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The Vault 1 week ago

A woman sits in her cell reading a worn copy of a book while a guard checks her power inhibitor and the muzzle connected to it to keep her from speaking. Her name is Althea Cole, a self described witch of considerable power in addition to an inborn mutant ability to bend people to her will with her voice. She preferred to be called by her code name Murmur.

Across the aisle a man named William Cole, Althea's brother who while not blessed with her gift of magic did have a mutant power of his own. He was born with the ability to alter his physical state between solid, liquid and gas which he used in his work as a thief along with his sister, he went by the name Shift.

Two tiers below a man named Robert Quaid, a pyrokenetic who went by the name Arson paced back and forth in his cell.

As these prisoners wandered about their cells the cell block went dark and the building began to shake and a wall was torn open. Lash shot out his tendrils and impaled several guards as Zemo and Cutthroat entered as Creel pulled himself away from the wall, Zemo went for Shift's cell and made short work of the lock as Cutthroat crossed the aisle and freed Murmur. She looked him over hatefully, "Hello, Mortimer."

Cutthroat smirked, "Hey, you want to rot in here I'd be glad to oblige but the new boss doesn't seem to take no for an answer."

Lash dropped down to Arson's cell and shorted out the specialized lock and used his tendrils to rip the door off and looked to the prisoner, "Time for your job interview."

Arson grinned as Zemo spoke, "We have one more stop before we can go."

Zemo and his team smashed through some guards as they made their way to the solitary block. In the cell they were after sat a large beast of a man known simply as Callous, He is the elder brother of The Supreme Commander's pet assassin Iron Claw. Callous had been captured by the Iron army for tracking his brother to Chicago to gain vengeance for being left for dead. After it was made apparent that the Iron Army didn't possess the ability to kill him he was brought here to be forgotten.

Zemo stepped to the door and stated, "I am told you are a man of considerable ability, I will free you and help you attain your justice if you will agree to follow me, without question. Are these terms acceptable?"

In a voice that sent chills down the spines of most of the team Callous answered,"Yes."

As the doors opened even Lash found himself somewhat intimidated by the near eight foot tall monster that stepped out with sharp bone protrusions coming from his elbows and knees. Zemo looked him over and ordered, "Clear us a path out of here."

Callous gleefully obliged him.

(To be continued)

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It's good, but really short. Maybe you should make the next one a bit longer.

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@joshmightbe: Iron Claw has a brother! Madre dios! I might start working on a backstory for them...if I get time, she hasn't arrived today so maybe I will fire it off to you, unless you've got a plan...what am I saying of course you have a plan! :)

Do have to agree with @BlackReaper said:

It's good, but really short. Maybe you should make the next one a bit longer.

But that just means there's more to come!

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@batkevin74: There's nothing completely concrete on their backstory yet, basically the gist is When Iron Claw was found alone int the DMZ it was after he'd basically left his brother to die alone so he felt betrayed. I've liked how Iron Claw has been written to be pretty much fearless, I know he's had moments of pause in fights but he's never really seemed scared so I decided to make a character that could actually terrify him.

@BlackReaper: This was actually intended to be longer but the long version was awful so I edited down and changed basically all of it, hopefully the next few chapters will make up for it.

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@joshmightbe: Bump

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