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FINALLY! It's taken me way too long but it's done! Chapter 7 of my FF here in the Iron Age. It is a tad long, but stick with it because asides from being rated MA, there's some cool stuff, some deaths and for you find out who mysterious John is! Enjoy and please, comment; mainly so I can fix/tweak and get better. Thanks

Here’s the first 6 parts:

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Left Hand Room

Corporal America and Scarlet Spider looked at the two women advancing on them and the man casually resting against the doorway balancing a katana on his fingertips. The two woman; one a beautiful Eurasian woman with her hands on fire, the other a woman with short green hair and a reptilian look in her eye.

“Let me guess” said Nicholas sarcastically “Something’s not right”

“Next time you’re about to get melted,” snapped Kaine, his hands bristling with bio energy “I’ll just let it happen!” And he slung a webline to the roof and stuck to the ceiling.

“Oh no a spider! We shall not suffer a spider to live” said Scalphunter in his best monotone.

Corporal America slung his shield catching Anaconda in the mouth, knocking her cold. The shield ricocheted off a desk and back into his waiting hand. Skyfire fired a heat blast at the Scarlet Spider who easily hopped out of the way.

“Watch the roof Skyfire!” warned Scalphunter “Seriously, we’re in space!”

“Yeah yeah” scoffed Skyfire taking to the air to attack the Scarlet Spider.

“So who are you?” asked Corporal America advancing

“Are you serious? You have no idea who I am?” Scalphunter caught his sword and gave it a twirl “I am offended and shocked. I know all about you Corporal Nicholas Rogers from the Iron Pigs of Greater Iron Hall of Pennsylvania. You’re a traitor!”

Nicholas roared in anger and hurled his shield, Scalphunter easily caught it “What do you think; do I look like Russel Crowe?”

Skyfire flicked bolts of fire at Scarlet Spider as he easily flipped and dodged away from her attacks “Stand still you jumping stark!” she yelled

“Umm no!” replied Scarlet Spider as he swung up and under her and slammed his fist into the back of her neck. Skyfire spun around and tried to burn his face off but he easily swatted her hands up so the blast scorched the roof.

“How do you like it?” Kaine fired his venom blast into her face. She screamed and it shocked her into unconsciousness causing her to drop to the ground like a stone.

Corporal America flailed his fists, Scalphunter put up the shield and casually blocked the blows “This thing is pretty good for nearly three hundred years old” he complimented “Maybe you should’ve stayed dead Nicky?”

Nicholas roared and swung several more punches into the unbreakable shield. Scalphunter yawned and turned his attention to the Scarlet Spider.

“Now you’re the kid whose mommy and daddy turned him in!” laughed Scalphunter “Then they got killed, boo hoo and you’re out for revenge, right?”

“Keep talking about my family starker” growled Kaine as his hands crackled with bio-energy

“Here it’s yours” Scalphunter shoved the shield into Corporal America’s chest then dropkicked him and it backwards across the room. Scalphunter hit the floor and kipped up, drawing another katanna.

“I haven’t had a good fight since I got this sword off that Asian bird a while back” said Scalphunter “And my other sword, well that tin can wearer Darius hasn’t really taken care of it at all. Look at these scratches!”

“Shut up!” Scarlet Spider fired a blast, Scalphunter ducked out of the way and advanced.

“Very rude Spider boy” chastised Scalphunter swinging for his head but Scarlet Spider easily ducked. Scalphunter looked at him quizzically “Psychic? Battle computer?”

“Spider sense” Scarlet Spider fired webbing but Scalphunter leapt over it. Corporal America raised his shield as the webbing stuck to it.

“Watch it!” snapped Nicholas entering the fray

“Can we just knock this idiot out?” suggested Kaine as he fired another venom blast to no avail.

Scalphunter stopped and crossed his arms “Don’t pretend I’m not here. I’m not an imaginary friend…or am I?”

The Centre Room

Distain’s Type Z repulsor fired a blast into Cut-Throat’s groin area. His shields went up to block most of the blast but still he was fired up like a bottle rocket, slamming into the roof like a bug against a windshield. Distain stood up, glaring at Chameleon who looked at him like a stunned mullet. Cut-Throat fell back down to the ground.

“Where is the Serpent Crown?” growled Distain.

“The what?”

Distain fired off a blast from his right hand repulsor that blasted a hole right through her throat and out the back of her neck. She collapsed in a lifeless heap. Distain looked down on the groggy, prone Cut-Throat and raised his hand.

“I have a burn on my eye! I have been knocked out! And you were going to cut my starking head off!” Distain seethed as his right repulsor whirred ominously “Now you will tell me what I want to know or…”

“There is no Serpent Crown!” gushed Cut-Throat “This was all an elaborate ruse to eliminate you!”

“You are such a weasel” said Distain as he fired. Cut-Throat threw his hands up, the blast hitting the shields. Distain crouched and slammed his fist into his face, breaking his nose. Cut-Throat rolled aside and scrambled to his feet.

“Let me go and we’ll call it even” said Cut-Throat

Distain paused, pondered then answered “Okay”

Cut-Throat eyed him suspiciously “Really?”

“Sure” Distain pointed to the large window that separated them from cold vacuum of space “Out you go”

Right Hand Room

Killpower and Ripsaw opened fire with their blasters and guns. Magni spun Mjolnir to protect himself but found it was unnecessary as Daniel Warstar threw up a blue shield to protect them both. Bullets & laser bursts peppered the mystical barrier. John paced back and forth like a caged animal, watching the proceedings as he twirled a metal canister in his hand.

“Release me Daniel Warstar!” ordered Magni “We are in battle; the fight must be taken to them!”

“…No” said Daniel, tears welling in his eyes.

“You defy the son of Thor?”

“Magni…” Daniel took a deep breath and looked on his Asgardian friend “I need a few moments okay, otherwise I’m going to explode! These…ANIMALS, made a diorama of my ancestors! If I don’t slow down, calm down, I’m going to make the same mistake Dr Strange did years ago” Daniel wiped his eyes “We…I need to be a hero. Not a punisher or instrument of revenge”

Magni looked on his comrade-in-arms and placed a hand on his shoulder “You are wise beyond your years Daniel Warstar. I am yours to command”

“Why do you cower like a woman, Asgardian whelp?” roared John over the artillery barrage “Are you afraid to face me?!”

Magni glared at the smoking man, his knuckles going white as he gripped his father’s weapon tighter.

“That’s what he wants” said Daniel “You angry, so you’ll make a mistake. Besides he’s not quite what he appears to be. There’s a glamour or enchantment upon him”

“Soon my hammer will be upon him”

“You take the robot men, I’ll deal with him” said Daniel

“Very well”

“On three. One…two…three!”

Asgardian Throne Room

“Loki that is untrue” said Balder

“No my Lord Balder, it is not!” Loki wiped his mouth “I have tried these past centuries to be better, but it seems it has been for naught”

“You have and always will been a deceitful snake” stated Thor

“So you will only judge me by my past? Is that the case brother?”

“Thor, Loki enow!” said Balder

“Nay Lord Balder” said Loki “We shall have this out here and now!”

“The leopard has changed but the spots have not” sneered Thor

“Which animal am I Thor?” Loki said “Or is that how you see me, an animal”

“Loki your service to the real…”

“I am not talking to you!” snapped Loki “My lord”

“Look at the mess you caused” hissed Thrud to Modi as the adults exchanged barbs.

“This isn’t my fault you witch!” spat Modi as he slapped her hand that outstretched towards the hammer between them “And it is my hammer!”

“No, its Loki’s hammer” retorted Thrud scraping her nails across the back of Modi’s hand like a cat “And he’ll probably give it to me”

Modi backhanded Thrud in the mouth “You don’t deserve it! Men get weapons; you get to stay in the kitchen!”

Thrud touched her lips and looked at her hand, blood and saliva mixed together. She smiled “You think that I am merely some house cow? Do you?”

Balder, Loki and Thor turned to the commotion behind them.

“You think I am just some girl?” Thrud got to her feet.

“You are a girl!” roared Modi “Just leave the fighting to the men”

“You think you’re a man do you?”


“What are you doing Thrud?” asked Loki as he watched her hands move in subtle, silent ways

“You think father choose poorly when he sent Magni instead of you?”

“YES!” roared Modi, grabbing a hold of Stormcaster

“Then why don’t you take his place!” Thrud screamed and cast a spell upon her brother. The throne room exploded in magic and light.

The Centre Room

“You want me to leave, via the window?” said Cut-Throat as he watched Distain “That’s space you starking idiot! I’m not going out there”

“Well then…Mortimer, you’re in a world of trouble then” replied Distain as he raised his repulsors.

“I’ve beaten gods!” declared Cut-Throat.

“You mean Ares?” laughed Distain “So have I” Distain fired two repulsors blasts which Cut-Throat blocked with his shields.

“I’ve killed hundreds!” roared Cut-Throat as he dodged forward with tremendous speed “You’ll just be another notch on my belt!” He swung his hands trying to slash Distain, but he was caught by the wrists. Cut-Throat slammed his forehead into Distain’s faceplate with a loud clang “I am the premier assassin of the United States! I…”

“Talk too much!” Distain fired his chest omni-laser into Cut-Throat’s torso flinging him up into the roof. As he fell, Distain crash-tackled him and slammed them both into the window. It spider-webbed, cracked, but held.

Cut-Throat wriggled like a greased pig “You’ll kill us both!”

“Just you” said Distain as he slammed into the glass again “I’m equipped for space travel”

Left Hand Room

Scalphunter ducked out of the way as Scarlet Spider fired another venom blast, Corporal America only managing to get his shield up.

“Stop doing that!”

“Yeah!” echoed Scalphunter “It’s not working, but you keep doing it you crazy little orphan”

Scarlet Spider swung a punch which Scalphunter weaved away from “Any better ideas for taking out this lippy clown?”

Scalphunter flurried with his swords, Scarlet Spider leapt away as the razor sharp blades put fine cuts in his costume.

“This is getting silly!” stated Scalphunter “You can’t hit me spider-face, because I’m awesome! I can’t hit you because you can detect spiders and I seem to be covered in invisible spiders because I CAN’T starking hit you! And traitor to the cause, Nicholas ‘I’m a Cuppachino America’ Rogers, hides behind his garbage can lid! So it’s time to blow this pop stand”

“What is he talking about?” asked Nicholas

“No starking idea” replied Kaine as he watched Scalphunter sheath both his swords.

“It’s been real gents” Scalphunter hung his head, slumped his shoulders and sunk his hands into his pockets.

“You’re surrendering?” said Corporal America, slightly bewildered.

“Not a chance starkhole!” laughed Scalphunter as he pulled six grenades from his pockets and threw them at them “Just trying to catch you off guard” Scalphunter turned tail and ran.

Corporal America grabbed Scarlet Spider leapt behind a desk as the grenades exploded in fire and shrapnel.

“Boss is gonna be starked at me” muttered Scalphunter as he ran across the hall “Just blame that idiot Morty ha ha ha”

Right Hand Room

Magni smashed his hammer again into Killpower’s head, circuitry, sparks and oil spilt out “Error! Error!” it stated as Magni jammed his fist into its chest and pulled out a handful of wires and processors. Ripsaw smashed a fist into Magni’s nose with a crack, which only caused the son of Thor to turn his attention to the orgborg.

“Oh stark me” whimpered Ripsaw as Magni smashed him in the face.

John watched as Warstar advanced on him, covered in his blue sphere “I suggest you run boy!” snarled John.

“Let me see what you really are?” said Daniel as he moved his hands in intricate patterns “The Light of the All-Seeing Eye of Agamotto!”

A searing light flew from the amulet around Daniel’s neck and bathed John in white energy. Images filled his eyes: teeth, lightning, chains, Thor, blood, growling. Daniel gasped as he saw John for what he really was!

“Fenris!” whispered Daniel as John batted him, bubble and all across the room. John leapt towards Magni, and slammed the canister as Magni erupted in magic and light. The canister hit the figure in the light. Modi stood in Magni’s place.

Modi screamed as he once toned Asgardian body had basically withered, as the canister dampened his powers. He was a husk of a man. Stormcaster fell from his feeble grip.

“Prepare to die son of Thor!” snarled John.

Suddenly several ghostly hands grabbed John and threw him to the floor. He looked up to see spectral forms of Forge, Warpath, Puma and other Native American heroes surrounding him.

“What is this?” snapped John

“It’s a ghost dance” said Daniel as he conducted the spirits “I have summoned my ancestors from beyond, to have their revenge! I hoped to do this to the Supreme Commander, but since he’s not here Fenris, you can suffer in his place!”

The ghostly heroes of old beat, kicked, hit and broke Fenris; his blows hitting nothing but air, theirs hitting with hurricane-like force.

“Where…am…I?” croaked Modi

“You’re in my boss’s moon base buddy” said Scalphunter as he entered the room “And you are?”

“I am…Modi…son…of Thor..” Modi wheezed

“Run Magni!” yelled Daniel “I can’t keep the ghost dance going and protect you!”

“I’ll protect him!” laughed Scalphunter drawing his swords “Now the boss has a file on Magni, and you kinda look like him”

“Who..are you?” asked Modi


“RUN!!” screamed Daniel

“I’m the guy who killed you!” Scalphunter swung his swords in a scissoring motion and cleaved off Modi’s head!

“NO!” yelled John

“NO!” screamed Daniel as he dropped the ghost dance and his shield “Bolts of Baltahkk!” Several balls of mystical energy flew towards Scalphunter who easily got out of the way.

Scalphunter picked up the head “Am I in trouble?”

Asgardian Throne Room

Magni stood over Thrud, Mjolnir raised. “What? What is going on?”

“Magni?” she replied

“What have you done?” roared Loki

“Why am I in Asgard?” asked the bewildered Magni

“I…transported you here” cried Thrud, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Send me back!” said Magni

“Send us all back!” added Thor “We can take back Midgard, free it from the yoke of oppression!”

“I don’t know how to”

“You just did it, Thrud” said Balder “Surely you must be able to…” He stopped as he looked at the scrying sphere Loki had just conjured. The Asgardians could only watch as Scalphunter jiggled around Modi’s decapitated head.

Magni slammed Mjolnir into the ground with a thunderous crack!

The Centre Room

Cut-Throat slipped out of Distain’s grip and ran for the door. Distain easily flew after him and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck.

“Where are you running to, oh fighter of gods?” Distain mocked as he slammed his fist into Cut-Throat’s face “The battle is here”

“Get off!” Cut-Throat slammed his uru coated elbow into Distain’s neck causing him to let go. Cut-Throat ran for it.

Left Hand Room

Corporal America and Scarlet Spider clambered out of the wreckage.

“Are you okay?” asked Nicholas

“Wow” Kaine smiled as he pulled off his mask “That almost sounded genuine”

“I did just save your life!”

“Let’s find that starker and get the others”

Right Hand Room

Daniel ran at Scalphunter and threw a punch, Scalphunter caught his fist easily.

“Head butt!” he clocked Daniel with the head of Modi, knocking him to the floor and strode over to the battered John “Ready to leave?”

“You took…my kill” wheezed John “The Asgardian was…mine!”

“Meh! Whatever” shrugged Scalphunter “What are you gonna do?”

“You’re not going anywhere” seethed Daniel as he clambered to his feet

“You’re the magic man” said Scalphunter “Pull a rabbit out of a hat?”

Warstar’s hand bristled with crimson energy “By the…”

Blam! Blam! Blam! Daniel’s spell was cut short as Scalphunter pumped bullets into Daniel’s gut “By the way, you’re bleeding!”

Daniel fell to the floor. He writhed in pain. His hand made contact with Stormcaster and the room once again was filled with power.

“Gotta go!” gulped Scalphunter as he threw John over his shoulder.

Daniel stood there, his body hummed with power. He’d been healed, transformed, refreshed. The Eye of Agamotto glowed, the hammer buzzed with energy, his new cape fluttered behind him.

Cut-Throat ran into Scalphunter in the corridor.

“Watch it idiot!” said Scalphunter “Trying to escape here”

“Distain is after me!” squealed Cut-Throat

“Good luck with that” laughed Scalphunter as he pushed the button on his teleport belt.

“Oh no you don’t!” yelled Cut-Throat grabbing Scalphunter’s arm as the three pixelated and vanished.

Distain flew through their shadows, but unable to catch them. He turned to see Corporal America and Scarlet Spider heading his way, each with a prisoner.

“Taking out the trash little soldier?”

“Yes Darius” Nicholas smiled “Yes I am, you pompous stark!”

Distain smiled inside his helmet “Where is Daniel and Magni?”

“I don’t know where Magni is” said Daniel as he joined them, a headless body in his arms.

“When did you get buffed?” asked Kaine, looking at Daniel’s transformed physique.

“Who is that?”

“Someone called Modi” said Daniel, his face a mixture of sadness and anger “I think it is Magni’s brother or cousin…I don’t know…we should go”

“Well call up…” Nicholas stopped as Daniel began spinning the hammer “What’s going on?”

“I’m not sure” replied Kaine

Daniel spun the hammer above his head “Winds of Watoomb! Wings of Odin! Take us home!”

Nation of The Plains, Arizona

Distain, Corporal America, Distain, Warstar and the body of Modi appeared in the secret Native American village where Daniel grew up.

“We will be safe here” said Daniel

“Where are we?” asked Nicholas

“Arizona” said Daniel “We rest, we bury our dead and tomorrow…”

“Tomorrow we change the world” said Distain as he removed his helmet.


Ferrum HQ, Chicago

“…and then Mortimer ran like a girl from Distain, hit my teleportation belt and sent us home” said Scalphunter “But I did bring you back the head of some dude from Asgard, I know how you like heads”

The Supreme Commander stared intently at his premier assassin who he held aloft via his telekinesis. He looked at Cut-Throat, also hanging in the air. He slammed them both into the floor, back up to the roof and back into the floor. He then flipped Scalphunter to his feet.

“You are only alive because you’ve killed an Asgardian” he said

“I miAHHHHH!” Scalphunter’s head twisted violently to the extreme left with a crack.

“Shut up!” he ordered “You’ll heal…then I’ll do it again” The Supreme Commander turned around and looked out over Chicago.

“Iron Claw”

“Yes Supreme Commander!” The cybernetic killing machine stepped forward.

“Take Cut-Throat down to the basement and strip him of everything Sinister put in him. Then flay him, amputate him and bring his screaming torso to me!”

Iron Claw smiled and walked over to the prone, quivering head of the American Assassination Division.

“As for you Gerald” The Supreme Commander snapped Scalphunter’s head violently back in the other direction “Are you ready for a war?”



Using the last few lines from your X-Faction #6 to keep the continuity. Also: huzzah my guys are back on Earth (sure they're in Arizona but I can get them to Chicago for your Project Phoenix if need be)

Well Daniel Warstar is back and he's got the Eye of AgamottoANDStormcaster which gives him Thor-ish powers, so he's now a force of nature! Bring on the alien hordes! :)

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I like it!

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@primepower53: Thanks man :)

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This is amazing. I give it my lowest rating ever, nine thumbs up :P

Seriously, good work.

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Awesome! Good story and... heads.

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Great Job and you've given me some ideas

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@TheCannon: Only 9...man, I gots to do better! :)

@AweSam: Thanks man. I am looking forward to Project Phoenix and X-Faction! :)

@joshmightbe: Thanks. Not a prob, hoping that Iron Age has a new wave of awesome stories

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@batkevin74: do you still want to co write the Thanos thing with me?

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@joshmightbe: SURE!

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@batkevin74: Cool, we should probably hammer out the details

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@joshmightbe: That's be best

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This is good. I just love Scalphunter, Modi poor poor Modi. Does Magni get back somehow? This war our buddy Stryfe speaks of... perhaps I need context.

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@Time_Phantom: It's in the general context of all the $h!t going down: parts of Chicago going kerblooey thanks to Ngumi & co, the Sea Wall coming down, Ares leading a small army in open rebellion and Mr Sinister leaving the employ of the Iron Army (have a read of arc before they went into space and also the last part of X-Faction 6 by )

Yeah Scalphunter is so much fun to write, I want to do him Vs Silver Sable next which may lead into him Vs Ngumi: Round 2!

Yeah alas poor Modi, I knew him...but yes Magni will come back, as much as I love Asgard, they do their best work in Midgard.

I also have an idea to get Hellcat stateside (or at least to where the action kinda is), which might need Ngumi to get her there...interested? :)

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Oh and I forgot to mention Mysterious John is.... FENRIS! I await Magni's return. Scalphunter vs. Silver Sable sounds exciting and Ngumi is ready for round two. Yes I am interested in having a former agent of Shield, aka the Lady Deathstrike coming to the land down under for Hellcat.

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I just posted an interlude that picks up right after the end of this

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@Time_Phantom: Sweet!

@joshmightbe: I saw that, shame Cut-Throat didn't get the beating he deserved at the hands of Iron Claw but I liked it. Mortimer aka Bishop Cain aka Cut-Throat just keeps adding to the list of people who will happily kill him: Scalphunter, General Falcon Helfitta, John, Distain, Iron Claw, Ares...your job is to see if he can have EVERYONE want to kill from Doom, Danvers, Ngumi, Corporal America, Silver Sable, Thor, Jason; even Sergei from the Bar With No Name :)

random shout out, hoping you'll rejoin :)

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@batkevin74: When I created him I set out to make a genuinely hate-able character

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@joshmightbe: Well I hate him! :) He's actually fun to write because he's such an ass and he teters on the edge of exploding but he isn't an idiot like him picking his battles with Scalphunter & knowing when he's outgunned, outclassed and he'll do almost anything to save his own skin

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@batkevin74:  Where is hercules, and all the olympians.
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@Epicbeast3000: Well Hercules is trapped inside a cyborg suit and the Olympian's are trapped on Mt Olympus by a device similar to what holds the Asgardians in place. Thanks for reading

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@batkevin74:  It would be cool if Hercules's son and Magni met. They should fight and then join forces.
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