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This is just a short intro to my Iron Age character.  I'm not to good with condensing alot of information so hopefully the story itself will be better... Hope you enjoy, and please tell me what you think. 
My name is Jack Payden and I live in a world consumed by corruption. You can ask a thousand people and 98% percent of the time they will not hesitate to tell you that the fall of humanity began with the death of Tony Stark. And although I may like most, want to believe that within time things will sort themselves out. The Iron Army has held America in their grip for decades, and I for one do not see that changing anytime soon. Not without people determined to change it at least. The people of this time have seemed to lose their spine, they are all completely content with surviving, and I am tired of it... Although I suppose I cannot blame them. I may have been against leaving the worlds safety up to the Iron Army, but it was not because I from the beginning saw the dangers of these... machines. No, my reason for hating the new regime was a much more selfish one. I hated it because Jar heads like myself were left with out a job. We were left without purpose, and what is life without purpose. Look at me... I talk real big, but what am I actually doing? Nothing, absolutely nothing, hell I'm part of the damn problem. After being "honorably discharged" from the military I became so desperate for work that I am now actually working on the maintenance staff at  Ferrum Tech. Yes... I actually fix the machines which I have come to hate with every fiber of my being. I may not be able to save the world, but someone has to do something. Why can't it be me? This world needs to change, and if I can help it, It will. Whoever it is who is responsible for forcing earth into the darkness, forcing the world into this... Age of Sorrow. Must be... Punished

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That's so sick! Nice job. I love the last part.

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"The Age of Sorrow must be punished!" I look forward to seeing Jack Payden loosing his $#!+

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@AweSam:  @batkevin74
Thanks guys I REALLY appreciate it.
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I like this it has... weight.

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It's a great prologue I'll be looking forward to the story

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Good stuff man, cant wait to see where it goes 

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is their any connection between this Punisher and Frank Castle?

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Thanks guys. 
I though about it at first but, Frank never came off as one to have any more kids so no Jack has no connection with him.
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@Project_Worm: I was thinking more along the lines of inspiration, like maybe he finds Frank's War Journal or maybe hears some stories about him or something but it's ok if he doesn't have any connection at all I was just curious

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Oh well, I mean he's definitely going to know who the Punisher was. But I had just figured that alot of people knew who he was, especially people in the military...
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@Project_Worm: It's no big deal to me I was just wondering

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Nice job! I like the irony of having to repair and fix the very things he wants broken.


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Nice chapter!

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Welcome back Fr...Jack!

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@Project_Worm: So will we be seeing Iron Age punny bunny any time soon?

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@Project_Worm: Any Punisher action?

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@batkevin74: It'll come I'm just so busy, I'm literally writing like six things right now and I can't focus enough to make them "good enough".

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@Project_Worm: Didn't mean tp push or rush you, was curious...have been since his initial proposal. I get the multi-writing thing, bit hard to juggle stuff and remembering which goes where at what time in which story! :) I shall be patient

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@batkevin74: Nah, It's my bad didn't mean to come off sounding angry, if I did. I'm probably just frustrated with the fact that i can't get it done...

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Very good, just saw part 3 up and am catching up!

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Bumped at @cbishop (I think you have this already, but just in case)

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