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Command Centre, Doomstadt

Thanos stared straight at Samantha Crowe-Toyama aka Hellcat “Give me the gem!” The walls shook at his words. Augustus Holland levelled his gun at Thanos and prepared to fire but it turned into a cloud of hornets that began stinging him.

“If you want it” Samantha turned tail and began to run “You’ll have to…” She stopped speaking as Thanos was in front of her, courtesy of the Time & Reality Gems “Stark me!”

“If you give me the gem now, I shall kill you quickly”

“So my two options are death or death?” Samantha looked at the purple gem vibrating in her hand “How about I go with my original statement of if you want this, you’ll have to catch me first!” And with that Samantha simply vanished.

NO!” Thanos roared


Stryfe strode down the gangplank of Warforce One and put his helmet on.

-This is the Supreme Commander. All Iron Soldiers; look to your left, then to your right. If the people surrounding you are NOT members of the Iron Army…open fire! We take Doomstadt and we take it now! This filth will be wiped from my sight!-

He telekinetically grabbed the support columns of a nearby building and pulled them out, the building pancaking in on itself.

Other side of Doomstadt

An Iron Soldier levelled his weapon at David Hardy, who was laying covering fire. Agent Fry knocked the soldier’s arm up, the repulsor blast singeing the top of his hair.

“What are you doing?” yelled Fry into the soldier’s face.

“Following orders” came the reply as he fired a blast into Fry’s chest. The blow hit him like a mule kick. Fry tackled the soldier to the ground and slammed his fists into his face.

“What are doing Fry?” yelled Hardy “We’re on the same team”

“Not any more” said Molly as nine soldiers encircled them “Just picked up part of a telepathic signal. The tin men are to open fire on anyone who isn’t part of the Iron Army”

David extended some claws from his symbiote “Oh this day keeps getting better”

Medi-Unit, Command Centre

General Mandy Enright looked down at Carol Danvers, lying broken on the makeshift stretcher. The Supreme Commander’s orders echoed through her head. She slowly raised her repulsors towards her prone target. Carol’s eyes flickered open.

“P-please…don’t…” wheezed Carol, trying to get up but unable to summon and strength to do so.

“I take no pleasure in this Colonel Danvers” General Enright’s repulsors whirred to life


On the battlefield, Doomstadt

Jason pushed General Aaron to safety as an Iron Soldier opened fire. Jason lashed out with Makish’s blade, beheading the soldier. A Creed and an insectoid creature leapt at him.

“I thought the metal guys were on our side” said Jason impaling the Creed and grabbing the insect by the throat and squishing.

“It is always us against the world Jason” General Aaron stood; his image flickered then popped to reveal his true self; that of Ares. The god of war looked down at the broken image-inducer on his hip “It was good while it lasted” He grabbed the shaft of his broken axe and spun it in his hand “MEN OF NEW LATVERIA! FORM UP ON ME! TODAY, WE TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY!”

Command Centre

Thanos grabbed Holland, his fingers burying deep into the SHIELD agents flesh, lifting him high in the air. “WHERE IS SHE?”

“No idea” winced Holland as the grip got tighter, his bones breaking in his shoulders and chest.

“Bolts of Balthakk!” The magical bolt sliced through Thanos’ arm, severing it at the elbow. Holland hit the floor. Thanos turned to see wobbly Daniel Warstar and a bruised Beta Ray Bill. Thanos growled and another Thanos formed from the arm as he regrew his own.

“Two of you, two of me” he said as he split into a third, that walked off through the building in search of Samantha and Carol.

“Can he do that?” asked Daniel as the Thanos’ advanced.

“He has Infinity Gems” said Bill spinning his hammer “He can do just about anything!”


“C’mon Victor” said Traveller, his tone a little frustrated “You can do this”

“Do not speak to me as if I were a child!” warned Doom “My arms are broken, but Doom will prevail”

“Let’s hope so” Traveller muttered looking off into the void

Sky over Doomstadt

Sam Guthrie flew through the air watching the chaos. It was mayhem! Iron Soldiers Vs Creeds Vs New Latverians Vs Insectoids Vs SHIELD Vs Stalkers. Everyone was fighting everyone. Sam looked down and saw a large pocket of Iron Soldiers led by a man in silver, he banked left and rocketed down at them, at least he knew they were the bad guys.

The Supreme Commander looked up to see the mutant blasting towards him “Guthrie!” He took a hold of him with his telekinesis and drove him at top speed into the ground with a thunderous explosion. Sam shook his head and looked up from the hole he’d made to see the Supreme Commander looking over him.

“Shouldn’t you be powering one of my cities?” sneered the Supreme Commander


“Let’s put you to some good use!” he said and telepathically invaded Sam’s mind. Sam screamed like a wounded animal.

Medi-Unit, Command Centre

“You’re pregnant” General Enright lowered her weapons and her faceplate shot up “You flew into a warzone WHEN YOU’RE PREGNANT?”

“…No” Carol smirked as she fired an energy blast from her hand, blowing the General’s head clean off “I j-just needed you…to think I w-was”

The wall collapsed as Thanos walked through it.

Command Centre

The pair of Thanos’s vanished before their eyes.

“Where’d he go?” said Daniel

“He must of…oh no” said Bill “He’s must of found another gem”

Hala, Kree homeworld

Samantha stood beside a purplish lake. She whirled around. No Thanos. She spotted a slightly familiar young man sitting beside the lake skipping stones across it.

“Hi” she said as she approached him


“Are you Traveller?”

“Yeah” he stood up “Who are you?”

“This is really weird” Samantha scratched her head “But we’ve met, already. I’m Samantha Crowe-Toyama”

“I meet a lot of people, but I’d remember you Samantha” he gave her a cheeky smile

“Where are we?”

“Hala, in the Greater Magellanic Cloud. About 4000BC Earth time equivalent” said Traveller “So what can I do for you?”

“Can you show me how to use this?” Samantha opened her hand to reveal the space gem.

On the battlefield, Doomstadt

Ares put his fist through an insectoid as he stomped a Creed under his boot. Jason sliced open an Iron Soldier and moved onto a Stalker, chopping an arm off.


Ares was silenced as he was hit by a telekinetically controlled jeep. The Supreme Commander hovered off the ground; by his side a drooling Sam Guthrie with a look of anger and confusion on his face; flanking them a near battalion of Iron Soldiers with weapons ready

“You are all going to die!” stated The Supreme Commander

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