Bill

“So he’s probably causing a ruckus” said Daniel “Okay, let’s go see him”

“You willingly would charge headlong to fight a creature so evil, powerful and mad based on nothing more than a dream?” asked Bill. Daniel nodded. “Daniel Warstar, I will stand by your side, my brother of the hammer. You a credit to your race”

“Stop it, you’re making me blush” laughed Daniel as he conjured a spell in his hands

Streets of Chicago

The Supreme Commander looked around at his burning city. It seemed every day some new drama caused the city, the country, the world to slip from his iron grasp. He gritted his teeth, grinding them together.


He drove his telekinesis through the speaking soldier’s mouth, up into his brain and rapidly expanded it, exploding the man’s head! He turned on the assembled soldiers who’d fallen in behind him, the closest covered in brains and skull.

“The next person to speak; too even think funny, will end up like him!” he roared. The soldiers trembled with terror.

-Iron Claw rendezvous with me at Warforce One! We’re going to kill Doom once and for all!-

Ferrum HQ, Ground floor

Iron Claw locked eyes with Scalphunter who sat inside the Hulkbuster armour. Scalphunter flicked on the suits megaphone


Iron Claw went to speak, stopped like he was listening to a distant voice, then turned on his heels and left.

“BYE!” Scalphunter made the suit wave. He felt relieved and a little wet. He glanced down and saw he was sitting in a pool of his own blood. His chest and arms still oozing blood. “Stark me sideways”


Thanos glared at the assembled forces, a hollow smile on his face. He could feel the power of the Power Gem, Reality Gem, Soul Gem and the Time Gem coursing through his molecules. The gems pulsed, indicating that the other two Gems were close.

“Who wants to die first?” he snarled.

Command Centre, Doomstadt

“Oh this is bad!” said the Traveller looking at the monitors.

“How much worse?” asked Samantha

The room filled with purple light as the gem Traveller had, floated out of his pocket and towards the door.

“That much worse!” cried Traveller “Thanos has got at least two gems. The Gems want to be together!”

Samantha walked up and plucked the gem out of the air “Was that so…..whoa!” Samantha swooned

Traveller caught her “Easy Hellcat. Mortals and Infinity Gems don’t really mix”


General Aaron stepped forward and swung his axe. The blade shattered like glass. Aaron looked shocked as Thanos grabbed him by head and drove him face first into the ground like a tent peg. The soldiers collectively gasped.

“Cretins!” hissed Doom as he conjured up the light of the seven suns of Cinnibus, pouring on a ray of brilliant light that seared the mad Titan. Thanos walked forward, like he was being merely hit with a flashlight.

“Are you all stupid!” screamed Doom “ATTACK!”

Ferrum HQ, Ground floor

Scalphunter fell out of the Hulkbuster suit and hit the floor with a thump, coated in his own blood. His body convulsed and he threw up bile and more blood

“What the stark did you do to me Morty?” whispered Scalphunter as he lay in a puddle of his own sick


Abomination charged Thanos from the side, only to be batted off over the horizon like a baseball of old. Thanos grabbed Doom by the hands and bent them at right angles, snapping his forearms like twigs. Thanos raised his fist to finish the New Latverian dictator when Carol Danvers flew into the way off the blow.

“STOP!” yelled Thanos and everything stopped. He looked at the frozen Carol; ribs in mid-break “You have one of my gems” Time restarted and Thanos grabbed Carol by the leg and smashed her into the ground like he was beating a rug. Left, right, left, right, Carol bounced off the ground with sickening thumps. Thanos virtually ignored the blasts, bullets and flames from the troops as he savagely beat the leader of SHIELD.


Thanos flew backwards as the hammer bounced off his chin.

“Try fighting me instead of a woman base villain!” roared Beta Ray Bill as he stepped out of the teleportation circle conjured by Daniel Warstar. Daniel spun his new hammer and waved his hand casting the Invisible Shield of Everlasting Enchantment that separated the two sides and landed down beside the quivering Carol Danvers.

“Okay let’s get you some help Ms Danvers” said Daniel softly as he picked her up “Little help people!”

General Enright took the injured woman in her arms, slightly conflicted that she was holding the leader of the rebellion in her arms.

“Thank you ma’am” said Daniel “Okay” Daniel addressed the New Latverian, Iron Army & Shield forces “Okay can you all hear me? I’m going to try something. I’m sick of all this pointless fighting and killing and dying”

“What are going to do?” asked General Enright

“I’m going to try talking” Daniel flew over to Thanos who was currently holding Bill’s hand and using it to smash him in the face with his own hammer!

Warforce One

The Supreme Commander’s plane hit Mach 15 as it roared across the Atlantic. Stryfe sat on the floor, cross-legged, meditating. Iron Claw stood diligently by his side.


Daniel Warstar floated down to Thanos who swatted Beta Ray Bill off into the distance as casually as one who swat a fly “Excuse me Mr Thanos?”

Thanos looked up at the strange man before him “Are you my next victim?”

“No, no I’m not” said Daniel “I’d really like to talk to you to see if we can solve this peacefully”

Thanos broke out into laughter “Peacefully?”

“Yes sir”

“I think I’ll enjoy killing you”

“What will you do when everyone’s dead?”

Thanos stopped “What?”

“What will you do when everyone’s dead? It’s a pretty simply question. I mean, according to this” He tapped the Eye of Agamotto “You once killed like, a third of the universe…to impress a girl? Really? You killed a bazillion people just to get a girl to like you?”

“You mock me? YOU DARE MOCK THANOS!”

“No, I’m just asking questions. Let’s say you get the Infinity Bracelet back together again, what will you do? Kill EVERYTHING just to try to impress her again? What if that doesn’t work?”

Thanos eyes bore holes into Daniel’s.

“I’m not making fun…well I am a little, but mainly I‘m just trying to understand why you’ve travelled across the universe, just to kill everything to get a girl to like you, who wasn’t impressed last time you did it?”

Thanos stood silent, his shoulders, ever so slightly slumped.

“I’m tired of fighting Mr Thanos” said Daniel “I’d really love if you and I could work out a compromise or something, and then you went back to wherever you come from and maybe I can find a nice boy to go out on a date with, because all I’ve done so far is just bounce from conflict to conflict”

“You wield a hammer” stated Thanos



“I believe so” Daniel shrugged

“A storm god killed my son”

“I’m truly sorr…oh Great Spirit protect me!” cried Daniel as Thanos swung a fist at him

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