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Continued from prologue & part 1



Elko, Nevada

Beta Ray Bill threw Stormbreaker into the open mouth of the approaching Makluan clone, the blow forceful enough to explode out the back of its neck, killing it and it crashed to the ground. The hammer flew back to his hand. Bill looked at the remaining clones and then down to Lash.

“Call off your dogs or face my wrath”

Lash unfurled his coils and roared “I said ATTACK!”

Beneath Ferrum HQ

“Black team take the Chicago Iron Hall, no prisoners!” barked Cut-Throat “Indigo team into Ferrum, take the ground floor! Blue team sweep the outside. If you spot the Supreme Commander call it in. Grey team with me!”

Stalkers sprung into action as they ran through the haze of concrete dust.

“Grey team? Did you choose the colours so they’d sound scary?”

Cut-Throat peered through cloud to spot his nemesis on the floor above peering down on him.

“Scalphunter!” the words caused Cut-Throat’s eyes to narrow, every muscle tensed in hatred

“Seriously I thought Iron Claw killed you but caloo-calay-oh-frabjous-day it seems you had a genuine miracle!” Scalphunter flipped down and impaled a Stalker through the head with his katana and then with his other sword beheading it. “See Stalkers are great for training but I came looking for a real fight”

“Grey team…kill him” snarled Cut-Throat

Minsk, Belarus

Perun swung his axe and hammer into the waves of Creeds that crashed upon him like a tide of razor blades. The Slavic thunder god laughed at the thrill of the battle, as the blood flew and the lightning crashed around him. On the horizon he spotted Damos, who was patiently watching him.

“Come giant! Come meet the god who will send you into the sweet embrace of the afterlife!”

Ferrum HQ, upper floors

Stryfe felt the building shake. Iron Claw was straight at his side.

“We should leave my lord”

Stryfe glared at his minion.

“I meant no disrespect my lord, your safety is paramount”

Stryfe’s helmet flew across the room and settled neatly on his head “I am tired of these insects! Giving help to Doom is one thing, but that cow Danvers! Once Thanos is crushed I will personally finish our last battle and pull her spine out her mouth!”

“What are your orders?” Iron Claw bowed deeply

“Kill everything that you do not personally recognise!”

Just outside Doomstadt

General Mandy Enright nodded as General John Aaron spoke, but it wasn’t in response to his words.

-Once the immediate threat of Thanos is neutralised General Enright, you will kill any and all SHIELD agents and take back the city. Forces from China will be on route upon your signal-

-Yes Supreme Commander-

She watched the man who spoke with authority. There was no information about him on the Ferrum database nor in the Iron Army archives, strange for one so…impressive.

Thanos' command ship

Thanos stood looking down on the blue world known as Earth, a grin across his purple face.

Elko, Nevada

Beta Ray Bill summoned up a storm and lightning pealed down, striking into the clones. He then flew directly at Lash and barrelled into him, slamming them both into the dirt. Lash whipped Bill across his horse-like muzzle, opening up a cut.

Bill grabbed the offending tendril and pulled, reefing it out of Lash’s arm. Blood, bone and circuitry flew from the wound as Lash howled in pain.

Beneath Ferrum HQ

Scalphunter stood on the bodies of about twelve Stalkers and Creeds. His swords dripped with blood and gore.

“Aww grey team fall down go boom!” Scalphunter laughed “If this is any indication, a rookie unit from the Oregon Iron Hall could take out this invasion. Did you get better dental by turning traitor?”

“I am going to wipe that starking smile off your face!” Cut-Throat pulled out a metal canister.

"What you got there Morty? Deodorant? Hopefully it's deodorant because you stink!"

Cut-Throat snarled "This is going to open you up to a world of pain Gerald"

"I warned you about using my name Fat-Boat. Guess I finally get to stab the starking stark outta you! Man it feels like my birthday"

Cut-Throat charged in and tried to smash Scalphunter with the canister. Scalphunter easily stepped aside and disarmed Cut-Throat with a flick of his wrist "What is it? Candy?"

Cut-Throat smashed a palm strike into Scalphunter's chest, a small spike in the palm sending a pulse into Scalphunter’s body.

"What did you do?" roared Scalphunter as he backflipped away and began scratched at his itching skin.

"I just injected a bunch of nanites into your system that counteract that starking healing factor of yours!" sniggered Cut-Throat "You get cut, you bleed! And by STARK AM I GOING TO STARKING CUT YOU!!" Cut-Throat launched at Scalphunter, claws extended and swung savagely at his arch nemesis. Scalphunter parried the blows then gazed down and looked at the gashes on his forearms, that weren’t healing.

"Feel that Gerald?" asked Cut-Throat "Just a taste of things to come"

Minsk, Belarus

Damos parted the sea of Creeds’s and strode towards Perun. The Slavic thunder god was a mass of scratches, gashes and cuts, like he’d been through a blender with crushed glass.

“What is your name little man?” coughed Perun, blood trickling out his nose

“I am Damos, son of Thanos” Damos cracked his knuckles and slammed a fist into Perun’s face, the sound like a train crash.

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Great Job I'll get right to work on my next chapter

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This gets more and more interesting each story!

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