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Minsk, Belarus

Perun held his hammer and Ax ready for combat as Damos met him on the field. The son of Thanos took a swing at the Slavic god who dodged and slammed his hammer into Damos' head sending him back a step as Perun lifted his ax hopping to finish it. Damos caught the ax mid swing and swung around hurling the god away.

Perun was swarmed with Creeds when he landed but he quickly broke free of them as Damos approached still holding Perun's ax. Perun takes a better grip on his hammer and stands ready as Damos orders the Creeds away. The sky goes black and thunder rolls as Perun lifts his hammer and aims toward Damos. A powerful bolt of lightning hits Damos sending him crashing to the ground as Perun goes to slam his hammer backed by lightning into his fallen enemy.

Damos rolled away and swings the ax. Perun pulls back avoiding the full strike but taking a deep slash on the hip. The intensity of the storm increased with Perun's rage. The Creeds and soldiers in the battle began to retreat from the weather as hard rain and hail poured down around them. Damos swung his ax at Perun's head but he blocked with his hammer and punched Damos in the jaw causing him to spit out two teeth. Damos raised his knee into Perun's chest. The sound of the god's rib cracking drowned out the thunder for a moment.

Perun then brought his hammer down shattering Damos' collar bone. He dropped his ax and caught it with the other hand. He then head butted Perun and took a swing with the ax. The New Latverian soldiers stood shocked as the storm abruptly ended. Perun fell with the ax buried in between his shoulder and neck.

Damos spat blood and roared to the Creeds," Did I give you permission to retreat?!."

Ferrum HQ ground floor

Scalphunter grinned at the sight of his blood, "I'm still better."

Cutthroat caught his hand as he attempted to activate his teleporter. His speed surprised Scalphunter. Cutthroat smashed his face into the floor shattering his jaw. Then he lifted his enemy and looked in his eye, "What no quips, no sarcasm?"

Scalphunter spat blood in his face and slurred out, "Just appraising the situation Morty."

He the jammed his blade in Cutthroat's neck, "Irony can be a real bitch sometimes."

He hurled Scalphunter away as he pulled the blade from his throat. He then shot 4 spikes into him and sent high voltage through him. As he pulled the spikes out Scalphunter started to think this may actually be his last fight. Cutthroat then came over and began smashing his fists into his face then stomping on his chest shattering 3 ribs. He then lifted Scalphunter and hurled him through a wall.

Scalphunter slid but stopped when hitting a large metal boot. He looked up and smiled at the empty hulk buster armor above him.

Ferrum HQ upper floors

Stryfe marches down the hall in full armor past panicking staff. He sees a few dozen Creeds running toward him but he catches them all in a telekenetic grip and tears them apart as he smashes out a window and floats down to the streets below.

Outside Doomstadt

General Aaron roared into comm set to a loud speaker, "The Creeds have broke through the front line, buster divisions up front now."

He was interrupted by several large ships in the sky that release several massive ape-like creatures and opened fire on the collected forces. John ordered, "Scramble the Sentinels, we need air support."

The ape creatures attacked the Hulk buster unit causing them to break ranks to regroup. This created a hole in the front line that the Creeds poured through to attack. The Iron soldiers began to pull back but General Aaron roared, "If you let even one of those animals pass you I'll kill you myself."

The soldiers hesitated but almost as if compelled they followed his orders. He jumped down from his scaffold above the troops and grabbed a large gun. He personally lead the charge plowing into the mass of Creeds. The soldiers behind him seemed invigorated by this and enthusiastically entered the fray.

General Enright began to worry about the loyalties of her fellow Iron soldiers as they quickly fell in line with every order given by the mysterious Shield General but was forced to put those thoughts aside and encouraging her fellow Iron Army officers to enter the battle as Aaron had in an effort to show them who was in charge but they had spent more time behind desks than in actual combat, most barely knew how to operate the General class armor they wore.

Elko, Nevada

Lash crawled on the ground away from Beta Ray Bill as he walked. Iron soldiers had just arrived and had been given orders to aid whoever Shield had sent to block the Stalker army. Bill kicked Lash off the cliff ledge he'd landed by and took off to continue his fight with the Makluan clones who were becoming more chaotic without Lash's control.

Australian Outback

The Traveler and Jason arrived in the middle of the dessert with shovels. The Traveler looked to Jason, "We'll have company soon so dig fast."

Jason looked at the shovel, "Don't we have something more important to be doing?"

The Traveler dug in,"Actually this is the most important thing ever, well for the moment anyway."

Thanos' Command ship

An insectoid creature steps up to Thanos, "Master we seem to have encountered more resistance than we'd assumed."

Thanos laughed, "You always do on that rock. Prepare the fleet, it is time I made an appearance."

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