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Warforce One

The Supreme Commander’s plane roared across the Atlantic, just as he roared inside at the assembled troops in the hanger bay.

“YOU HAVE ALL FAILED ME!” he spat furiously as he paced “EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR NOT FOLLOWING MY EXPLICIT ORDERS!” He looked down to the Iron Soldier that he’d telekinetically twisted into a pretzel, blood seeping through the armour cracks. The soldiers trembled in absolute fear.


He stormed up to the command centre, Iron Claw bowed deeply.

“You best have some good news for me” warned the Supreme Commander.

Iron Claw pulled a sword, dropped to a knee and presented it to his master. A smile cracked across Stryfe’s lips

“The Muramasa blade”

Doomstadt, New Latveria

Carol Danvers sat on the throne, uncomfortable by not only the unforgiving chair but also her injuries. She looked at the throng of people gathered in the throne room.

“You should speak to them” muttered Ares, who stood beside her, her self appointed Minister of War.

“If Doom wasn’t dead, I might kill him for this” replied Carol as she propped herself up. The people dropped to a knee, much to Carol’s shock.

“No, no, no” she motioned for them to stand “None of this bowing nonsense, please” Several stood but the majority, after two hundred years of Doom’s rule, remained where they were. Carol shook her head and began “People of New Latveria! We…no, YOU, you have suffered so much recently. You have been invaded…twice, you have lost your leader and you have lost your loved ones. But you have not fallen!”

The crowd erupted into cheering and applause. Ares nodded in approval. On the side of the stage Augustus Holland looked on, unsure of what was really happening, slowly rolled away in his wheelchair.

The Bifrost Cannon, Bismarck, North Dakota

Awoogah! Awoogah!

Dr Hausen raced from his room, joined by four LMD nurses and a medi-bot as they headed to Ares. He was sparking and spluttering.

“He is a life model decoy” said the medi-bot over the piercing alarm

“Oh that’s not good” groaned Dr Hausen.

“No, no its not”

Dr Hausen turned to see the Chairman of Ferrum striding into the room, Iron Claw by his side and drooling Samuel Guthrie floating after them. The Chairman clicked his fingers and the alarm ceased.


“Stop gawking!” snapped the Chairman “The longer you stand about like a retarded child, the sooner thousands of Asgardians and Olympians burst forth and extract two hundred years worth of revenge”

“It seems that…”

The Chairman glowered at him, the doctor quivered “Dr Hausen, you will remove that robot from my machine and replace it with the dribbling mutant. You should be able to do that?”

“Yes, yes sir” he sprang into action ordering the LMD nurses and medi-bot about.

The Chairman stepped back and watched as Sam was placed into the machine.

“It is all you’re good for Guthrie”



“Are you sure you won’t stay?” asked Carol

“Look, I’m impressed I’ve hung around in the one spot for a month!” laughed Traveller “Seriously you’re doing an okay job and it’s time I went off and had some fun” Traveller turned to Samantha Crowe-Toyama “And you, I’ll miss you Scarecrow, most of all”

Samantha looked at him confused “What?”

“It’s a line from…don’t worry” he hugged her “You did great! Seriously only like twelve people in the universe have ever given Thanos a going over like you did” Samantha blushed and smiled “Now see that guy over there, the one handsome one. His name is David Hardy and you can’t date him because you’re related…well like distantly but don’t, I saw an alternate time line where your kid is even worse than the Supreme Commander”

Samantha’s jaw dropped.

“Now I think that’s about it, oops nearly forgot” he pulled an envelope from his pocket and walked over to Jason “This is for you. Now don’t open it now, it won’t make sense because you have to learn a new language and get a scar across your neck from the girl you marry…have I said too much? Anyway you’ll do fine, you have good genes”

Traveller looked at them all: Queen Carol, Ares, Jason, Samantha, Molly, David, Agent Fry, Beta Ray Bill, Daniel Warstar, and smiled. “Good luck”

Ferrum HQ, Chicago

The Supreme Commander looked at General Falcon Helfitta standing before him.

“You’ve been absent Falcon”

“Yes sir, sorry sir!”

“At ease General. Amidst all this chaos you were barely missed. Status report”

“As per your instructions all Iron Halls are on priority alert. The Thunderbolts are ready and at your disposal sir. Reconstruction of Chicago is…”

“Forget the reconstruction!” snarled the Supreme Commander “Why spend money on what will probably in a few months fall down of its own accord. I think it’s time I put my heel back onto the throat of this world. Seems they have become to complacent”

Valeria base, Doomstadt

“And where do you think you’re going?” stated Carol as Augustus boarded the transport.



“What is it Colonel? Or do you prefer your majesty?”

“That’s not fair”

Holland sighed and slowly walked towards the woman he was smitten with. “I think we’ve traded one set of problems for a bigger set of new ones” he said “I’m going to do what I do best. And you’re going to do what you do best. You’re going to lead”

“I could order you to stay” tears welled in Carol’s eyes.

“True,” he drew her close and kissed her forehead “But I’m an American and we’ve always had a problem with royalty” He held her tight.

“Please, don’t” she whispered

“I’m sorry” he replied

Matanzas, Cuba

Scalphunter stood on the beach, flanked by Sinister’s clones. The moonlight danced across the waves as a cool breeze swayed the palm trees.

“Huddle up starkers!” barked Scalphunter, wrapping his arms over the nearest two “I’ve had you charming kids for a month now. Training you, moulding you, making you into instruments of death. Tonight we’ll see if you’ve got what it takes. Okay everyone, hands in”

The group placed their hands on each other, Scalphunter going on top “Lets go kill us a sable!’

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Tied things up nicely and gave us some great story options from here. Great job

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@joshmightbe: Thanks!

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@batkevin74: I'm going to finish up my 4 part arc with 7 in the savage land and then I'm bringing back Hardy and Creed for a bit and maybe go back to check in on Morbius

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@joshmightbe: Cool!

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Awesome ending! Augustus leaving was kind of a tear jerker... it's scary how well that fit the character. Leads to an implication that I've been playing with. Thunderbolts! Great stuff. Do we finally see the Silver Sable/Scalphunter fight?

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Sweet Conclusion

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@Time_Phantom: I'm glad it worked! I was trying to tug the heart strings with their new, impossible love made worse by Carol's new status. Holland is a soldier, knows he's a good soldier/guerilla/freedom fighter but he's no royal consort. So he has to go to give them a chance.

Yeah Thunderbolts! You may remember way back when PrinceIMC created those machines with Wonder Man, Sersi & Hercules in them? Well I ran an idea past him, he said yes and soon you're going to see the Supreme Commander's new weapons striking a blow for tyranny & injustice!

Also yeah its about time Scalphunter Vs Silver Sable which, if I write it properly will lead into OUR tag team 2-part story of Ngumi Vs Scalphunter Round 2! :)

@DickGrayson: Thanks man

@joshmightbe: Hardy & Creed return!

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@batkevin74: Yes only this time they'll be on a definitive mission for a while, of course they will get side tracked along the way. I'm thinking of a big return for Raven who will as usual be working a con and may even float toward being a good guy.