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Continued from: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-thanos-sanction-part-5/690073/#6

(hope you like it, would've sent it to you first but I'm feeling confident)


Doom landed next to General Aaron, Creeds exploding into green flames before him and the ones that didn’t, shrivelled as fungol thopa turned them into husks.

“War god”

General Aaron nodded “Doom”

The dictator and the god proceeded to turn the tide, the soldiers joining the fray inspired by the mysterious leader and their fearless leader. General Mandy Enright levelled her repulsor at the back of Doom and contemplated blowing a hole through her enemy. She grimaced and fired a burst into a Creed, erring on the side of caution

Minsk, Belarus

Perun looked at the remaining Creeds, circling him like a pack of hyenas, as he collapsed onto his knees. He was broken, but he smiled as his hand rested upon the head of Damos.

"W-what are you curs...waiting for? An i-invite?"

On the other side of Doomstadt

7 noticed his arm had caught fire with green flame. He slapped it out but it merely spread to his hand, which he noticed had started to wither.

“What the stark?” he muttered as he smashed his flaming hand into a Creed that was also burning and shrivelling before his eyes. David Hardy made his way to his partner.


“I’m dying!” said 7 bluntly “Seems Doom’s magic doesn’t care I’m on his side”

“You’re not dead yet” said David ‘Sam! SAM!” David waved his arms and got the blasting mutants attention “Get 7 back to the command centre!”

Sam Guthrie banked in the air and flew at 7, scooping him up and whisking him away. David watched, and then snapped back to the battle at hand as he watched the alien fleet above raining down fiery death.

“Colonel!” Holland yelled at Carol as she flew above the battle, firing energy blasts into the thinning horde “We need to get rid of the ships?”

“Any ideas?” she replied

“Get the big green guy,” Holland pointed up at the alien flotilla “Up there!”

Carol smiled “Fastball special” And she took off after the Abomination.

Outside Ferrum HQ

The Supreme Commander hovered through the streets, surrounded by several telegraph poles he telekinetically wielded, smashing anything in his way to paste. A unit of Iron Soldiers had fallen in behind him. He ripped up a section of the street to reveal several Creeds and Stalkers attempting to flee into the Chicago sewers.


He telekinetically slammed the sewer walls together, squishing them like a grape in a vice.

Ferrum HQ ground floor

Scalphunter flipped the switches inside the suit “Let’s see, where’s the cannon button?”

Cut-Throat threw up his shields from his forearms, bracing for impact as the Hulkbuster fired a massive repulsor blast, shattering them like glass.

“Cool!” said Scalphunter as he engaged the suit “I feel like that girl from that ancient film with the mouth breathing aliens”

Cut-Throat turned to run when Iron Claw blocked his path, coated head to toe in Creed blood and bits of flesh. Iron Claw’s hands rotated like razor sharp helicopter blades as he slashed Cut-Throat across the belly. Cut-Throat jumped back only to be smashed on the head by the giant Hulkbuster fist. He was caught between two of the best killers on earth.

“Stay out of this Claw!” warned Cut-Throat

“My orders are clear” Iron Claw’s voice had that weird, eerie metallic tinge to it “I was ordered to take you downstairs and flay the skin from your body, remove your arms and legs and drag your torso back to my master. I shall fulfil that order!”

Outback Australia

Thanos slammed his fists into the red earth, sending a massive shockwave outwards. The ground rippled like a pond would when a stone in dropped into it. He roared angrily into the sky, crouched and leap into the air; nearly three miles to land in the hangar of his ship.

“Take me Damos!” he barked, insectoid creatures scuttled about to do his bidding.

Minsk, Belarus

Perun looked at the circle of Creeds closing in on him; he simply closed his and began to pray. Suddenly he felt the singe of an Omnibeam nearby. He opened his eyes to see a man wearing black armour hovering above him.

“My name is Darius, but you may call me Distain” he said firing blasts from his hands and chests “I suggest you get up off your knees”

“Why s-should I do…that?” mumbled Perun as he propped himself against his axe and wobbled to his feet.

“Because it makes it easier for me to rescue you” said Darius as he swooped down and half scooped, half tackled the broken god and took him up into the sky.

----To see how/why/when Darius got from Arizona to Belarus, read the upcoming chapter of Distain 12----

Elko, Nevada

Beta Ray Bill spun his hammer as Slaughter moved towards him. Suddenly Lash came flying into Slaughter knocking the two of them unconscious. The ground formed a cage around them.

“Please don’t throw your trash into my desert” said Daniel Warstar hovering down from the air “It makes me cry”

Bill looked at the Native American infused with Asgardian power like himself, the Eye of Agamotto glowing around his neck.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Daniel Warstar” came the reply “You're Beta Ray Bill right? I had another weird vision thing and your name just came to me. Do you know a giant prune man?”

---Once again to see how Daniel Warstar comes into this, read the upcoming Warstar going up soon---


Jason strode onto the battlefield, his body trembling but not with fear but excitement. He picked up a fallen flagpole and charged in, batting Creeds and Stalkers away. A smile cracked across his face.

-This is awesome!-

Command Centre, Doomstadt

Sam barrelled through the doors and screeched to a halt and dumped 7 roughly onto the floor “MEDIC!”

Traveller looked over at Samantha and smiled “Your time to shine”

“What the flaming stark do you want me to do?” she cried “I don’t know where we are? Some flying kid just dumped that burning, shrivelling cat thing on the floor while handsome ran out the door and you, smiling like some starking kookaburra telling me I’m about to shine”


Samantha looked at 7 convulsing on the ground at Sam’s feet.

“Can you help him?” said Sam “Please”

Samantha looked at 7, then Sam and then to Traveller.

“Can you stop time?” she asked

“I can, but I shouldn’t” said Traveller “It mucks things up”

“Does he survive?”

“What?” Traveller looked shocked at her question.

“You said something about time and space, so you must know how this ends. If this is my time to shine it means he survives, so tell me how I do it!”

Traveller broke into a grin “Clever girl. We go to…”

Antarctica, South Pole

“…because it is really cold and it puts out the flames” he continued as the trio appeared on the cold, white tundra.

“Also it retards mould, which looks like what’s eating his skin” said Samantha packing snow onto 7’s body “Kinda like what my dad had on his back but much worse. Okay let’s get back”

“You just want to leave him here?”

“Look here space cadet!” Samantha grabbed Traveller by the neck and yanked him nose to nose “He’ll survive, like you said. There’s some kinda war going on so let’s go back and win it. And if it all turns to stark, you can just come back here in like a second and fix it”

“I like you!” beamed Traveller as they teleported back to Doomstadt.

7 shivered under his ice cocoon “…hello?” he croaked.

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Love it, I'll get to work on part 7 asap

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@joshmightbe: Coolio! It's all coming together nicely

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Bump because its good and it directly ties into another arc I'm starting today involving 7

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@joshmightbe: Coolio