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Continued from: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-fantastic-force-5/671123/

(Sorry it took so long o get up. Rated MA)

Asgardian Throne Room

“Is this a private conversation?” announced Loki as he entered the room where his two brothers; one the king of Asgard, sat joking.

“Greetings brother!” called Balder warmly.

“My Lord Balder” Loki nodded to his king “I have an issue with our brother”

“When don’t you” chuckled Thor, even Balder let a slight smile. Loki smiled sarcastically and held out his hand, Stormcaster flew out of Modi’s grip and into his palm.

“This! This is mine” stated Loki “And you give it away, to a child!”

Modi went to protest but Thrud elbowed him in the ribs and glared at him.

“The realm needs protecting” stated Thor

“And where is your hammer? Oh that’s right you gave it away”

“To my son!” Thor’s hands instinctively turned to fists

“Do you have anything you’d like to give your daughter?” Loki motioned to his niece “Once again brother, your parenting is sub-par”

“ENOUGH!” roared Balder “Loki why must you always bring discord?”

“My Lord this was not my doing? Thor has given away something that is not his. If I did that, you would chastise and berate me. Thor does it and all is good with the realm” Loki tossed Stormcaster on the floor between the two children “Still double standards and you have both eyes, my lord”

The Blue Area, The Moon

“What the stark is that?” yelled Scarlet Spider as the giant head floated towards them.

“I am M.O.D.O.K, Mental Organism Designed Onl…”

“HAVE AT THEE!” Magni hurled Mjolnir at it, smacking it right in the massive forehead. Magni launched after his hammer and towards the giant head. Corporal America watched the thunder god in action and joined in, his shield flying straight and true. Scarlet Spider let rip with a venom blast in a short few seconds the big, giant floating head was unconscious and broken on the floor.

“Whoa!” exclaimed Warstar “Feeling kinda useless”

“You are useless” said Distain derisively “I’ve detected a power source up ahead. If you three are finished making noise”

“You’re the one getting hit with rockets!” snapped Corporal America “We may as well just stay here”

“My spider sense is tingling, something’s wrong” said Scarlet Spider.

“Which way?” asked Magni

Distain pointed and the quintet headed down a long corridor. At the end it branched to three rooms.

“Now which way?” ask Corporal America.

“No need for tone little soldier” replied Distain

“You’re the one with the map in that tin can of yours!”

“I shall go this way!” stated Magni

“Dude! Haven’t you ever seen a horror movie?” said Warstar grabbing Magni’s arm “We split up and it all goes to hell”

Magni stared at Warstar “You watch horrific acts for fun?”

“Listen up!” barked Corporal America “Spider and Distain take the left, I’ll hit centre, Warstar and Magni on the right”

“I’ll take centre little soldier” sneered Distain “You need to learn tolerance, so you can hang with the spider. No offence”

“None taken”

“Fine!” scowled Corporal America as he headed left with Scarlet Spider. Magni and Warstar headed right, Distain entered the centre room and the door closed behind him and locked. Before him stood Scalphunter, Cut-Throat, John, Killpower, Anaconda, Ripsaw and Skyfire. Scalphunter pointed his katana at him, the others pointing various weapons also.

“Password?” asked Scalphunter

“Mortimer is a stupid name!” replied Distain as he morphed into Chameleon. Cut-Throat clenched his teeth.

“Nice! So what’s the go?” said Scalphunter

“Spider and the soldier on way, the hammer and the Indian the other” reported Chameleon “Took down MODOK in seconds, they’re pretty good”

“Pfft” scoffed Cut-Throat “Let me at them”

“How about NOOOO!” laughed Scalphunter “You, are staying here! Let’s see if you can kill a prone, unconscious man. Ripsaw, Killpower go with John. Anaconda, Skyfire you’re with me. Chammy, watch this idiot and if he can’t do the job, kill them both!”

Cut-Throat glared at his nemesis, Scalphunter stepped up and stood nose to nose with him “Any problems with that Morty McMort Mort?” Cut-Throat hissed through his teeth.

“Let’s go boys” said John flicking his cigarette into Distain’s eye slit “I got a god to kill”

Left Hand Room

Corporal America and Scarlet Spider walked into a room looked like a giant study. In various glass cases were items.

“Is it in here?” asked Scarlet Spider

“I…don’t…know” growled Corporal America looking around.

“Stop being such a stark!” said Kaine “I get you don’t like me” He looked in on a case containing a metal arm “Who or what stark is Cable?”

“Is it a crown, a gemstone or a bracelet?”


“Then I don’t care” replied Corporal America looking at a case containing a bullet holed skeleton labelled ‘Warren Worthington III’ “We find the stuff and we go”

Scarlet Spider was about to respond when his spider sense screamed and he tackled Nicholas to the ground and out of the way of a burst of superhot plasma that exploded the case.

“You missed!” groaned Scalphunter “You owe me a beer”

Right Hand Room

The door slammed and locked behind Magni and Daniel as they entered the room.

“Fear not” said Magni “The son of Thor shall rip it from thine hinges if need be”

“Methinks that is…” Warstar and stopped when he gazed around the room in horror “good. Oh Great Spirit”

“What is wrong?” asked Magni as Warstar walked into the room like he’d been hit with the emotional weight of the world. Across the far wall was a mural that depicted the Battle of Greasy Grass from 2029.

“Hundreds of years ago my ancestors were killed” said Warstar tears welling in his eyes as he recalled the story of how his forefathers fought the Iron Army. “And this sick bastard has a painting of it on his wall! Oh no!” Warstar moved forward to see a collection of skulls, each on its own pedestal. “This is terrible…horrible”

Magni, placed his hand on his friends shoulder and quickly removed it as it nearly burnt him to the bone “Warstar?”

“I’m going to kill him!” vowed Daniel.

“Orders?” the electronic voice echoed across the room. Magni and Daniel turned to see John, Ripsaw and Killpower advancing towards them.

“You and Ripsaw kill the boy” said John “Thor’s son is all mine!”

The Centre Room

The cigarette burnt into Darius’ lower eyelid, jolting him to consciousness. He was lying prone and could see two people standing above him. The HUD of the Supremis scrolled across his vision:

{You have been unconscious for six minutes, no serious brain damage detected. Two immediate targets identified: Cut-Throat aka Bishop Cain aka Mortimer (verbal reference only, no other data available) head of the American Assassination Division. Chameleon (real name unknown) mutant shapeshifter member of the European Assassination Division. Armour integrity slightly compromised, functioning at 72% due to massive trauma inflicted by John (no data available) All weapons online}

“My bet is you can’t kill him with one stroke” said Chameleon.

“How much?”

“Five hundred!” she replied "Actually make it a thousand!"

“You just lost your money woman!” scoffed Cut-Throat as he unsheathed his claws. He stood over Distain, and raised his arms.

Distain’s Type Z repulsor whirred to life as he brought it up and pointed it directly at Cut-Throat’s groin “No…you lose!”

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Great Chapter, Can't wait to see how the fight goes

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I like the use of pictures to move the narrative along.

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