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Los Angeles Iron Hall

General Falcon Helfitta sits in his office across his desk sits Scalphunter, "Explain to me exactly why I shouldn't be putting your head on a stick for you running off to do a side job for a known traitor."

Scalphunter grinned, "Well I did technically cause the deaths of most of his super clones and I brought back the wish stick thing so I say even steven."

Helfitta sighed and rubbed his forehead as Scalphunter's eyes locked on a section of the wall, "What?"

Scalphunter stood up, "I don't exactly keep up with modern construction, but since when do office walls move on their own?"

The intercom came on, the voice on the other end seemed nervous, "Sir it seems that all the building exit doors have..umm, fused themselves shut and the roof is on fire."

Scalphunter looked out the window, "I feel there's some reference I should be making right now but I just can't think of it."

Helfitta glared, "Shut the hell up."

On the roof Absorbing man stood half merged with the building as Arson kept his flames from doing any serious structural damage while still stirring up a nice panic as they spread out over the surface of the building. Callous burst through the front entrance. The building resealed itself behind him as he began attacking employees. Shift entered through the water lines as Zemo and the rest came down from the roof.

Lash used his tendrils to lower himself and Murmur down the stairwell as Cutthroat and Zemo entered the floor of General Helfitta's office. Helfitta and Scalphunter were making their way to the stairs when they caught sight of them.

Scalphunter had a curious look, "I kind of half expected Morty, but what's with the pink undies on your face?"

Cutthroat glared back, "I got this."

Zemo caught him by the shoulder, "You have more important work to attend to."

Zemo thing unsheathed his sword and held a hand behind his back in fencing position, "I've heard of you, Gerald is it?"

Scalphunter smiled as he drew his sword, "And you're umm, something royal right? King Zeppo?"

He then swung his blade at Zemo dodged and delivered a quick cut across Scalphunter's cheek before dodging the next swing.

"You're quick pinky I'll give you that, but I'm quicker", He then slashed Zemo's shoulder with a grin. Zemo glanced at the wound and then to Scalphunter's grin, "Is that suppossed to prove something assassin?"

Zemo then swatted Gerald's sword out of his hand with his blade and then smashed the hilt into his face and punched him in the chest. Scalphunter gasped as he felt three ribs shatter under the fist. He then dropped to the ground and reached for his gun, Zemo sliced the holster from his belt and slid the gun away and then used his blade to slide Scalphunter's sword back to his hand and backed away giving a gentlemanly bow.

Scalphunter grabbed his sword and pulled himself off the ground, "Okay Captain Underpants, now we have a problem."

Gerald charged swinging his sword. Zemo easily blocked his every strike before kicking him in the gut sending him back to the floor. Zemo then sheathed his sword and yanked Gerald off the floor by the neck delivering another rib shattering blow as Scalphunter punched him in the jaw. Zemo released as Scalphunter delivered a head but followed by a drop kick to Zemo's chest. He then grabbed his gun off the floor and took aim at Zemo's head as the Baron pulled out a small device.

While this was going on Cutthroat made his way to the elevator but Helfitta tackled him. One of Cutthroat's spikes dug into the General and Cutthroat delivered a shock, "Sorry pal, no time to play today."

The elevator doors then slid opened to reveal several Iron soldiers ready to pounce. Everyone in the room froze as Helfitta looked over to Scalphunter and demanded, "Gerald Stop!"

Scalphunter sighed, "Why?"

Helfitta huffed as he pulled out the spike, "Because he's holding a starking nega bomb with a dead man switch."

Gerald lowered his gun, "That's bad right?"

The General nodded, "Only if you like living in this section of the solar system."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Very cool! I could almost see Scalphunter doing the following

"So he dies, he drops the switch and the world goes BOOM! Right?"

"Yes!" snapped Helfitta eyeing the masked man holding the deadman switch.

"Well it's been real, its been emotional," Scalphunter raised the gun and took aim between Zemo's eyes "Let's see if there is an after life"

Helfitta fired a blast from service blaster clipping Scalphunter's hand and sending the shot wide "Next one goes in your head, followed by nine others you starking freak! Stand down!"

Scalphunter kicked the carpet and dropped his shoulders "You're no fun"

Zemo gave Helfitta a respectful nod

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@batkevin74: I might actually use parts of that in my next chapter if you're okay with it, also I think you'll appreciate what happens with the nega bomb situation. Next chapter will deal with what the rest of the team is doing while all this is going on.

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@joshmightbe: Sure, be my guest. Just remember they did detonate a small Nega bomb under Wakanda way back when...either way if it goes of it won't be pretty for anyone!

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@batkevin74: I have a plan all worked out, trust me.

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@batkevin74: Just posted part 6 but forgot to number it

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Good job, but you really have to cut down on the writing. Hard to keep up when you guys post 2-3 chapters a day.

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