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Elko, Nevada

Bill looks to Daniel, " You speak of Thanos, he is on a mission that will be disastrous if completed."

Daniel hovers over Lash and Slaughter, " Well, you seem to have stopped this pretty well."

Lash chuckled, "You really think this was the plan?"

Bill's eyes narrow, "This was a distraction."

Crescent City, California

An insectoid creature called Makish stands surrounded by Creeds in a crumbling church. He tears away a chunk of wall revealing a green gem. He makes a joyful clicking noise, "We must return to the master."

They then teleport away.

Elko Nevada

Bill and Daniel are shocked to see Slaughter, Lash and their legion of Stalkers vanish.


A large black furred Creed slips into a pizzeria amid the chaos and looks at a small devise. As he approaches the soda machine it begins beeping. he flips the machine over and punches a hole in the floor pulling back a yellow gem.

Outside Ferrum HQ

Stryfe and his soldiers were descending on a group of Creeds but they vanished before they could catch them.

Ferrum HQ Ground floor

Iron Claw's blades hit the floor where Cutthroat had been half a second ago. He growls in frustration.

Small Crater on the moon

Far away from the combat an isectoid soldier digs a hole and pulls up an Orange gem and clicks happily.

Minsk, Belarus

Thanos looks down on his son's headless corpse then over to what was left of his regiment of Creeds. He snatches one up by the throat, "Who did this?"

The Creed coughed out, "Storm god."

Thanos threw the creature to the ground,"Track him."


Doom and General Aaron stood side by side with roaring soldiers behind them. They charged forward pushing the Creeds back. In the sky above Carol rockets toward the fleet with Abomination in tow, she hurls him toward the ships. He gleefully roars as he tears into the first ship. He rips parts from the hull and launches them into passing ships before leaping for another ship.

Other side of Doomstadt

Holland and Fry stand back to back firing on the group of Creeds surrounding them and cutting them off from the rest of their troops. Molly and David try to get to them but are blocked by the chaos. Molly looks to David, "That suit you wear, can it do what others like it can?"

David looked confused. She then roared, "Clear a damn path."

He stepped back nervous before noticing the suit had reacted by forming large tendrils lifting him off the ground. He grinned at the long blade like claws it formed on his hand. He then sliced through a dozen Creeds while his tendrils wrapped around several others hurling them away.

Thanos' Command ship

Thanos arrives to find Makish knelling before him holding 3 of the infinity gems. He takes them from his insect soldier and places them in their place on the gauntlet. Makish then speaks, "Your forces have been redirected to Doomstadt."

Thanos nods," I want your people to reinforce the animals. Inform the hive I will be personally leading them in battle."

Makish gleefully clicked, "Yes my lord."


Doom looked on as he heard soldiers cheering at the sight of the Creeds falling back. He then turned to General Aaron, "It isn't over."

Aaron grits his teeth, "Not even close."

The cheers abruptly halt at a large flash of light as hundreds more Creeds arrive along with just as many insectoid soldiers. Thanos's command ship arrived a second behind them.

Command ship

Thanos looks on the creature attacking his fleet, "Take me to the roof."

Outside the ship the Abomination leaps toward it ready to continue his fun but Thanos catches him by the throat as he flies. Carol arrives from behind but Thanos delivers a backhand that sends her crashing down on the battle field. He then hurls the Abomination down after her. Finally he jumps off the edge landing hard causing the earth to shake. He stood in front of his army and glared at the forces of New Latveria and the Iron army.

Doomstadt Command Center

The Traveler looks at the view screen, "This is where it gets out of hand."

Samantha looks over to him, "Yes cause it was so cheery before hand."

She seems nervous when the Traveler doesn't laugh.

I know this one is mostly set up but it was time to get Thanos openly involved in the fight.

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@joshmightbe said:

The Traveler looks at the view screen, "This is where it gets out of hand."

Samantha looks over to him, "Yes cause it was so cheery before hand."

Ha ha ha very nice, I have something up my sleeve for Warstar, Thanos and Hellcat, will PM you it prboably in many hours from now

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@batkevin74: Thanks, I'm liking how this is coming together so far.

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I reread The Thanos Sanction again. You guys are rocking it! Great build up! (I hope Perun, Holland, Carol... those characters I kinda made are still alive at the end of this.) This is war so do as you please stuff happens. So excited!

On a side note... Darn! My next tie in was going to be in California where Ngumi is and I was going to have her guarding an infinity gem(which would have required a visit from the Traveler). Can't use that one now. I'll jump to Mockingbird then. I got an idea for her.

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@Time_Phantom: you could have her have a run in with those who found the gem in California, in fact you could make that reason the church they found it in was crumbling

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Bumped coz part 8 goes up in 5....4.....